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Baawre 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh coming to meet Yamini at her home. Dadi asks him to talk to Yamini well and leaves. Yamini comes and is surprised seeing him. Bhatak le baawre………….plays………. as they have an eyelock and come closer. He says sorry I told you what I wanted to, you did not know this play is important to me, and when it did not happen as I wanted, I brought my frustration on you, sorry I should have heard you that time. He says I m really sorry, please forgive me and become my friend again. Yamini gets glad and hugs him. She gets up from her dream and realizes its not the reality. She thinks of Nikumbh’s harsh words and his anger. She gets sad. She cries and thinks about him. Nikumbh too is thinking about her. Ruke ruke se hum hai………… thame thame se tum……………plays……………..

Shaheen calls Azam but he is very angry on her and does not take the call. He thinks about Nikumbh’s words. Its morning, Nikumbh wakes up. Jamal tells him about water leakage. Nikumbh asks him to get the haveli repaired else all furniture will be damaged. Jamal says I told Nawab Sahab but he did not. Nikumbh says I will get it repaired. Jamal says it will take more than Rs 4000. Nikumbh takes the wallet and counts the money. He says he does not have much, what to do.

Nikumbh says this is necessary, you start the repairing work, I will see how to manage money. Yamini asks Dadi to have breakfast. They have a talk. Yamini says today will be a new start. Raghavendra comes and greets them. He gets a call and leaves. Yamini says its good the play ended and it will be good if I go Mumbai. Dadi asks what are you saying, being like your dad. Yamini says come with me on shopping, it’s a long list. Dadi asks but why.

Raghavendra praises Yamini in the play and insults Nikumbh, saying we don’t need him. The man says the sponsors like Nikumbh but if you say we will find someone else. Raghavendra says you first ask him whats his scene, till then I will ask Yamini. Nikumbh says no to Rastogi as the play also has Yamini. Rastogi tries to convince him. Nikumbh says no thanks and leaves. Shaheen comes to meet Azam at his shop but he ignores her. Shaheen says I m calling you so many times and you did not answer me, why.

She says what is the matter, tell me. He says even I want to ask, but I don’t have any right, do what you want, don’t meet me now. She asks what are you saying. He says sorry, leave me now. She says but tell me what is it. He says Shaheen, please go. She leaves. Nikumbh checks his diary and calls Mr Bhatia. He says I came to your house and could not meet you, I want to talk to you about Lucknow, I m fine to work it anywhere. He then gets Sharma ji and he asks him to work in a big project. Nikumbh says he is interested and asks his requirement.

Sharma asks him to come and meet him. Nikumbh says fine, I will come and meet you. Yamini reads the newspaper for Dadi and jokes. Dadi enjoys the joke and Yamini too smiles. Dadi asks what was this. She then understands and laughs. Sharma meets Nikumbh and comes to know about the play in Mumbai. He asks Nikumbh about his team and what else will he need there. Nikumbh tells about the setup. Sharma says it will be fun working with you. Sharma says your video was so good, sponsors likes you and Yamini, they said they want you both, your chemistry with her will take you to places.

Nikumbh asks will she also do this show. Raghavendra comes and says yes, she is doing it. Nikumbh is shocked. Raghavendra says him to go Mumbai for free and earn a name and money, he has set everything. Nikumbh smiles as he is talking about business. Nikumbh refuses to work with Yamini and says he can’t fall so low. Sharma is shocked. Nikumbh says I will never do any show with Yamini. Raghavendra gets angry and leaves.

Raghavendra complains about Nikumbh to Yamini and says he has insulted me. Yamini comes to meet Nikumbh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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