Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asthana mansion
Nandini comes with meer’s child into her room, seing which meera is overwhlemed and takes the baby into her arms. she goes berserk and tells that she knows that she’s bring sent to the asylum, and what would happen to her child who needs her and goes on to protest that she isnt mad, but sane. Nandini asks her to huss as if someone hears her, there would be trouble all the more, as she knows that nothing has happened to her, and sh believes her, but if she makes nmoise, the child would be taken away from her. She is distraught to see meera’s condition.

Biji is blaming herself for letting asthana grow sostrong, by giving him a chance to improve himself, but he turned out to be a demon. She thinks that she emboldened him, by remaining silent to his atrocities and injustic, and that she is equally to be blamed for bearing what Balraj, rendered them. she says that this time she wont be meek. She says that Balraj now has to be stopped anyhow, just like the Pandavas fought for justice against the 100 Kauravas. She hopes that this time too the Lord favours the bold. Badi bi is determined that tomorrow Uma would come and tell his children and the whole family the truth behind Asathana mask, and that would be the end of his reign, and meera wont have to go through that hell.

Asthana, in his office calls up and tells them to come and take the person tomorrow from his house. they ask if its someone, who poses as a threat, and suffering from mental instability. He says that it isnt a man but a woman, and that she doesnt bear any relation to their family, but does pose as a danger, and that she isnt mad also. But he instructs them to come and to tell her repeatedly that she’s mad, until she too believes the same and take her away, as a sane person too in the company of mad people, turns mad. He also tells to remember that this girl should always be in the asylum. The person agrees for the work to be done. Balraj asks them to come at 11 tomorrow.

The next morning, Nandini gets Neel’s call, who tells her that the Pschotropic drugs that are being injected into meer’a system, are delivered through the skin, wither through a lotion, or some soap, or maybe some oil for massaging, as is clear by the reports. Nandini remembers Meer’as massage lady, and thanks neel for making her work easier, and decides to talk to him later. she is determined to find out who’s behind this. as nandini comes out, she comes to biji. Nandini tells biji what neel told her, but biji says that she already knows it, surprising her. she says that she doesnt have the time to explain it to her right now. biji leaves in haste, telling nandini that she would have to hold the fort while she goes and gets a work done. Nandini is perplexed while biji leaves.

Location: Astha Old Age Home
Biji comes in saying that now has the time come for Uma to return to her home. But she finds the room empty. she goes out to ask a nurse about her, but is told that Uma left 5 months back. She decides to talk to the doctor, Dr. Shiela familiar with her, but she is shocked when the doctor treats her like a stranger, and refuses to admit that there was anyone named Uma in this house, who biji has come to take away. badi bi cant believe this. Biji is shocked beyond belief. the doctor asks her to come later. biji reminds that uma is here for the last 16 years, and she comes every thursday, and consults with her too. The doctor instead blames her, that she doesnt know uma, and not even her, and its possible for her at her age to forget stuff. She asks the nurse if she ever saw biji, and she refuses too. Biji asks for Gayatri, the caretaker for Uma, but is told that she left yesterday only. As the nurse tries to make her leave, Biji leaves in a huff, while remembering Balraj’s claim that he never leaves a clue. She laments that she shouldnt have waited for the night to get uma. She remembers that balraj would send meera to the asylum today, and leaves in haste.

Scene 3:
Location: Asthana mansion
The doctor arrives with his team, and terming meera mad, and mentally unstable, they take her forcibly, while Asthana takes the baby from meera, while meera says that noone can take her child, nandini too asks her not to let go of the child and encourages them to take her away soon. Nandini tells them that she isnt mad, and they would have to wait till biji comes. But Asthana stops her, as thats the rightful place for meers. He reminds nandini about what meers did and tries to convince that this is the right step. Meera desperately tries to protest that she isnt mad, and that she shouldnt be seperated from the baby, and is distraught at the way she is being treated. Nandini tries to stop them but in vain. Balraj, carrying the child in his arms, smiles evilly at his vicious plan’s success. ammaji laments that they didnt have any other option. All leave, while nandini is desperate that biji’s call is going through. Shyama is distraught. Her husband asks what happened. Nandini tells him that they took meera to the asylum, and what had biji said. shyama says that they all couldnt do anything, and that how would the child now stay without his mother. As biji comes and hears this, she is shocked and distraught.

In his study, Balraj gets a call, saying that there’s been a robbery in the factory and old files have ben stolen. Balraj is tensed. The caller asks if they should report to the police. balraj vehemently denies doing anything like that. As he puts the phone down, he is tensed. He hears biji shouting out for him. Asthana is surprised that biji has returned. He comes down, and starts taunting her, but she says that its been enough and that what he has done is unforgivable as he seperated a child from his mother, just like he did with Uma. She curses him. All watch in desperation. Balraj stands unaffected. He says that time too is his servant, and he isnt threatened by her, as he destroys everything that comes his way. Biji finally seeing no choice, asks him where’s Uma. Balraj is a little nerved, while all are surprised and perplexed. Biji tells them that Balraj would be unveiled today. She says that she would tell everyone his truth, that their mother’s still alive. They are shocked to hear this. she says that she went every thursday, for the past 16 years, to meet their mother. Balraj asks her to stop this nonsense, as she too has become mad, like meera. Balraj confronts her asking where is she, if she so firmly believes tht Uma’s alive, and that she had challenged that she would get Uma tomorrow. Biji tells him that he has hidden her. Balrajk asks her what did the people say, where she was staying and if she has any records. Biji remembers the hostility faced. She accuses him that he kidnapped Uma, and silenced them with money. She holds Asthana by the collar. As biji goes berserk, asking where’s uma, and threatens to destroy him if anything happens to uma, all are disturbed to see something they are unable to understand. They are all the more shocked, when Biji falls on the floor, with a panic attack. While all attend to her, Balraj says that she too is mad, just like meera. Balraj thinks that he doesnt leave any evidence behind him, and only that happens that he wishes to happen. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Balraj tells them, that the only reason Biji is bringing up their dead mother, only to emotionally blackmail them into getting meera back to the house. Agastya confronts them saying that biji is saying the truth, and that he’s lying. All are shocked to see Agastya, with a woman, seeing who, they are all overwhelmed. Balraj is very tensed. :

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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