Amita Ka Amit 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 8th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ria doing gathbandhan of the bride and groom. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for the pheras. While taking the pheras, Ammu recalls her mother’s words of how she had asked her once about the importance of pheras. Her mother replies that this signifies that now a hubby & wife have got into a relation which will never break. I had seen your father only once before wedding, but after pheras even 2 strangers become one. You will feel the same when you will get married.
Flashback ends and Ammu stops in her track looking at Amit who doesn’t look back or notice if Ammu is coming or not.
The gathbandhan breaks open. Falguni is not happy. Everyone is taken aback but Amit’s dad quickly ties it again. He tells them they will be forever together now so they must move together only.

Amita starts walking again. Pandit ji asks the bride to walk ahead the groom in the last phera. Ammu steps ahead and the last phera are done with. All happily clap for the newlywed couple. Falguni is not so happy with the alliance and Tina smiles sheepishly. Ammu looks at Amit who has a blank expression on his face throughout the wedding.

They are back in front of the agni kund. Pandit ji asks the groom to make the bride wear the mangalsutra. Ammu slowly turns for him and he puts it around her neck. His kurta’s sleeve gets stuck in her chunari and he tries to remove it. Both are very close to each other and AMit tries to remove it fast. Finally, Ammu helps him and Amit looks away afterwards.
Next comes the turn to put vermilion in her forehead. Jigna removes the maang tika from her hand and Amit adorns Ammu with the vermilion. Everyone becomes emotional and clap as pandit ji confirms them husband and wife. Amit looks at Ammu with a little anger. Ria breaks their moment and teases them. Rohan tells them that they are stuck for life now. All break into smile at this while Amit is not happy at all.

All move toward the exit for Ammu’s vidaai. She asks for her dad. Varsha tells her that he told her beforehand only that he wont come out at the time of your vidaai.
Amit’s father says that they understand it is painful for a father to see her daughter’s vidaai but they can’t go without his nod. Ammu asks for his permission to go inside to bring him. He allows her.
She goes in and finds her dad standing upstairs with his back turned to her. She calls out to him and he turns with a smile. He tells her to go out as it is her vidaai.
She asks if he wont join them. She too has to live without him but he shouldn’t hide. He must come outside as everyone is waiting for him.
They share some light moments and he finally asks her to stay back with her papa for 2 minutes.
She breaks into tears and they both hug.

Ammu is outside crying and one by one hugs everyone. Her dadi asks her to throw back pressed rice at them as she steps out towards the car. She asks about the ritual. Falguni explains that it symbolises that a girl is giving her parents everything back that they have done for her.
Ammu picks up the pressed rice and then drops them back in plate. Varsha asks for reason.
She replies that it must have been some guy who would have made this rule. They don’t know that whatever parents do for a girl, no one can ever repay that… one. She bursts into tears and hugs Varsha.

She starts moving towards the car and recalls all the happy, sad and fun moments that she has spent with her family and friends here. Amit takes Varsha’s blessings and goes to sit in the car.
Ammu’s dad makes her sit too and she cries while holding her hand. The car moves ahead and all bid a tearful adieu to her.


In the car, Ammu is crying while Amit is looking out of the car. He turns and notices her crying and hands her a handkerchief. She thankfully takes it and wipes her tears.
Amit sees some kajal left on her face and tries to tell her. She isn’t able to clean it. He gestures her to give…..takes the hanky from her and wipes the kajal from under her right eye. He hands it back to her and she looks at him gratefully.

The driver announces that they have reached their destination. Amit tries to tell him that they have come somewhere else but the driver leaves after dropping them. Both are confused.
The manager welcomes them in. Amit tries to tell him that it must be a misunderstanding.
His father appears with all of Ammu’s friends and Ria & Rohan. Ammu’s friends take her to her room after teasing them about their first night.
Amit asks his father what was the need for all this. His father calmly tells him that he wanted both of them to sit together and talk their heart out. They are going to start a new life now. They must get to know each other as they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. He leaves telling him to take care, he will meet her tomorrow. Amit stands back confused.


Amita recalls Ria’s words before marriage. Amit had disappeared right before marriage. He came back thanks to nani.
Back in present, Preeti asks if she is worried because of Ria’s words.
Ammu states that he left before wedding so should she not be worried. Its good that nani was there who brought him back or else the baraat wouldn’t have come today. Jigna diverts the topic to the hanky given by Amit. All tell her the different different reasons for this. He cant see you crying, will take care of you always and loves you immensely.
Ammu goes quiet after listening to them and shares that she doesn’t know what will happen now that they are together.

Aarti says that Ria should be beaten. Just then Ria enters and asks them who were they talking about. Aarti says someone though she tries to e their friend but is not. Ria comments such a cheap person must be slapped. All laugh and change the topic.
Ria tells them not to worry as she is here she will take care of everything. Nothing will happen to Ammu as she is here now. See how I had to leave Rohan with Amit to make sure that he doesn’t run away again. Ammu is worried. Ria takes their leave now as Rohan must be waiting for her.

No one likes Ria’s comments and they try to cheer up Ammu. They asks if she knows what happens on their first night as it is the most precious and memorable night of any hubby wife.
Aarti makes her sit on the bed while all 3 of them sing suhagraat hai ghungat utha raha hun main. Ammu smiles shyly as Aarti kisses her on the cheek. Episode ends on Ammu’s face.

Precap: Amit is removing Ammu’s jewellery one by one while Ammu is feeling shy.

Update Credit to: pooja

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