Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st March 2013 Written Update

Detailed Update:

On the Resort:

The Episode Begins with Shipra saying that it looks good that all the family is here. Priya says not all the family maa. Natasha says she is missing her husband. Dadi says she is not feeling good without my golu. Neha says that they are fond of each other and they will share even dentures. Rishabh tells that they will play the cricket. Everybody enjoys. Neha says it is very hot, my baby will turn black and gives the umbrella to Vikram. Priya laughs. Vikram says now will i play cricket with umbrella on. Dadi and maa says we will become empire and Priya says I will take care of maa and dadi.

Ram office:

Ram comes to the office and finds no one in the office. He thinks Atul asked me to come at 9 am and nobody is here. He calls Atul but he is not picking his call.

Back to Picnic Resort:

Pihu tells Khush that papa will gift her Play station. Priya calls them to have chocolate milkshake and asks them to finish. she asked why papa didn’t come. Priya replies that papa is having some work at office. Pihu says I am missing papa. Priya says I will call papa and inform him to come soon.

Ram office:

Ram is waiting patiently in the office for long, He gets a call from Atul and he says sir will be coming to the office soon. Ram says I am waiting since morning.

Priya calls him and she says I am waiting for Ashwin since morning. Priya says pihu is missing you. Ram says only Pihu. Priya says me too. we are not having fun without you. BALH music is playing in the BG. Ram smiles.

Picnic Resort:

Vikram asks Everybody to come for playing cricket. Priya decides to watch rather than play. Everybody is enjoying the game with children while the music of kya kehna is playing in the BG.
Pihu is batting and her ball hits some window and it appears to be Sid and Ayesha window. They were holidaying in the room and Pihu’s ball did hit them lightly. Ayesha goes to scold them. She comes in the broken window and sees Sharma family, Kapoor family and Shergill family there. She is shocked and hides. and tells Sid that they are here. Sid asks her to change her clothes and I will take care of it.

Priya asks Pihu to get the ball and asks Soumya to serve the drinks till then.
Pihu goes to bring the ball and Sid looks from the window. Sid opens the door and says you break the glass. Pihu remembers him in a FB. She says I came here for a picnic with my family. She says my brother also came here. He talks with her nicely. Pihu asks for her ball. Sid goes inside to get the ball. Priya walks towards Pihu. Sid come outside and gives the ball to Pihu. Pihu leaves from there.

Neha tells Vikram that they will pay for the broken glass, will talk to the manager. Natasha says I will manage. Vikram and Neha goes to the manager and tells him that they will pay for the damage.
Ayesha is there thinking how to escape.
Priya asks where are you? Why you came late. Did anybody scold you. She says there was a good uncle. When I was in danger that mickey mouse uncle saved me. Priya thinks in the FB. Priya says he is here, take me there, I will thank you for saving my princess. Meanwhile Ayesha and Sid are about to go when Priya comes from the opposite side.

They hide from Priya. Priya knocks on the door. She says I think nobody is there in the room and we will ask his name from the reception. When Priya was walking towards them, they engage in kiss. Priya sees them kissing and tells Pihu we will talk with manager later.

Shipra, dadi and maa are playing cards. Priya comes there. Natasha asks anything wrong. Priya says this place is not looking nice. Pihu saw that man who saved her here. I saw some couple displaying publicly……
Natasha says I never hear about it.
Shipra asks them to come and play card. Natasha tells her to enjoy. Vikram comes and says we didn’t have to pay for the glass.
Maa asks Priya when Ram is coming? Priya tells I will call him. Soumya sees Ayesha getting into the car. Nats comes there and she identifies the car and thinks that the couple who was doing PDA must be Ayesha with someone else. They decide to find out.

They enquire at the reception that Ayesha Kapoor was here or not. They asked him did she went just now. He replies that he cant help them. They leaves.

Rishabh is on call with his friend. He is talking about new business ecommerce. Rishabh says even 4000 is more much for him. Rishabh says he condition is bad. Priya looks at him from far.

Ram office:

Priya calls Ram and asked him did you went from there. He says no. He asked why you are sounding in tension. Priya asks our time will change naa Mr. Kapoor. She says our family will stay together like before. Rishabh wants to start new business.He will stand on his own feet. She says I am getting more doubts. Priya says come fast here. Ram says I will come after Ashwin comes. Priya says I am waiting some soon. Ram thinks Rishabh want to start new business. Episode ends on Ram.

Precap:Ashwin tells Ram that he heard that Ram is asking Salary in advance. Ram replies that he requested the accountant if it is possible. He smiles and says Mr. Kapoor, here impossible or possible is in my hands. How mush you want 2000, 4000? ok will give. But nothing comes for free Mr. Kapoor.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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