Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 13th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Suhani requests Khush to turn down the engagement proposal! He is stunned! Suhani says that she wishes she could love him and it would make things easy! Khush asks to give a chance! Suhani says cant fall in love again! Khush asks what she meant? Suhani says that Priya says if a relation needs trust.. it needs truth too.. n that truth is i love Sammy! Suhani says we both love each other.. but din tell anyone for Priyas sake..! Khush is stunned! Suhani requests Khush to turn down the engagement..! Khush strengthens himself ..!

Sid says he is happy for Khush ..finally he is settling down in life! Juhi says ur son? She asks if Sid can call Khush his son ..coz RaYa have snatched Sids place from Khuhs life..! Juhi says.. RaYa merely informed him about Khuhs

marriage..and din bother asking Sid..! Juhi says.. it was stunning to see Priya casually inform Sid of this..! Juhi says..Sid is like Laxman for Ram but does Ram think so? Juhi asks who is Sid to Khush?? Sid fumes .. n Juhi smirks..!

Ram comes to Priya and asks what she is looking at.. n Priya says just looking at childhood pics..of Khush & Pihu … ! Khush comes and says.. wanna talk to u both…! Khush asks why announced my engagement so soon? Ram says.. it happens fast! Khush says.. its too fast! Priya says.. u said u like Suhani.. ! Khush says do like her. n i m not anything.. dun want misunderstandings..! Ram says. .ur my son ..dun say so..! Khush says.. wanna do something on my own.. n then marry! Ram says understand.. it..! Khush thanks RaYa..and says.. its Suhani n my engagement. .dun wanna share with Pihu..! Ram says fine..! Ram is delighted to see the kids being so mature..!

In her room .. Myra-Pari are getting Pihu decked up..! BG – Sun raha hai na tu! Sammy is sad and recollects .. about Khush-Suhanis engagement..! He calls Suhani ..who cuts the call ..! Khush watches from afar.. ! RaYa are busy with all the preps…for the Pihu-Sammy engagement…!

Its the day of engagement..! Sammy is sulking … Pihu all excited! Suhani-Khush watch from afar..! Vikram-Neha are all excited..! The duo tease RaYa .. about being anxious and sad..! They ask RaYa to relax..!

Part 2

Neha suggests to host the wedding on beach..! She turns Priya around n sees she is crying! Neha asks if Ram said something? What happened? Priya says Pihu … she was a lil baby .. she is getting engaged n getting married! Neha reassures her and says..she is coming to my place..! Priya says.. know that. .but its like yesterday that i was pregnant and she is gonna leave me forever..! She is just 22 ..! Neha says..she is grown up…! Dun worry…! She says will take u as dowry and then Ram will come too..! They hug..! Neha says am very dun cry and make me cry either! Myra says a small request before engagement..! Myra says a small dance.. by Vikram-Neha! BG – Tumko paya hai..! RaYa eyelocks..! All smile and enjoy ..!

Part 3

Next Sammy-Pihu dance on Tum ho ..! Suhani walks away..! All watch the duo and smile! Sammy is unhappy ..! Pihu is all excited..! Suhani asks if Khush thinks she is too shallow? Khush says..what Suhani is doing is sacrifice.. n i feel the same..! He asks her to smile.. and leaves!

Juhi smirks overhearing the whole convo ..!

Precap — Sammy-Pihu exchange rings..! Suhani suddenly faints..! Khush is helping her.. ! Sammy tries to help but Pihu stops him!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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