Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kalpi takes out the sindur and is about to place in her hairline. Kamla holds her hand and stops her. Kamla says what are you doing ? Kalpi says this sindur is the sign of precious relationship of marriage. Kamla locks the door and says this is not precious. The relation you have to conceal is never precious. Kalpi says both this sindur and relation are precious. Kamla says only Pakhi has the right over this sidnur. It belongs to her. I told you never to snatch or steal something and today you are stealing Pakhi’s life, happiness and sindur. Kalpi says only i have right on this sindur nit Pakhi. Me and Ragahv decided this in front of God but my own mom does not wanna accept my happiness. You gave my everything to Pakhi. You will decide this time what you want my happiness or pakhis right ? What right are you talking about ? Raghav always loved me. He was forced to marry Raghav. Kamla says pakhi has not married by force ? Whom are you trusting? That Raghav who always betrayed you. He shattered your trust and our respect. Kalpi says after one year i will be marrying from here and my groom will be Raghav. Kamla says how can you say that. I can’t believe that my daughter is talking like this. He said one year and you agreed. How will you wait for him ? The relationship you are trying to make has only destruction for you and Pakhi. Forget him kalpi please. Kalpi says how can I forget him ? You said relationships are made by heart. Ragahv accepted me from his heart so my relation with him is true not Pakhi’s.

Scene 2
Raghav marks a day on calander. He say just one year ad you will be my bride you will forget all this pain. Pakhi comes and asks why you crossed the day ? Are you waiting for some special day ? What will you take in dinner ? I have learned so many dishes from net. Raghav say don’t make anything for me. He is about to go. Oakhi holds his hand and says have the coffee. He says no i don’t want it and leaves. Pakhi thinks don’t worry pakhi cheer up just follow as kamla maa said. I will win his heart someday.

Scene 3
At night Kamla prays to show her some way. she says I am again stuck in a place where both of my daughters have the same thing for happiness. show me some way. I heard that you fulfill everyone’s wishes. Please give me an answer and she me the right path. She is in tears. Suddenly she hears some voice saying kamla. She wakes up and realized it was just a dream. She looks here and there and smiles. She says maybe he will show me the way.

Scene 4
Next morning doorbell rings. Gauri receives a courier fro Pakhi, Its her picture with Raghav of their wedding day. Gauri says you don’r win love my posters. Ragahv was never in your fate and will never be. Not even in the poster. She tears it apart from the center. Pakhi says why are you doing this to me ?Give me one chance. Gauri says your parents didn’t give me chance when they took my family away from me. I have to take all the revenge from your parents and you. I have to take vengeance of my husband’s dad.

There at chowl Kamla tells Vitthal that she saw God in her dream today. I think he is calling us. Suddenly they hear some noises invinting people over the yatra. Vitthal says i think you are right. Kamla says so many things are happening here should i go ? Vitthal says your going will make everything all right. Vitthal goes down adnd investigates. Vitthal says let me give them your name. The man says you look worried this is important for you. Kamla looks at kalpi. Vitthal goes down and gives them Kamla’s name.

Kamla is in deep thought. Vitthal asks what are you thinking ? She says nothing i am just packing up. Vitthal says you can’t even lie. Why are you packing my clothes with yours ? He syas i know what you are thinking. You are worried about kalpi. Just go and pray for her. Lets sleep now.

Scene 5
Next morning Kamla goes to prayer place. Pakhi comes there and gives her parshad. SHe says pray that Raghav becomes mine forever. Kamla says i always pray for you. Pakhi ask why you look so tensed? Kamla recalls Raghav saying that he has accepted Kalpi as his wife. She recalls Kalpi saying that Rahav only loves her not Pakhi. Kamla says no nothing. I was preparing whole night so a bit tired. Pakhi says i have to leave befoer nettu comes. I don’t wanna see her. She leaves. Kalpana comes to kamla and gives her parshad. SHe says pray for mine and Raghav’s relationship as well. Kamla says you know kalpi i will never pray for your relationship. society doesn’t give it any name how can i pray for it ? I will pray fro pakhi and Raghav’s relation. Kalpi says everyone has right to ask from God and he know what he wants to give whom. He will decide the real love willl triumph or just a piece of paper. Love is important nit just a signature on a paper. Kalpi place her parshad there and hugs Kamla. She says take care and leaves.

Precap- Raghav says to Kalpi this is the wedding locket i made for you. I want you to take it. Kalpi says i can’t accept it Raghav. I told you we won’t meet for a whole year why are you not understanding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. kamla nevar loved kalpi its always been pakhi for her so why would she cry and act so childish go to paki kamla leave kalpi alone she can stand for herself

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