Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila scolds Rashi/Jigna for entering the house after marrying a driver. Rashi says what is she married a driver, the house belongs to Baa and will come back to the house. Kokila stormingly says she can stay in the house, but should not come near her room and goes from there.

Rashi informs Hetal that Kokila locked her in the car last night and switched on its security alarm. Hetal says Kokila is doing it as she is not having her medicine. Rashi says she has an idea to feed medicine to her.

Ahem comes out of house to drop Meera to school. Urmila drops garbage on her. Gopi asks Urmila why did throw garbage on the road. Ahem angrily asks who is the culprit.

Rashi adds Kokila’s medicine in her soup. Hetal gets happy and says Rashi that she is proud of her. Radha overhears their conversation and thinks she will destroy Modi family.

Gopi asks Urmila how can she throw garbage on road. Urmila says she did not do it purposefully. Ahem angrily comes in and says she wants to have bath first. Madhuben gets angry on Urmila for throwing garbage on Ahem. Kinjal hears that and asks how can she throw garbage on his brother and says she is showing her class. She says does not know when Urmila will change. Urmila says when she will change, she will also change and goes to her room.

Radha keeps a toy car on the steps so that Meethi should fall and drop Kokila’s breakfast. Meethi takes breakfast via stairs when kids stop her and show her the toy car. Meethi then comes up when Radha tries to clash her, but Hetal comes on time and stops Meethi from clashing. Rashi sees that and scolds Radha for doing it purposefully.

Meethi brings breakfast for Kokila. Rashi and Hetal hide and watch Kokila having breakfast. Kokila tastes breakfast and says it is bitter, she asks Meethi to bring another breakfast.

Dhaval reaches lady’s office whom he rescued. Lady was dictating his secretary to sue her client. Dhaval asks how can she sue her client instead of asking the reason for delay of good. Lady agrees and asks her secretary to ask the client for the reason for delay.

Kokila sees Jigna sitting near cooler. Kokila asks why she is in the house till now. Rashi says she just came in to have food. Kokila asks her to go out now and come back when she realizes her mistakes. Rashi calls Gopi and informs about the incident and informs that she added medicine in Kokila’s breakfast, but she did not eat it. Kinjal sees Gopi getting tensed and asks what happened. Gopi says Kokila is not having medicine. Hetal brings prasad to Rashi. Rashi and Gopi get an idea of feeding medicine to Kokila via prasad. Kinjal says Kokila will not deny prasad even if it is bitter and that is the best way to feed her medicine.

Kinjal reaches Modi Bhavan and meets Hetal, Rashi, and Baa. Rashi says she is kept out of house as she is driver’s wife now. They all laugh on her. Rashi then mixes medicine in prasad. Radha sees that and asks Rashi to give her prasad. Rashi denies but give prasad on baa’s insistence. Radha hides behind wall and watches them. Rashi gives baa medicine laddu and asks her to feed Kokila.

Radha sees kids playing cricket and asks if she can play with them. Kids say they will not play with her. Radha says she will show them the shot which Dhoni hit in Rajkot. Kids ask when did Dhoni come to Rajkot. Radha sees baa ascending steps and thinks she has to do something soon.

Precap: Ahem comes home to pick his clothes. Kokila comes there.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. lousy stupid show how long will this du act of kokila go on its been a month we are seeing this nonsense either end the show or change the storyline

    1. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it youre the stupid 1

      1. You cant insist someone to watch or do not watch a show.
        Everyone has a right to criticize and of course this show is getting worst day by day
        even i stopped watching it and came here after long to read the update…
        Audience lose their patience … Disgusting epi…

  2. stupid story

  3. I cant bear reading this update only.. I cant imagine how can anyone even watch used to b my fav now i dont like this serial at all..

  4. Now I don’t bother update only come to pass,check on people’s user comment.

    1. this is honestly ridiculous… Y doesnt the trp fall… Hw doesnt a vilain get caught wen dere is only one person doin everythin wrong and no back up?

  5. I agree with all of you. Reading the updates itself makes me frustrated and not to bother watching the serial. It’s not this serial, all of star plus serials are becoming nonsense. Use your brain story writer…. how much more do you want to make your actors look stupid and without a brain.

  6. Omg i missed so many episode of saathiya for one week and still no change wow still the same looks like i have to miss another one week or 2 really dissapointed

  7. Unfortunately they’re not going to let up , somehow they reached no 1 on trp ratings and beat diya aur baati.. They’ll keep on dragging 🙁 used to be my fave show, I just want to read about justice with radha n then I can watch it again! After this saga finally finishes I don’t think I’ll bother with this show again

  8. What is wrong with people nowadays
    Why are you complaining so much about a program
    If you don’t like it than don’t watch/read it you stupid idiots

    1. Hi Naina, what is wrong with the directors? That’s the question you should ask them. The storyline doesn’t match with the title. Title should be changed to Villian Radha Ka Kamaal.

  9. the story at the start was a good one and the title also very sweet. but now the writers are dragging the story and making the serial very boring. give a happy ending to the story and end it. The TRP s are there only becoz of the addicted saathiya fans, and we demand a better storyline. Enough of this radha khand.

  10. Lousy episodes hope all the viewers are bored but the directors dont even care what we think and they say it is on rank n 3 i hope they are lying because its not possible on the TPRS charts dont know when this bakwass serials will go off air

  11. hi guys

  12. Werz today’s ep

  13. plzzzzzz post 2dys epi

  14. please post today,s update

  15. Indian dramas are crap-unfortunately my wife watches them, the writers lack creativity.pakistani dramas are mature and ver well written-shame about pakistani films though

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