Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram surprises Priya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram’s friends talking about him. Twinkle comes and argues with Vikrant. She goes. Brinda says I guarantee, Ram and Priya’s marriage will work, smile now. Kunal stops Vikrant and says its time for performance, come. They perform on the stage. Wah Wah Ram ji…. plays… Maitri spikes the drinks for Mami. Sandy feeds more to Mami. Priya and her sisters join them on the stage. Meera hugs Priya. Ram smiles watching the performance.

Sandy asks Mami to drink more. Ram goes to Meera and takes her for the dance. He sings Dil deewana…. They dance. Priya and everyone smile. Meera blesses him. He hugs her. Nandini thinks Ram’s marriage will change everything, he is giving respect and love to them because of this alliance. Ram sees Priya smiling. Sid gets drunk. Rakhi says Sid, have something, Akshay’s house is also small, but Shivi selected him, you are good, handsome, but she chose Akki. His friends ask why did she leave you, she cheated you. Rakhi says its Shivina’s loss. Sid says forget it, its useless discussion. Rakhi says Priya has helped her stupid brother in getting Shivina, I would have taught them a big lesson if I was in your place, have pizza, enjoy. She goes. Sid gets angry. Raj says Rakhi was worried for you, so she told this. Raj gets the dance video. He says look at Shivina, she is enjoying in Sangeet, you have to do something. Sid says I will see her, come.

Sandy says we will delete the video from Mami’s phone. Maitri says okay. Mami says I have Priya’s video, I have to show it. She sits and drinks more. Maitri says you said she will get out, she is still talking. Sandy says we will take her with us. They take Mami with them. Vikrant and Twinkle dance on Ainvayi lutgaya…. Everyone joins them. Sid is on the way with Raj. Sandy makes Mami rest. She deletes the video and leaves. Sid and Raj come to Kapoor mansion. Raj calls Rakhi and says Sid isn’t able to walk. She asks him to call Shubham fast. Priya sees Neeraj. Sandy jokes on him.

She asks Meera to talk to Kapoors about the wedding hall. Meera goes to Sandy. Ram says someone told me that we should donate 20% of earnings to help others. Priya recalls. Ram says I thought my company will have this rule, I understood that its not right to regard anything right without knowing anything, so I thought something about you. Shubham thinks that’s why we started charity. Raj asks Sid to listen to him, don’t go in. Kunal comes out to talk. Sid pushes Raj and goes. Ram calls the special guests. The partially disabled kids come on the stage. Priya says they are from my NGO. Ram says music has much strength, one should just feel, the kids will make us experience that, welcome them. The girl says Priya used to say that love is useless, but she will also fall in love. They play music and sing Bade acche lagte hai…. Ram thinks smile now, Priya.

Sid comes in. He sees Priya and gets angry. Raj comes to Shubham and shows Sid. Sid thinks Priya has to pay a big price. Shubham goes and stops Sid. Priya turns and doesn’t see him. Ram says someone told me, we should help others if we have much, right, Priya. Priya smiles. Sandy and Sara says their jodi is so lovely and different.

Nandini asks is there any problem. She says I m scared of this girl. Sid says I came to teach a lesson to Priya. Priya gets shocked seeing a racing car and shouts Sandy….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sweet and Fantastic Episode ☺️..Roles are very well played by all the characters…But Precap 😥……!!

  2. Ram looks so much like a dream to me. His gestures, expressions, his way of reaching out to people, is all so magical to me..🥰🥰
    The ngo kids singing in the Sangeet is so very overwhelming 💞💞
    The perfect Sangeet fa our ram and priya..
    There is so much tenderness in their relationship.. those understanding looks between Priram is so beautiful ❤️❤️

  3. Wow nice episode, nakuul and disha nice pair . It’s going to be a huge hit serial deffanately. Ram ka performance was so cute. Every day it seems like fresh mood. Waiting for today’s episode

  4. Loved the episode!! So simple and beautiful 💖

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