Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts
Khandelwal House
dadaji and all family together and dada ji said saanwri’s husband will decide that if this alliance happens or not. Jawai sa(Saanwri’s Husband ) said its true we lost many things 6 years ago in fight with Arpita’s parents but Arpita not at fault andeven their family also as we would do the same if on their place. he said he know that family from long tym and arpita is gud girl if kundli matches then do the Alliance. saanwri was unhappy and left from there. jawai saa said saanwri will dance more in Akshat’s marriage and went from there to cool her down . dada ji said.Avni force me to think on dis decision as i m proud she is younger to all in House but very mature.

Akshat tell arpita that all r ready

fr their alliance and its first tym that his family don’t listen Sanwri bua and he said Arpita will soon become mrs. khandelwal. Arpits told we shoud not do hide all this from respective families.

Avni talking to deveki and then akshat comes and akshat told he came to know if her cell phone is working right..she said its all fyn… both said gud bye n Gd nite then Again akshat thank Avni and Avni said aapke moonh se Thanx acha ni lagta . She started to think about Raj and she continue thinking why the words of that boy(Raj’s) came to my mind and she went in flashback where Raj told her the same words.

Avni asks narayn kaka why he sad. he said he made the ladoos but they all burnt and and are in mad shape. Avni thought for some time and then Ring Mr. Arora catere. it was Raj’s Jeeju on other side owner of Caterer. she told him to make ladoos but Jeeju refused as it night tym and all workers went home. Then Raj came and forced jeeju to say yes. Avni heard all dis and thanked jeeju and told him to Thank the Boy in the back .(Raj). Avni thanked GOd.

Jeeju asked Raj how can we make ladoos so fast..raj say dun wry we will Avni’s full family bless u for this. jeeju said u hv heart of gold. then both busy in their work.

Morning Time in Khandelwal House

Narayan kaka came. Avni worried for ladoos. door bell rang.Men came with ladoos from Arora caterer. Raj and his jeeju very tired and taking yawn after Working whole night for Ladoos and fulfilling the order .Raj’s landline phone rang and jeeju told him not to take any new order.Raj picked Up Phone. Avni on other side.. she said thanx to Raj and their phone convo continues. both wish makar sankraanti to each other than bbye. Background Score some song anjani si dhakdhankan …kyun ye badmashiyaan as both were staring at their phones.

Khandelwal House
All family members were in courtyard and doing prayer and they just family returned from makarsankraanti bath from some temple. both dadaji and saanwari’s husband were talking. Avni’s mom wishes everyone Happy Makarsankraanti.

then she told vereyone that they hv to go to chulah chowki restaurant to meet Arpita’s parents.
Sanwri and her husband ready to go to their home what dadaji stopped them for kite flying.all left and only Avni and his mom were in the hall.Avni looking at his mom with sweet smile and told her mom to keep the kite with ladoos for abhas bhai.

Mom told Avni that Abhas is coming. both were very happy . all were flying kytes and then sanwri’s husband left. All were ready to go to meet arpita’s parents . Avni said she is excited to meet her would be bhabhi. Saanwri interrupted that she is still not ur bhabhi let us chk everything first. Dada ji said let us meet Arpits and her family face to face and question answer round with Arpita then we will decide. Akshat worried . Avni too.

Akshat talking to Arpita and tell her he don’t know what kind of questions dadaji will ask Arpita Asked Akshat what she sould wera and Akshat told here she should wear the dress she wore on friends party.he fuher continued and tell Arpita to answer everything carefully as she know Arpita Bua will not left any stone unturned to break dis alliance. Arpita sad and tell our families trust us so much and we r making fool of them.

Raj’s house
Raj and his friend doing Chopping and tears were flowing. Didi asked teasingly why u both are crying. She aked them R u helping ur jeeju as his helper is on leave today.then she left.
Raj’s friend asking Raj to go somewhere.Raj nodded No.Raj’s jeeju were angry as he was talking on phoneHe was talking about some Contract cancellationa s they can’t do this and He will see them. He told Raj to send some stuff to some place as he is going to Chula Chowki Restaurant For fixing something . Jeeju was furious and went from there. Raj went behind him.
Didi worried.

Dada ji showing some black and white stones. he tells if arpita will pick white stone alliance will be fixed otherwise if black then no alliance. all shocked. Raj was in the same hotel and fighting with some persons then Avni saw all this.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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