Baawre 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azam and Nikumbh at the police station. Azam apologizes to the constable and says we are sorry, just leave him. He praises the constable and asks him to take the decision. The constable scolds Azam and laughs. He asks Azam to explain Nikumbh well not to make any mistake again. Azam tells Nikumbh that he has saved him, don’t say thanks. Nikumbh does not answer him. Azam calls his bike damaged and Nikumbh gets angry. He tries to start the scooter and says see it started. He says I will make more tries and says Amitabh’s lines.

Azam asks him the whole matter else he won’t come with him. Nikumbh says come by auto. Azam stops him and says I did a favor on you, buy a samosa for me. Yamini talks to her dad who asks her to perform well at Umang Utsav well. He asks her to check the rehearsal place which is a haveli. She says fine and ends the call. Nikumbh and Azam come to the same haveli to meet Rastogi. Rastogi says you got 15mins in this festival, do something that people love you. Nikumbh says only 15mins? Azam says don’t worry, we will manage. Rajendra, Yamini’s dad calls Rastogi and says Yamini is a star. Rastogi says yes, her program is of 30mins.Rajendra says it should be 1 hour show else it won’t happen.

Rastogi says fine, I will see what I can do. She checks the list and cuts Nikhumb Sharma drama. Nikumbh and Azam have tea. Azam jokes with him. He says we got a show in such a big festival, be happy. Nikumbh says its just 15mins. Nikumbh tells about Yamini and how she is responsible for all this. Azam says you will also become a star like her, and you won’t meet her again. They have tea. Azam sees the time and asks Nikumbh to drop him to Shaheen. They leave.

Nikumbh comes back to the haveli to do the rehearsal of his drama. The haveli is in Lucknow where the family of Nawabs is broken. Nawab Sahab and Nikumbh’s dad were best friends and Nikumbh used to stay 28/30days at the haveli. Nawab’s son Asif stays in USA to study and Nawab’s life became lonely after he left. Nawab meets Nikumbh and asks him to do his rehearsals well. Nikumbh tells his drama actors to do their best in the Umang festival. Jamal comes there and they have a laugh. Nikumbh tells them that this play will not go from their hand.

Rajendra calls Rastogi to confirm about Yamini’s show duration. Shaheen comes to repair her phone at Azam’s store. Azam flirts. She says I love this phone, but will it be fine. He says yes, I will make it fine. She asks when should I come. He says tomorrow. She leaves. Azam thanks the bad phone and smiles.

Yamini is on the way and thinks about Nikumbh’s scolding her. Nikumbh comes to meet Nawab Sahab. Nawab says I want to buy a computer, as Asif says he does not get time to write letter, so I should learn video chatting. Nikumbh says Asif is right. Nawab says for us, writing letter is easy, but have to learn email for my son. He says I gave the room to some artist. Nikumbh says fine, I got a show today. Nawab says great, congrats. They have a laugh. Yamini comes in the haveli and looks around. The narration shows Yamini came here to get the moment which would change their lives, lets see how it goes.

Yamini sees Nikumbh’s back and hears him guiding the actors. She leaves and goes to the room opposite to Nikumbh’s room. She starts singing. Sun raha hai na tu……………… Everyone start laughing, Nikumbh goes to see her. She turns and sees him being stunned to meet him again all of a sudden. He thinks who are you, whom I always come across, do I find you always. They look at each other.

Nikumbh and Yamini taunt each other.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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