Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th March 2013 Written Update

The Princy lady gets a call and cuts short her conversation…A tensed Madhav rushes back home and asks every one regarding the CD.. Ramdin , the servant replies that there was lots of CD’s and papers cluttering his table and that Princy Lady told him to give it all away to rubbish collector. Madhav heaves a sigh of relief ! unbeknownst to him, THAT CD is actually saved and is running on the laptop!!

Princy Ma’am completes her call, turns and is shocked..The Princy Ma’am moves slowly towards the Laptop, her eyes riveted to the screen ..The camera moves slowly towards the Laptop and we are left with looking at a blank screen .. Princy Ma’am thinks of sending it to the repair shop..


Aradya and Rahul are enjoying themselves in some fun fair.. Aradya challenges him to win a game of Ring throwing … Rahul obliges, Aradya thinks that Rahul will throw the ring and encircle the ILU ..but Rahul’s eyes are fixed on a Toy Car and he throws the hoops on that..After many tries , Rahul manages to snare the car, he gifts it to Aradya who refuses to accept it..says that even in his shows he says that one must please the partner, A defensive Rahul points out that there is hell of a difference between reality and Radio show .. Aradya gets her reality check and seems disappointed with his unromantic attitude..

The Princy and the Ma have a slight argument regarding Beauty versus character with Princy displaying her stubborn dislike for all things beautiful.. She vows to get a girl of strong mind, virtue, family oriented girl for Madhav… Princy walks away… Ma too vows to get a girl of her choice for Madhav.

ARADYA’S House ”

Parents are busy checking out the rings ..They are beginning to realize that both their daughters are flying the coop.. Aradya’s Mom comforts Aradya’s father

The parents of Aradya are bantering when Aradya comes in, all droopy faced ..her parents get lil anxious..while in Madhav’s house, Madhav is on tenterhooks thinking about the date of Rahul and Aradya ..Rahul comes in just then, Madhav concernedly enquires whether Rahul blurted out the whole truth, Rahul gives out a small smile , replies that he has not revealed that he is not Ehsaas but that he has told Aradya something.

Cut 2 Aradya ; Aradya is narrating the day’s experience and tells her parents that Rahul told her that Ehsaas is just a name which propels a show and that he is Rahul, just Rahul and that she will have to live with Rahul .. Aradya’s Mother supports Rahul’s stance ..while here at Madhav’s place..Madhav appreciates the action of Rahul too and says that from now on Aradya will begin to see Rahul as her life partner and not as a RJ..

Aradya exclaims that she is in love with Ehsaas first and Rahul is second . Aradya’s parents gently make her understand that Rahul is the right man for her..and that he is Aradya’s Prince charming.

Aradya’s parents zero in on the engagement ring and hold it for the approval of Aradya..who likes it …They plan to send it to Madhav’s house for measurement.. while Rahul is expressing certain reservation in maintaining the duplicity, Madhav reassures him that their hiding of the truth is not wrong and that both Rahul and Aradya are made for each other.


Engagement preparation are going on full swing, Rahul seeks Princy’s Help in selecting the dress for Aradya and is promptly rebuffed … Madhav plays the shield ..The selection of lehenga is going on full swing with Rahul narrowing it to a green lehnga ..He turns to Madhav and seeks his opinion..Madhav is flustered .. Rahul calms him and asks for his opinion .. Madhav recollects that Aradya was most often seen in Pink and chooses Pink Lehenga .. Dadi decides to send both Green and Pink lehenga to Aradya so that she can decide for herself.

Rahul pleads tension and wants some alone moment to recoup, he heads into the house and Madhav is heading towards the exit when the messenger from Aradya’s place arrives with the ring and states that Aradya’s folks have sent it for measurement..Madhav takes the ring box , asks the Messenger to wait and that he will get the ring measured..

Madhav takes the rng and goes into Rahul’s room, He removes the ring from its box, tenderly puts it on his own finger’s. *The song sau Dard hai plays in the BG* ..Madhav is admiring the ring on his fingers when the sound of door opening intrudes into his consciousness..Rahul comes out after a fresh shower ..Madhav hurriedly tries to pull the ring out but the ring is stuck

Rahul heads to the closet to to select a fresh dress, closes it turns to see a flustered Madhave still trying to get the ring off his fingers unobtrusively ..Rahul’s eyes narrows as he glances at Madhav

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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