Beintehaan 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 16th January 2014 Written Update

Ghulam is saying to Zeeshan’s father that we have done almost everything we can do and we gave you 10 lacs already and now you are asking for more. Zeeshans father says all hese are Aliya’s demand and he has to fulfil it. And now they demand 40 Lac more.Ghulam is shocked.Shabana gives some advises to Aliya about married life …they shared acute moment. Gulam is shocked and saying to Zeeshan’s father he won’t beable to manage such a huge amount. Zeeshan’s father says to take help from Usman. Gulam says “this is not looking like a Nikah, but a “Saoda”.Zeeshan’s Mama comes there and says if a child is of such character, there must be a Saoda.Gulam is shocked; he asks what you mean by such a character.

Zee’s father is about say something Aliya and Zain but stops seeing Zain’s Father.Usman asks Gulam if everything is okay. Zee’s father tries to skip the matter, but Gulam tell everything to Usman and also about their allegation about Aliya.Usman asks them to say what they want to say, but if the allegation turns to be a false one they will have to pay for it. Suraiya and Zee;s Mom also comes there.Zee’s father then says them about Aliya and Zain. and says Aliya and Zain always seen together and they are in a relationship. Suraiya stops Zee’s mom, when she was alleging Zain, and says that he is now in Bangkok.Aliya is so happy and thinking about her future.

On the other side Zain returns in the wedding ceremony. Screen splits and Both are Smiling.Suraiya notices Zain and takes him outside and asks him to leave. Zain is surprised with such reaction and asks her is happening inside. He suspects something serious is happened. Zee’s father is shouting about Aliya and all the guests gather there. Usman asks him to keep silent.

Suraiya informs Zain about Zeeshan’s further demand. Zain says he is not surprised, as he finds them greedy enough. And now he doesn’t want Aliya to be married in such a family. But Suraiya tells him not to think about it, she calls a taxi and asks him to leave. Aliya’s Fufii comes and takes Shabana outside. Aliya is all ready for Nikah.  Ayat praises Aliya.Zee’s father wants to know if they are ready to pay the amount or not. Usman says NO. Zee’s father says if it is their final decision. Usman says they will pay but only if the allegation is true.

Zee’s mom advises Usman to Call Zain and asks him. Usman calls to Zain’s Phone. He tells on the phone to Zain that, Zee’s family is saying that there is something unacceptable between Aliya and Zain. Is this true? It is Aliya who is on the other side of the phone. She is shocked on hearing this.

Precap: Aliya is saying to Zeeshan ” This is not a Rishta but a
Saoda, So I will not accept this Nikah.”

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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