Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 8th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with everyone taunting Meera who’s in the middle and she falls down unconscious.Biji and the others put her on the bed. Taijee begins to taunt Nandini indirectly she says that Meera is a witch who casted black magic on Ani and wooed him and Ani used to like woman like Meera.Nandini runs to her room, Biji asks taijee if she’s happy taunting and giving pain to Nandini? taijee leaves to see Nandini.
Biji asks Agsthya to call for the doc.They keep on calling Meera and she’s still weak but comes to sense and says she wants to leave she wants to go back home.Biji once again says to Agasthya to call the doc, Meera says no she does not need a doc.Biji says she knows what she needs…

whoever comes in Asthana house is very well welcome,and never rejected.
Nupur goes in Nandini room who’s very sad and disheartened.a shattered Nandini tells Nupur she’s a mad, and silly to bring Meera home going against everyone.She keeps Sharing every details of Ani to Meera who’s cheating her.Nupur tries to coax her.
Taijee talks rudely to Deepika and Akhil comes,he tells Taijee to control herself ,Taijee says there’s no difference between Meera and Biji who was brought by her father in law long time ago and she’s still here.Akhil reminds her that Biji is the head of the family and she’s here before her.

Pallavi goes to her room in anger to see Neerunjun lost in his own world and reading a script.She asks him to come to reality and to get know what is happening in his surroundings. The doc is checking Meera she takes her blood sample and tells Biji and Shyama that she’s very week to travel oustside the city.
The blood sample results will be ready by tomorrow and she leaves.Agasthya is in Meera room and she’s semi unconscious as she begins to leave she holds Agasthya hand and tells him that she never meant to hurt anyone and mainly Nandini.She tells him he knows well about it…Agasthya says he told her to leave on the very first day she should not have stayed back.

Biji and all the others are in the hall talking about Meera.Taiyjee is leaving no stone unturned to curse Meera she repeatedly says that Meera is a wich who casted Magic on Ani and wooed him.Pallavi and Nupur also tries to identify and say that Ani was not a child that he was so easily nabbed by Meera.He was an adult to know his own responsibilities.Taijee asks Biji why have not she thrown Meera yet and Biji tells her may be she has got this manner of not throwing a guest from her father in law and that is why till date she still leaving together with this whole family.
Pallavi says God knows since how many days this games of Anirudh and Meera wasgoing on. For Ani work was only an excuse for passing time with Meera.
Shyama says may be Meera was not aware of Ani being married that’s why when she saw Nandini on the first day she ran away.
Nupur asks so why is she back again? Nandini arrives and says enough why is Meera still here under the same roof? She feels likes suffocating she feels like Ani and Meera are together mocking at her.
She runs upstairs Pallavi wants to go and console her but Biji stops pallavi saying let her cry.

Nandini arrives in her room looks at her bed and thinks about Meera and all her talks about Ani with her.She has flashbacks how she told Nupur she’s a stupid to bring Meera home.
She looks at her bed and Sees Ani and Meera on her bed she gets terribly angry and begins to remove all the bedsheets and pillows and begins to throw it on the floor she’s crying and Nupur sees her.

Biji goes to talk with Balraj in his study and agasthya gets a phone call from the doc who confirms Meera pregnancy which leaves Agasthya in a shocking state.
Written by Anju..

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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