Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vikram announcing about the Sammy and Pihu’s engagement. Sammy and Pihu comes in the front. Priya asks for the ring. Ram asks Suhani to get it from his room. Neha jokes with Vikram. Ram says, their ring is fine. Ram recalls his engagement. Suhani gets the ring. Priya asks her to give the ring. Pihu holds Sammy’s hand. Suhani comes and hand over the ring to Sammy. Sad music plays. Pihu looks on as a winner. Pihu and Sammy exchange the rings. Everyone claps for them. Suhani collapses, Khush holds on. Everyone rush to her. Ram asks Dr. Chadda to check on her. Khush takes her in his arms. Pihu stops Sammy to going to her. Priya tells Ram that may be she is stressed. Dr. Chadda checks her and says she is looking weak. And asks her to get her blood

test done and full body check up. Priya says okay. Priya says, I will call Lab and they will take your blood sample. Priya asks Khush to be at Suhani’s side. Suhani recalls about Pihu and Sammy’s engagement. Khush says, I will get a juice for you. Suhani says, I don’t want to get the test done. Khush says, you have to as to know the cause of your problem. Suhani burst out the truth and says I am pregnant. Khush is shocked. He asks, Sammy? Suhani nods. Juhi overhears them and is shocked. Ram asks Neha to take care of Pihu. Vikram says, Cady is loved in our house. Priya says, she is Pihu. Vikram loves her very much and will take care of her. She asks Vikram not to think about Ram’s words. Neha says, I am worried for Sammy as fatty is very angry person. They reminiscences of the old days. They talk about Ram’s prediction about Sammy and Pihu alliance. Juhi comes and calls Priya.

Mayra and Riddhima dance on the song Ghagra……everyone are happy. Priya is shocked to know the truth. Priya asks, are you sure? I want to hear this from Suhani. Juhi smiles wickedly. Khush asks Suhani to take care of herself. Priya comes and asks her to tell truely. Suhani is silent. Priya says, Juhi said that you are pregnant with Sammy’s child. She asks, is this true? Suhani is still silent. Priya asks her to reply? Suhani nods. Priya says, it is disgusting. You broke my trust. I am ashamed of you. You didn’t think that you have snatched my daughter’s love. Today they are getting engaged, going to be marry. I don’t know you were pregnant. She asks, Khush…Is this is the right for your refusal. Khush nods in a yes. Priya says, I didn’t expect this from both of you. She cries.

You all are equivalent for me. You gave me this. How could you do this with Pihu. I did a mistake by bringing you here. Khush says, you are thinking wrong. Priya asks him to tell the right thing. Khush says, Suhani didn’t betray anyone and infact she is the reason for Pihu’s engagement. She sacrificed her love for Pihu. Sammy is restless about Suhani. Juhi comes and speaks sweetly with Pihu. She congrats Pihu and Sammy. Ram pulls Sammy’s leg. Neha says, we are there with Pihu. Ram asks Pihu to come to him if Sammy trouble her. Priya says sorry to Suhani. Priya says, I am your mother also. I will not snatch your love and give it to other daughter. Don’t worry, whatever is yours will be yours only. I will get it. Ram says, I will fight with anyone for you. Priya says I will fight with everyone if needed. Pihu hugs Ram, Suhani hugs Priya.

Suhani asks her not to tell anything to anyone. Priya asks, what are you saying? You are pregnant with Sammy’s child and Pihu is obsessed with Sammy. Sammy is not a thing to be given to Pihu. Sammy loves you and not Pihu. Suhani says, Pihu will be broken. Priya says, we will take care of her. If we get her marry to Sammy then we will not be able to handle her. We are there for her. If she marries Sammy then three lives will be at stake. Priya says, then we can’t handle anything. Stop this marriage. Sammy will marry you. Khush tells Suhani that Priya is doing the right thing and Sammy can’t run away with his responsibilities.

Juhi tries to provoke Pihu against Priya. She says Priya is so concerned for Suhani than you. Pihu says, I don’t have any doubt on her love. I know why you are saying this.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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