Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 21st March 2013 Written Update

Shyama tries to bring nandini into concious state by nandini doesnt wakesup! She calls out nupur, pallavi n biji!

Meera’s taxi stops jst beside balraj’s car! The taxi driver tells to meera he doesnt knows the way frm there so she will have to enquire frm someone!

Meera turns towards balraj’s car bt signal turns green n his car moves ahead!

The wardboy asks balraj to fill the forms n undertakings! Balraj gets angry on him! Balraj asks a dr. to call Dr. Sharma n tells to him nthing should happen to his DIL’s child..

Biji stares at balraj

Dr. tells to Balraj n family that Nandini is fine bt they couldnt save the child

Balraj remembers his convo wid agasthya! In case nandini doesnt gives birth to a baby boy then her father can clain his bunglow

Balraj in anger holds Dr.’s collar n tells him he asked to save Nandini’s child at any cost..

Meera reaches to a dhaba for dinner & the waiter tells her there butter chicken is very famous in delhi.. Meera remembers her memories wid Ani where Ani tells her how much he loves Delhi’s butter chicken! She asks him he never took her to delhi! Ani promises her n tells her he will take her next time n gives butter chicken promise

Nandini says she lost last part of Ani (i.e. there child) n nw she dont have any reason to live! Nandini all of a sudden gets up frm her bed.. Shyama tries to stop her n calls Dr., Nandini tells to them she want to die

Balraj in anger throws things on the ground n cries

Biji too breaks down! Akhil’s mom tells them there is puja tomorrow n they shall be thinking abt it.. Nupur tells to her do they need to do puja after all this thing happened

Akhil enquires abt Agasthya! He asks his mom to slap him.. So many things happened in the house n he is busy enjoying wid his frnds!

Agasthya offers hanky to meera! Meera asks him he was following her n now he reached there.. Agasthya says sorry on behalf of his frnds!

Meera tells to him he is right she is nt frm delhi.. She has came to Delhi to meet his best frnds family.. Someone whom she loved alot n she has came there in search of his family… Agasthya tells her he can help her out in finding them..

Meera gives her diary to agasthya!

Nandini reaches home frm hospital.. Everyone in white dress! Ready for the puja!
Nandini says now she is again feeling that she once again lost Ani

Update Credit to: Nidz

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