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Baawre 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azam asking Yamini not to help Nikumbh and lave him alone. Yamini says fine, how is Shaheen. Azam says don’t know, since I met her dad, nothing is good, he asked me to stay away from her, I don’t know how she is. Yamini says don’t you know she went out of Lucknow. He is shocked and asks is there anything else. Azam comes to meet Shaheen’s dad and greets him. He asks Azam to sit. Azam asks about Shaheen. He did what he said, he is away from Shaheen, why did he send her, do you want to separate us. The man says no, she went in her cousin’s marriage. Azam is relieved. He says he will do what he said. Don’t worry, he will make him marry Shaheen. Azam thanks him smiling.

Yamini reads Baawre article in the newspaper. Dadi hears her. Yamini says he has to say something then any solution will come. She says the writer is saying he worries for her, but he loves her. Dadi says its good, he loves someone again, his fate is bad, he has everything and he does not know. Yamini says Nikumbh and this writer’s situation is same, he is like Nikumbh, but his ego is not that big, I wish Nikumbh thought about me once.

Shaheen calls Yamini. Azam gets a message. Yamini comes to meet him. She says she got the good news. Azam says tell me. Yamini says see this message and shows Shaheen’s message. She says I came to know you met Papa. I will wait for you whatever happens. As she loves only him. Azam smiles. He dances. Yamini sees Baawre post and says this article, I read this column daily, but how did you get it. Azam says its Nikumbh’s article, which I sent for publishing. She is shocked and asks did Nikumbh write this. He says yes.

She says it means the writer is Nikumbh, but its different one. She says she follows this column, the writer also hated love and took everything in negative way but now he believes in love like me. She says she can’t believe Nikumbh wrote this, this feelings can’t be his, you saw how he behaved with me. Azam says Nikumbh is like this from within, he shows the other side. He says we forced you to tell him your feelings, we could have waited for him, we know he will not tell his feelings, though he loves you. He will not accept this. We felt that if you tell him, he will get courage and he will accept it.

She says what about his past. Azam tells about his past love story, the girl left him and his believe in love has gone. Yamini is shocked. Azam says he is changing meeting you, I can see he loves you. But his fear is overpowering him, atleast he is accepting this in this article. She asks can she do this. Yamini signs a cheque for Nikumbh’s name. Dadi asks what is she doing. Yamini says Nikumbh did a lot for me, I was asking you whether I m doing right or not. Dadi asks what about Nikumbh, you said everything ended.

Yamini shows the column and asks who wrote this. Yamini says Nikumbh wrote it, as he is the real writer of this column. Dadi is shocked. Yamini smiles and says we followed his column, Azam told he this and he gave this. Dadi says it means he loves you. Yamini says yes, he is not ready to accept it, I will fulfill his dream, the sponsorship got cancelled because of me. Dadi says this is your hard earned money, you can use it anyway. Yamini hugs her and says I love you. She leaves. Dadi says if he really loves you, he wont’ take this money from you.

Yamini comes to meet Nikumbh. She gives him the cheque and says I m giving this as the sponsorshio got cancelled because of me. He refuses to take iut and asks her not to help him. He tears the cheque and gives her back. Yamini asks him does he write the column, the one who writes this loves that girl and wants to apologize to her. She says I know you love me, but stuck in your past. He says what is thos nonsense. She says don’t hide behind your past, come out and start a new life. Yamini leaves and Nikumbh goes after her. She does not see a car coming.

Nikumbh sees it and runs to save her. He moves her and saves her. He holds her and they have an eyelock. Bhatak le baawre………………plays…………….. he leaves. Nikumbh comes to the haveli and thinks about Yamini. She decides to meet Yamini.

Nikumbh comes to Yamini and says I love you Yamini. She smiles.

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