Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram telling Pihu, he will be back in 2 mins. Ram massages Priya neck while the song of BALH plays in the BG. Pihu is singing a song, mama comes there and sings parda hain parda. Maa and dadi laughs and asks him to stop singing or else all the crow will come here. Pihu starts practising singing. Ram and Priya watches her singing Mahendi laga ke rakhna. Mama thinks he is talented but no one recognises his talent. Ram says she is singing well. Priya thinks otherwise. Ram believes she will win the competition and he will have a tuitor for her practising singing. Priya feels what if she lose? Ram says he always won and his daughter will win too. Ram says she is a rockstar and he believes she will win.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Shipra says she prepared formula milk for the baby. Natasha says in this time, one has to prepare milk by following the instructions. She says she will do all the work of chotu. Shipra says she will take care of it next time. Sudhir looks on.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Music teacher teaches saa re ga maa paa to Pihu. Pihu says she will sing some other song but teacher insists to learn this first and this is the alphabet of singing. Teacher sees her painting and appreciates it. She asks why you want to sing. Pihu says it is my brother’s plan. She says if she win this, my mummy will be happy. Teacher asks her to get lemon water.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Natasha again asks Shipra not to take the baby in hands. She says this baby is mine and I will take care of him. She says you got older and needs rest. She says I want my baby to be independent. Shipra feels good at her taunts and Sudhir feels something is not good. He tells his fears but Shipra rubbishes her. Sudhir says If his mother come back then what will happen to Natasha and then he will not be able to tolerate.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Teacher tells Ram and Priya that she is teaching since 12 years. She felt Pihu is forcifully learning the singing by you people. Ram says we are not like that, we are not forcing her to do something against her wish. Teacher says drawing and painting is her hobby and she is good at that. Priya says it means you will not teach her music. Teacher says I will teach her but so many kids will also sing in the competition. Ram says he will get another tuitor for her. Teacher leaves. Priya says why you insulted the teacher. Ram says she was insulting my daughter. Priya says Pihu didn’t know singing. Ram says he will make her sing. Priya thinks Pihu is singing to make her happy.

Pihu comes to Rishabh and tells him about the singing competition and says she will sin. Rishabh ignores her and says to talk to dadi. Ram tells Rishabh that he felt bad at his decision to not be a director of the company. Rishabh says he is concerned about feelings and relations. Ram says you have to responsible about your company. Soumya asks him to listen to Bappa. Rishabh says they will be going to watch movie. Ram says ok, go. Rishabh says he will work on his own.

Priya comes and says we shall go for dinner. Ram says good idea. Priya says she will have fun and have icecream as well. Ram tells Rishabh that he will be going with Priya and Pihu and we can work tomorrow. Rishabh says he cancelled my plans and went themselves. Soumya says they went for Pihu. Rishabh asks her to her work.

Scene shifts to Restaurant:

Ram, Priya and Pihu in the restaurant and Pihu asks Ram to make mama drink soup. Pihu says she can’t drink cold water and she can’t have icecream as it will be bad on throat. Priya says she is feeling only about the competition and it is not good. Ram says it is good and he chose this restaurant because they could sing and sings mummy ko papa se papa ko mummy se pyaar hain…. Priya watches their singing. Priya says Pihu is better than him. Pihu says shall we go home. Ram says we have to eat dinner still. Pihu is adamant to go home as she have so much work. Priya feels Pihu is getting stressed about singing competition.

Scene shifts to Natasha’s boutique:

Cady talks with Rahul on the phone and says are you free today? Rahul tells her about Pihu parcipating in the singing contest. She says she will come. Natasha gets the baby at the boutique and gets busy in baby. Cady too gets busy with baby. Customers tells them about bad customer service and leaves. Cady tells her about Pihu’s singing competition and takes a leave. She says are you coming there. Natasha says I cant let go of my responsibilities. I have to become a responsible parent. She declines to come there. The episode ends on her determined face.

Precap: Pihu sings itni si khushi itni si hasi……. ek tudka chand ka. at the competition. Priya smiles while Ram claps aloud with happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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