Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya coming to Ram and asks, if he needs anything. Ram asks her to get snacks. Ram says he likes this color. Priya thinks she is talking about her saree clothes. Priya thinks Ram is not looking at her and thinks to get his attention. She says she is feeling pain in head. Ram tells her to take Neha’s help. Ram asks her to let him watch the match. They come back home and sees Suhani. Suhani reminds them that Doctor is here only for a day. Ram says he forgot. Ram says sorry. Suhani says it is alright and says she requested the doctor to delay his trip. Ram says he will talk to the doctor (This is the same doctor with whom Sammy and Pihu saw Suhani in the coffee shop and mistaken him to be Suhani’s boyfriend). Doctor tells that she is well and he will give the report after reaching London. Ram says he will drop him. Priya says you gets worried unneccessarily.

Suhani tells Priya that she don’t think she will be coming from tomorrow. Priya gets surprised and asks why? What happened? Suhani says she is just a call away if needed. Priya asks what she is hiding from her. Suhani says she was sitting with the doctor in the cafe and tells everything. Priya asks are you sure? Suhani signs no. Priya comes to Pihu and says you will say whatever comes to your mind to anyone. Pihu says Suhani told you now, so late. Priya tells her that he was her doctor and not Suhani’s boyfriend. Pihu says she was close to him. Priya says what he might be thinking about you. Pihu says who cares. Priya says I care. Suhani took him because we were late. I am ashamed of you. Why you said that to Suhani.

Juhi comes to her rescue and says Pihu didn’t do anything wrong. Priya asks her to stay out of it and says Pihu is her daughter. She says it is her family matter. Ram comes and asks, why you are talking in this way to Juhi. Priya says she was talking to her daughter and whether she has any right on Pihu. Ram says you have, but juhi brought her up like a mother. Juhi says sorry and leaves. Ram says Priya, this is not you. Ram says I know there is something for sure. Priya looks at Pihu. Pihu leaves from the room. Juhi comes to her room and asks Naina to pack her bags. She says we are leaving now. She cries and says this is not our home. Pihu comes and says you can’t leave this house. Juhi says you are Priya’s daughter not mine. Pihu says I will not let you go. Juhi says she don’t care. Pari and Mayra comes and asks her not to go.

Mayra says we will sorted it out. Juhi says she will not let her go. Pihu comes to Ram and says Juhi mom is going and packing her stuff. She asks Ram to stop her. Ram asks Pihu to relax. Pihu says she is her Juhi mom and says she will leave with Juhi mom with Mayra and Pari. She asks Priya to apologize and stop Juhi, else they will leave with her. Ram asks, are you mad? Priya thinks she did wrong and thinks Juhi is also Pihu’s mom as she cared for Pihu. She thinks, am I insecure, jealous or what?

Pari and Mayra asks Juhi to open the door. Pihu comes and says they will leave with her. Priya comes and says she will talk to Juhi. Juhi opens the door. Priya says we have a good understanding at college. She says she is a bad friend, as she fighted with Shruti, Neha and then you. She says, if I said anything will you leave the house. She says she is at fault but didn’t mean to hurt her. She says sorry. Juhi says these kids are yours, this home is yours. Priya says you have more right than me on the kids. Juhi says she did a mistake. Priya says they loves you more than me. She says, there is a difference between me and my kids. I need your help to cover up the differences. She says you can’t go, I will not let you go. And if you leave then I will think you are upset with me. Juhi says she won’t give. Priya asks her not to cry and says sorry.

Priya comes to Pihu and says you Juhi maa will not leave this house. Pihu asks, so you apologize? Priya says I said sorry because I did a mistake? She says I did for your Dad and not you? Pihu says she is tired. Priya says her talks didn’t end. Pihu says, will you start the blackmail again? She says papa trusted me more than you. Priya says she knows that he changed a lot but he is the one who make alive with hope and that’s love. She says we have trust between us. She says, if she tells the truth than he will trust her and not her. She says she had a chance but she didn’t tell me. She knew that he would be hurt to know the truth. She says but when I will be convinced that he can listen to the truth, then I will tell him.

Priya tells Neha that Pihu didn’t share anything with her. She says Sammy and Pihu are good friends and I hope they are not hiding anything from us.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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