Dil Dosti Dance 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 12th November 2013 Written Update

Sharon is rehearsing in the rehearsal room. Swayam was impressed by my dance cause I was best and I’m doing basic today. If I have to get Swayam near me I must do something different with my dance.Swayam in the locker room thinks its not about me or Sharon but about Rey now.I’ll have to call Sharon. Sharon blindfolds herself to dance when her mobile vibrates and she does not pick it up. Swayam calls Simmi and asks her where Sharon is.Simmi gets all excited and questions you are asking for Sharon.She lets him know she is in the rehearsal hall and wants to dance alone.Swayam says Sharon equals to Dance and dance equals to Sharon.Simmi says she is Sharon Rai Prakash she does not need a reason to dance.Swayam thanks her and decides to go to rehearsal hall to meet Sharon and speak. Rey is in the BB court practicing when he remembers his and Taani’s moments together.Sharon in the rehearsal hall starts to dance on Oh Rey Piya . Sharon dances gracefully to the song when Swayam enters and she bangs him while during her turns.Swayam holds her in his arms and Sharon realizes this.stands up opening her blindfold.Pehela Nasha tune plays in background.Swayam says he wants to speak wih her.Sharon asks with me are you sure,it must be important.Swayam says important and urgent.Sharon replies she has a condition and it is to help her in the blindfold dance. Sharon catches his wrist and moves to the center of the rehearsal hall and gives him blindfold.Swayam ties it on Sharon eyes and Sharon says the form is contemporary. Oh-Rey-Piya plays again and Swaron dance on it.

Rey is in the BB court when gang comes and sees them.Vicky asks they could have informed so mass bunk would have happened.Even Swayam and Sharon did not attend class. Rey says he does not know about Swayam and Sharon. The gang asks Simmi when Simmi thinks may be they are together and they shall need time.Simmi replies with why will I know.The boys asks Rey what was he doing and is he fine.Rey says he is all good .The whole gang decides to play together when Rey after sometime moves away and sits by the wall.He says he misses Taani.

Swayam tells Sharon he wants to tell something important.Sharon says she was waiting for him to speak when Swayam cuts her saying it is about Rey.Sharon asks what happened to him when Swayam says he is good but I hope nothing goes wrong now.Sharon is confused when Swayam says Taani’s engagement is about to happen.Sharon questions with what and Swayam replies saying yes ,She has invited all as in all including Rey. Aashi comes and sits beside Rey saying Hi.She asks him if he is fine when Rey says he is.Aashi says he can lie to others but not fool her.Aashi says something is bothering him and its visible on his face.Rey says nothing when Aashi says he is making her a stranger.Rey asks when nothing has happened what will I tell you.Aashi asks is it about Taani.Rey questions her you love Swayam knowing nothing is going to happen and yet keep smiling.Aashi replies with Love is not two sided.When you don’t have expectations of gaining you don’t feel sad for loosing it , I’m happy with my love within.Rey says one feeling that when comes never leaves you.Rey adds he is dying to focus but unable to.,if he gets one chance he will bring her back.Aashi says its destiny that decides in love.Rey says he really hopes.

Sharon tells Swayam this is a very big problem.Swayam relies he knows and that is the reason he does not know what to do.Sharon asks him not to get tensed.Sharon says what is truth is.Swayam says it is and if he gets to know from others he will be hurt.Sharon asks Swayam must she tell him when Swayam says no Rey will feel bad that Swayam did not tell him earlier.Swayam says he does not know how to tell him when Sharon says she has an idea.

Precap: Rey’s solo. Swayam and Sharon discussing whome Rey needs now

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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