Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 29th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Episode starts with meera saying that I knw this is your house’everyone in this house follows rules made by you..but I am just a guest here’and u have no right to tell me what kind of clothes to wear..agastya comes in front of meera as she is about to leave’dramatic music plays in the background..meera leaves’agastya and balraj looks at each other’

Meera looking at picts of her and aniruddh..she says now I understand ani why it is u never spoke much of ur dad’someone knocks on the door ‘meera hides the photos ‘nandini comes in and sits next to meera’she asks meera if she is upset’if balraj said something to her..meera shakes her head no..nandini explains that balraj is very frank and it was difficult to speak to him..she says that it is becoz of that aniruddh would make excuses to go out becoz of business’that if balraj and aniruddh had a better understanding then ani would not have made excuses to go out..meera is thoughtful..nandini says that’s why he is the total opposite when he is out from when he is home meera agrees that maybe it is so ‘and assures nandini that she isn’t upset.. and that she is ok..nandini tells here that she is very strong..meera says strong and laughs’she says her mom says she doesnt have the courage to face anyone’.nandini saya but u live life the way u want to right? Meera looks at her. nandini says that from childhood she has always done wat she was told to do’first her dad would show her her path in life to take’then her husband’and now now she doesn’t have a reason to live’meera says that no one should tell her what reason to live for becoz whether we listen to someone or not we have to live in our situation’nandini says for God? Meera says u believe in God? She says she does’.meera shruggs and goes to fill her glass with water but realizes the jug is empty’nandini offers to go but meera insists that she will go and get the water’nandini is clearing up meera’s bed and see the envelope with the photos and says did akhil get the photos printed so early? She pick it up and is about to open it but meera comes bak with the jug of water and sees nandini opening the envelope’she goes and takes it from nandini’nandini asks the photos got printed so early? Meera says that these photgrapghs are different not the ones u are talking about’nandini says oh ”meera goes to hide the photos back while nandini pours the water for meera in a glass’she gives it to meera and tells her everyone is waiting for her downstairs for lunch’meera says well shall we go together’.nandini says she doesn’t have lunch with everyone’meera asks why’nandini I tearful and she says that she and taygi are different’ she stops saying she just doesn’t have lunch with everyone’.meera says ok she will go down just now..nandini leaves

Meera thinks’is it becoz nandini is a widow???…she asks if nandini has the right to become ani’s widow then why doesn’t she’they both loved him..meera breaks down’she says its all ur fault ani!!!
Aniruddh appears in front of her.she hit him asking him why he did this to her’.nandini has everything’.she has right on everything that is his but she(meera has nothing)’she says wat will happen to me ani??? She says she has no rights. nothing ‘then she realises ani is not there’.she looks for him in the room and cries’agastya sees her’and he thinks I thought she was playing a game for money’.

Pallu says yess I want money’niranjana asks why do u want money begum’she says u don’t feel bad about anything do u? she says she does’she tells him look at nupur’he says he looked’she gives him a look’he says that he was joking..then asks what happen to nupur’pallu says she surely is hiding something’she and beeji was moving secretly and last week she bought a pair of earings for her’where did she get that money then?..niranjana says for her to enjoy’she says that her younger sister gives her a gift and she should enjoy..she says she want money!! Niranjana says she will get money’she says from where? The sky??he says mademoiselle there are no freelentures in life..he says look I knw that u are upset that u are staying here at ur dad’s house..but don’t worry I am working’she says wat work do u do? He lists out servant duties’she says they don’t want to servants in the house’he says he has no problem’pallu looks worried.

Part 2
Rimi asks meera if she can teach her to dance.meera says no plz rimi but rimi keeps insiting’anujha comes and asks meera what happened di? Are u upset?meera shakes her head no’rimi says then teach us to dance plz..plz plz..meera says I will’teach u to dance! So they shake hands and say deal’rimi is excited about her gunghroos’meera says but she doesn’t knw how to dance with ghunghroos’but then asks rimi if she likes them’rimi says yes and meera says ok then wear them’and she starts to teach them to dance’shyama hears the gunghroos..she goes out to see them dancing’she shouts at rimi..she ask where did u find those gunghroos’take them off right now..rimi says no mom look how nice it looks on my feet..i wont take them off’.shyma says take it off right now and rimi starts to run ..meera looks and shyama and the runs after rimi telling her to take it off’rimi says no’meera runs into balraj ..balraj agastya and 3 other men are with him’rimi and anujha goes to shyama’balraj asks wat is goin on here? Meera says sorry..she was teaching rimi how to dace that’s why’balraj tell the other to men to come..agastya and meera look at each other
Shyama looks at the gunghroos and hears the sound in BG’she feels scared’she remembers how rimi didn’t want to take it off’she gets flashes of some one dancing wearing gunghroos’she begins to cry and takes the gunghroos and put it away in the cupboard..

Part 3
Niranjan and shyama’s husband is talking and anujha and meera comes..he invites meera to eat’niranjana and shyama’s husband goes ‘as meera is about to sit..balraj tells anujha to go to her room’beeji nupur and taygi looks on..balraj says tonight u will not have dinner’then wat he said I missed it but afterwards meera says it is not anujha’s fault’if it is some one’s fault then its hers..she was teaching her khuraan( I dont knw wat that is)..meera says I am really sorry uncle’balraj stops her and says don’t u dare call me uncle’.he says that everyone in the house knws how to address him’the next time she want to address him she must address him as Mr . Asthana’he asks what will u say?? She says in a shaky voice Mr Asthana’he says that’s better.. balraj leaves and anujha starts crying’beeji comes to console her ‘meera apologises to anujha’taygi says to shyama its rimi fault. Shayma says that she is jus a kid’taygi reprimands shayma’shayma says tries to explain but taygi stops her’beeji says for nupur and meera to sit and eat she tries to lighten up everyone’she sends anujha to her room..beeji asks meera why is she taking tension’as long as she is there no one will go hungry..that she herself would take food for anujha. everyone is happy

Nandini is sleeping..she feels someone stroking her face ..she gets up and sees ani’she says ani’and he looks at her and smiles..she holds his hand and says I knw u wont go anywhere’he says shh..if she tlks loud then everyone will wake’he tells her to come with him..they both go outside by their fav place in the garden’she says that she knw he wont go anywhere ‘he says that he is always with her’.it goes bak to where she is sleeping and calling out to ani in her dream she wakes up and says that this is a dream and that was real that ani touched her..she runs out looking for ani’she calls out to him’she says don’t do this ani..come out’she is about to fall and meera catches her’episode ends

Precap: meera is holding a book and nandini says this book’meera says its ani favorite author right!!!nandini says u knw?? Meera walks backwards and while resting the book down something else falls!

Update Credit to: starsanjana

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