Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Rani gets the papers signed

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Vijaya says I won’t give you anything. Rani says you won’t? Vijaya says no. Rani picks the bed. Sooraj and Vijaya scream. Sooraj says we will sign everything. Please stop all this. Vijaya says what are you saying? Sooraj says if she kills Radhika I will kill myself. Rani says you don’t have an option now. I will leave this Radhika after my condition is met. Sooraj says we get it. Rani gets normal. She faints on the bed. Sooraj says Radhika ji.. Sooraj says ma sign it. Vijaya says why should I? You sent that baba from here. Sooraj says if anything happens to Radhika I will also die and scare you. She says you are threatening your mom? Sooraj says she’s dead and a ghost. Even if you sign it for her, she can’t take it.

Veer says you did such good acting. Rajeshwari says am I so egoistic? Rajmata comes and says will she sign? Vijaya says I have decided I won’t sign. Sooraj says you’re just like your mom. She says think what you want. Vijaya’s saree gets stuck in saree. Vijaya says please don’t kill me. I will sign it. The servant says there is no one here. Vijaya leaves.

Sooraj comes to the room. Rani pretends to faint. Sooraj says you are so pretty. You look so good while sleeping. Rani opens eyes. He gets scared. Rani says did she come again? He says yes I will save you don’t worry. I have called that baba. Rani says I don’t wanna die. She pretends to faint again. Rani picks a knife. Sooraj screams. Rani says you won’t listen right? He says Mausi don’t get angry please. Rani says I will cut you first. I will behead you. Vijaya says please don’t do this. I will sign what you ask. Rani says do it right now. Or I will behead him. Vijaya signs and says I have written it on the paper. Rani says now bring all the paper. Vijaya says don’t do anything to sooraj. Leave Sooraj please. She gives her all the papers. Rani checks the papers. She says I am hungry. Go make me pasta. They run out.

Scene 2
Vikram checks the papers. He says bhabhi sa your plan worked. These are real papers. Rani says we all won together. Veer says we will submit them in the court. We will get everything back and kick them out.

Sooraj says maa make it quick. Sooraj comes upstairs and sees a bag. He sees the blue saree in that bag. He sees wigs and clothes that Veer was wearing as baba. Sooraj says so this is the real game?

Scene 3
Rani says to Veer forgive me now. He says you did it all for me and my family. Thank you. Rani says it’s my family too. I shouldn’t have hid anything from you. I will tell you everything from now. Veer hugs her. Sooraj comes there. He’s shocked. Vijaya comes there. Sooraj says this rajawat.. She says I have an idea. Don’t do anything now. Sooraj says I will kill him. Vijaya says make someone else do it? Sooraj says who?

Scene 4
Vijaya calls Jai. Champa makes Nandini clean the table. She says go open the door. Jai’s parents come. They see the duster in Nandini’s hand. Her mom says what is all this? Jai says she likes to clean. Her dad says I called you all night. He says I was busy. Nandini says you were asleep.

Rajeshwari calls Digvijay and says finally everything is okay. We are all together. Rani comes home. Vikram says we will get everything back. Rajeshwari says thank you for all that you’ve done Rani. Vikram says we couldn’t get you. Rajmata says me too. Rajeshwari says why are you silent? Veer went to the court. Rajmata says why isn’t he back? Rani says no papers would be submitted.. Veer is dead. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap: Vijaya tells Rani to tell everyone who killed Veer. Vikram gets mad at Vijaya saying she killed Veer. Rani says, I killed Veer. Everyone’s shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. hey guysss i’m back after a while but today’s episode was amazing.. i am loving this ghost track because it is super funny😂😂 the last part is still confusing for me, what do you guys think? I didn’t really understand it.. have the mother and son done something to veer?

    RanVeer moment as usual💕💕💕💕💕

  2. Hiii and today’s episode was lovely I loved that RanVeer moment but the last part scared me a little..I guess Vijaya and Suraj have done something to Veer for Rani to be saying all that..hope this is the end of the track. Can’t see them apart for long

  3. Hello @AR, glad to see you! 🌹
    Well, how can someone scare us and Rajmata like that ?!
    Something very exciting is coming …

  4. Hello everyone..I liked today’s episode..But what had happened to Veer?Why Vijiya blackmails Rani?

  5. @Atiba posted the update for tomorrow’s episode as well and I must say after reading it, I’m STRESSED😭😭 What is going on? How could they slip up and leave evidence for Witchya and son to see? poor Veer💔 and now Rani is forced to act like that to save everyone😭 and the worse part about all this is that I haven’t reached those episodes yet, having to catch up and then I come to read episodes with things going like this is really stressing me😥 I know things will work out and end on a good note right?💔🥺

    1. I’m sorry to be so negative, but I know things will work out. I can’t wait to see how well the writers wrap up this track, I’m hoping for the best. At least the Rajawats are home right?

    2. Yesss don’t worry @A things will work out for sure!!

  6. @Elena hello! yes same feeling, hope something comes super soon!!

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