Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sumitra fuming in anger that she has to sell house to government for pittance instead of 20 lakhs and says she will reject govt officer Mr. Clinton’s offer.

Shivani sees Ginni serving food to Karan and Karan asking her to be his friend like before. Ginni agrees and tries to go out, but slips. Karan holds her. Shivani thinks god makes people love someone. Sumitra sees Ginni and Clinton/Karan together and taunts Ginni that she has a cheap mentality of trying to trap rich guys. Shivani asks her to mind her language and to apologize Ginni. They both start fighting when Karan asks them to stop fighting and asks Sumitra when will she sell her house. Sumitra says she will not sell her house. Karan asks why she wants to fight with government. Sumitra says she will get 20 lakhs for this house instead of 10-15 lakhs from government and asks Karan to leave from her house after finishing his food. Karan says govt is giving her 50 lakhs. Sumitra is suprised to hear 50 lakhs. Karan says this house has archeological pieces and govt wants to keep them in national museum, so it will buy it for 50 lakhs. Sumitra says she needs 60 lakhs now. Karan says she is a greedy woman and cannot bargain with govt, now she will not got even 5 lakhs and will not be able to sell it to anyone. He calls commissioner and requests him to seal the house. Sumitra gets worried and says she will sell it for 50 lakhs. Karan says he will get the papers ready and will give her 50 lakhs in 2 days. Sumitra gets happy and asks Ginni to take care of Karan well. Karan asks her to leave from there. Shivani and Ginni laugh seeing Ginni being fooled.

Ginni goes to her room and dreams about money falling on her. She then thinks she will buy a big house, car, send some money to her parents, travel, etc.

Shivani sees Raghu bringing back her items and asks how did he get them back when Sumitra already sold them. Raghu says how can he allow Sumitra sell them. They both reminisce buying the item and talk about it. Raghu then sees decoration slivers falling Shivani’s face and clears them. Teri galiyaan… music plays in the background. Shivani also clears slivers from his face. Shivani says him he used to read her eyes and understand what she needs, even now he does it, but why cannot he read his family member’s eyes. He asks what she means. She says Ginni has grown up and needs a life partner. He says he will speak to mom and find a good guy for Ginni. She says Ginni already found a guy and she still loves Karan. She says she saw them both talking together and still Ginni loves Karan. He says Karan is very rich. She says money does not come between love. He says Ginni may love Karan, but Karan still loves Shivani. Shivani says now Karan realized that I am your wife. She asks him to speak to Karan and check what is in his mind. She asks his help to make Karan realize his love for Ginni. Karan hesitantly agrees and promises her.

Precap: Sumitra comes to Karan’s room. Karan who is getting ready hides his face in a towel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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