Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Priya coming to Khush. She says Pihu and Suhani love Sammy but for Pihu’s sake Suhani was sacrificing her love thought she was pregnant with Sammy’s child. Everyone saw this but no one saw the pain in your eyes, no one saw your sacrifice. He denies it. She says look in my eyes, I know you love Suhani and was happy knowing you will be marrying her, I know you are hurt knowing the truth, you regard me as your mum and lie to me, its strange you made my impossible wishes possible but I m sorry I can’t make your wish true, I tried but many lives are at stake and I expect you to understand at the cost of your own happiness.

She says I wish I could lessen your pain. He says Praiya angel, every love has pain, and love has no conditions right,

you taught me this. I just want to see her happy. Priya cries and says I m sorry Khush. She says I m so proud of you and says I wish Pihu thought like you, she is unable to think of anything in her madness. He says try to talk to her. Priya says I hope her anger went off now. I m going to talk to her now, I just hope she understands me. If she becomes like you, it would be enough, you take care. She says I will go now and leaves wiping her tears.

Khush also cries. Neha and Vikram are upset at home. Sammy comes in the hall and on the breakfast table. Vikram is annoyed seeing Sammy and says I will have breakfast at office. Neha asks him to eat for her sake. Vikram sits back and Sammy says now everyone are having a problem eating with me. Everyone taunt Sammy for whatever he did yesterday. Neha says Vikram is so upset because of you. Sammy says I will go, you guys have food. Ram comes there and asks where is Sammy.

Vikram says don’t talk about him. He says I have to talk with him, just come with me. Vikram goes with Ram. Neha looks on. Sammy asks now what. Ram says I don’t want any more puzzles, I don’t give a damn about rubbish things, I want to know the truth, is that your child. Sammy says no, Suhani and I were together, but that child is not mine.

Priya comes to talk to Pihu. Pihu is crying in her room. Priya says Pihu………. Priya says I know you are much hurt and annoyed with us, as we have hurt your heart, but baby trust me, what your dad is doing is for your right. Pihu argues with her and says I love Sammy. Priya says Sammy does not love you. Pihu says I don’t care, if Suhani did not come in between, Sammy would have been mine, I will remove Suhani from this. Priya says I know you are very angry but think once peacefully, Sammy loves Suhani and Suhani deserves his love, Suhani was sacrificing her love for you. Pihu says I don’t know all this, I m not a loser to do this.

Priya says there is a difference, your love is one sided, Suhani and Sammy love each other. Pihu says he told that he does not love Suhani. Priya says yes we heard it. Pihu says I love him and want to marry him. Priya says why don’t you understand, Suhani is pregnant with Sammy’s child, do you understand this or not. Pihu says do I, yes I do, I know everything, I know this, Sammy told me about this, what to do, I love Sammy thats important for me, I want to marry him.

Priya says listen to me, you can’t marry him knowing everything, whats wrong with you. Pihu says dad never said no for anything till now. Priya says Sammy is not a thing, he is a human being, he has a heart, likes and dislikes. Pihu says why can’t you understand, your daughter loves him. Priya says the problem is Sammy does not love you, he can’t be yours, why do you want to get into that situation, let it go. Pihu says why, because Suhani is your fav. Priya says no, because you are my fav child, I can’t see you hurt. Priya explains her further and says I m able to see what you can’t. Sammy is marrying you as he wants to take revenge from Suhani, as he is in anger, when his anger goes off, he will leave you, this will ruin everyone’s lives.

Pihu says why is this the end, maybe Sammy will forget his past and we may stay happy together. You don’t want to see me happy even in your imagination. Priya says me? Are you mad, I always thought about your happiness, I m saying this because I have seen this, Natasha did this to marry Karthik and look at them. Pihu says we are different. Priya says there is a difference, why don’t you understand. Pihu calls Priya middle class and misbehaves. Priya is about to slap her but stops. Pihu says why did you stop, beat me, you did this always, but this time dad will reply for this slap without slapping you. Priya looks on.

Pihu comes to Ram and says can’t you see this, Suhani is doing this purposely. Its all her plan, this is Khush’s child, not Sammy, Sammy is innocent, as Juhi Maa if you don’t believe me. She calls Juhi and asks her to tell about Suhani and Khush. Juhi says I have seen Khush and Suhani so close many times. Priya comes and says yes even I saw them, I felt they love each other, I spoke to them, the truth is Sammy loves Suhani, Pihu’s love is one sided. Still Suhani respects us and is sacirificing her love. Pihu says this is a lie, why do you trust her, Suhani is a characterless girl. Priya says enough, Sammy does not love you, you can’t see this truth.

Juhi says she is your Pihu. Priya asks Juhi not to interfere. Pihu says you are killing me, Suhani is taking away my Sammy ad you are supporting her. Pihu says Suhani is your daughter, not me. Ram asks Juhi to take Pihu and leave. Pihu runs. Juhi says I just hope Pihu does not do anything wrong. They go after Pihu. Pihu stands at the terrace. Ram calls her but she jumps off. Ram says Pihu no…………… He is shocked. It was just his imagination.

Natasha comes and says don’t worry, we will get Pihu, she is stubborn like all Kapoors. Priya calls Pihu’s friend and tries to find out where she is. Ram says where can she go. Natasha says Pihu is doing the same mistake which I did 20 years ago. Pihu is really jumping off the terrace. Everyone try to stop her from jumping. Pihu looks at them.

Ram and Priya have a talk about Pihu. Ram says I care about Pihu. Priya says even I care, but I can;t favor her. He says I will support Pihu as she is not wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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