Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya asking about the police station. He says Bandra police station. she leaves. She comes to the police station and sees Pihu there. The Inspector tells Priya that Pihu give them clue about some party going on and they raided the party. He tells that it is your good upbringing. Priya feels good. Pihu tells Priya that she was feeing strange and that’s why called the police. Priya says you did right and if these so called friends didn’t talk to you for some days then it’s ok. She calls Ram and says your daughter makes you proud, but she is upset as her friends are upset with her because she called the police. Neha calls Priya and says that Police raided the party. Priya says she is with her daughter and will talk to her later. Pihu says it was Neha aunty naa, She says Neha aunty always spy on her. Priya says Neha is caring towards her. Pihu says I thought you trusts me.

Ram tells the viewers that Priya takes care of the kids and family. He says he is busy in work and Priya in the ubringing of the kids, but we spend time with each other. Ram meets Priya and hugs her, Priya says hum dono aaj bhi Bade Achhe lagte hain…. Ram laughs….

Priya asks the twin daughters to finish the breakfast fast and asks them to have a look at Pihu didi. Pihu tells Priya that her friends are ignoring her and she can’t go alone as she don’t have a date. Priya says ok, then Sammy will go with you. But Sammy says he is not interested in girls. Neha gets tensed as she thinks Sammy to be gay. Priya says it is alright if Sammy is like that. Neha says she will ofcourse support Sammy, Priya asks her to check everything before coming on some conclusion. Sammy and Pihu talk about girls, Sammy says that girls don’t talk to him and that’s why he hate girls. Priya and Neha spy on them. Sammy then talk about the boys, Pihu asks him to choose girl or boy. Neha asks Sammy to come home along with her. Priya asks Pihu whether she is going to the party, she replies that she will stay at home. Priya calls Ram and says she have to check the world clock whenever thinks to call him. Ram promises her that he will be back soon and says he also wants to spend time with her. Priya says Pihu is sad as she don’t have any partner to go for the party as her friends boycott her. Ram asks priya, is Akshay Kumar is coming to the party of Once upon a time in Mumbai dobara. Priya says yes, Ram says ok and cancels the call.

Khush tells Priya that he is having stomach ache and leaves. Priya tells Pihu that papa have arranged a date for you. Pihu asks who is him? Priya says Bollywood superstar. Akshay Kumar comes and greets Priya. Priya is overwhelmed to see him. Akshay introduces himself and says he came to take her with him. Priya says she is not Pihu but Pihu’s mother. Akshay says that promotion is going on for his film and that’s why he came to take pihu with him. Pihu gets happy seeing him there and akshay smiles. Priya tells Akshay to drop Pihu back home. Akshay says ofcourse, Priya asks him to drop her before 10:30. Akshay says I understand and assures her that he will drop her before 10:30 pm.

khush comes from the loo, Priya says they left and asks him to be there.
Akshay comes to the party and reporters asks him about his movie. Akshay says them to excuse and he have a date. He calls Pihu. Pihu enters grandly like a heroine. Pihu’s friends recalls that it was Pihu who called the police. The episode ends here.

Akshay says to Varun ( Pihu’s college guy) that if he just put his hand on his face then his face would have swollen. He says he knows when to use the power as it comes with the responsibility, and that’s what separate the men from the boys.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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