Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th January 2014 Written Update

The show starts with Mahima( she looks like dress for a horror film, her hair style) welcoming and announcing why the party is thrown and says Shivani wants people to meet Raghu. Leaving raghu family sad… she calls Raghu but he does not come… Everyone is laughing very reluctantly shivani asks Raghu to come on stage. Raghu comes and stand by the Shivani and Mahima continues this is Raghu seheria and to clap for him…
Raghu looks at Bela who’s in tears and Mahima says that Shivani will make an announcement… Raghu is shocked as well as all his family members present and PT.
Shivani says actually… thinks about Mahima plan and says that they invited a clown for the guests entertainment but he was unable to come… Raghu

will dress as the clown and will entertain them…
(No woman on this earth as her hubby to dress as a clown and entertain the guests in her own party)Bela begins to cry and al others are shocked.
Mahima asks the guests to clap for Raghu to motivate him to make them laugh as a clown.
Raghu dressed as the clown sing and dance on an old song… Bela Maya and Panna tai are in tears and shocked whereas nishi is liking Raghu as the clown…

Raghu dances and reaches where Shivani is standing he throws the glass heart in the air . It breaks in pieces in front of her. He keeps looking at her when Bela says enough and drags him with her inside. Shivani keeps looking at him. Mahima says thanks to Shivani as all their revenge get complete due to her.
Raghu is in the washroom he looks at himself in the mirror and rolls on… he washes his face and look at himself sadly…
Raghu comes to meet Bela Nishi and Maya. Nishi compliments him for doing well as the clown and tells him to dress as the same for her when he will be back home.
Maya takes away Nishi and Bela asks Raghu for forgiveness as they were they one who were adamant on raghu joining Shivani at her place. PT is hearing their conversation… Bela asks him to come home with her. Raghu says no as his self respect is not that weak and asks Bela if she trust him… Bela nods yes and Raghu says not to worry for him he’s fine and tells them to leave as it is enough late. Bela says she’s proud of him and Bela leaves.
Shivani goes to leave her friends outside. They all compliment her for having such a loving husband who can turns into a clown… one among them wishes that she also finds a hubby like Raghu.
Meghna tells Shivani whatever she didwas wrong. Shivani says he gave her lots of pain and it was necessary to teach him a lesson..
Meghna says to Shivani that Raghu has not changed but she changed a lot .Meghna shocked Shivani by saying Raghu loves her a lot.

Shivani says sorry for what happened in the party to Raghu.. The latter says he’s her husband and Balwant son in law he must pay heed that no one pointed to Balwant parenting.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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