Baawre 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nawab Sahab comingg to Nikumbh and telling him that Yamini will be rehearsing here. He praises Yamini. He introduces Nikumbh to Yamini and says he is my best friend’s son, after he died, I m his parent, he is a great artist. Yamini and Nikumbh taunt each other with a smile on their faces. Jamal asks her to stay away from his group. They look at each other. Baawre……………plays…………….. Nikumbh leaves. Yamini spends some time with her Dadi. Raghavendra comes there and asks Yamini hows the show preparations going on. She says good.

She asks how did you like the new place. She says I need to talk to you. He says any problem. She says no, the room is small, and on road side, so much noise. He says I will go and see myself. He talks to his mum and laughs. He says we have to go in MLA’s daughter’s boutique inauguration, show me what you will be wearing. Yamini looks lost. They arrive at the inauguration. Raghavendra meets the MLA and gets a warm welcome. The MLA Tripathi eyes Yamini and smiles.

Tripathi praises Yamini and says we will have her on every hoarding, we will do good publicity. His daughter Neha says everything is ready. Yamini cuts the ribbon. Everyone claps. The narration says Raghavendra is selfish and he did not see Yamini’s dreams. He is a civil constructor and wants to make a flyover, we are worried about Tripathi. Raghavendra asks Tripathi to arrange funds for him. Neha shows some dresses to Yamini and gifts one. Yamini says this won’t suit you. Neha insists. Tripathi comes and laughs.

He asks Yamini is the dress nice. Yamini says yes. Tripathi tells this to Raghavendra and says Neha designed this for Yamini as her birthday is coming. We will call the media and keep the function on that day. Yamini agrees seeing Raghavendra. Azam talks to Nikumbh and asks can the drama end in 15 mins. Nikumbh says its tough. Azam asks him to think around him. Nikumbh says we can make a new script, call all the actors at home tonight, we will prepare for it. Azam brings him to his phone.

Azam gets Shaheen’s call. She asks him to keep her mobile ready as she is coming. Azam tries to send Nikumbh making excuses. Nikumbh asks why are you trying to send me. Shaheen comes and Nikumbh laughs. Azam says your phone is special, we are not getting its parts, so it will take some days. Nikumbh pulls his leg. Shaheen smiles. Nikumbh does some shayari. He says I m going. Shaheen talks to him. Nikumbh says Azam wrote this shayari and leaves. Shaheen asks Azam to say more. He says later.

She asks him not to call her, as its her brother’s number. She gives him her number and leaves smiling. Azam becomes glad and holds his heart. He says Nikhumb did great work. Jamal shows the hall to Raghavendra. Nawab Sahab talks to him. Raghavendra asks can I see the opposite hall, as Yamini is facing noise problems. Jamal shows the room and says its bigger. Raghavendra asks them to give this room to him. He says I will pay double rent.

Nawab Sahab says Nikumbh practices there with his group. Raghavendra insists and says take 50000 advance, and think till tomorrow. Nikumbh practices with his group. Nikumbh calls Rastogi and does not connect. Nawah Sahab calls Nikumbh asking can I give your room to someone else. Nikumbh becomes silent. Nawab Sahab understands Nikumbh’s answer. Dadi comes to Yamini and talks to her. Yamini wears the dress and feels uncomfortable.

Dadi is shocked to see Yamini and asks her to change it, Yamini says I don’t want to wear this, but MLA gifted this and asked me to wear this on my birthday. Yamini’s mum says we want everything to be good for you. Yamini says dad won’t understand. Dadi says come with me, if he sees this dress, he will ask you not to wear this. Dadi asks Raghu (Raghavendra) to see the dress. He looks at Yamini.

Raghu does not understand Yamini’s problem and says she will wear this one only. Nikumbh bumps into Yamini and spoils her dress.

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