Baawre 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh and Yamini on the way. Nikumbh taunts her funnily and asks her to sit well else she will fall. Yamini holds him tight. Bhatak lena Baawre…………plays………….. The come across a angry mob and Nikumbh quickly runs his scooter. The group of men run after them to beat them with sticks. Yamini gets scared and holds him tight. They get safe from them. Nikumbh thinks which route to take. She says the opposite what he says. Yamini’s mum cries being worried for Yamini. Dadi asks her not to worry as Uttam will bring her. Dadi scolds Raghavendra for not giving a mobile to Yamini. He says stop crying, I m calling Nawab Sahab.

He does not connect. Uttam comes home alone and asks did Yamini come. Everyone is shocked. Uttam says I could not reach her because of the riots. Raghavendra scolds him and says how could you come alone without her. Dadi asks him to go himself to find her. Two men come and tease Yamini. Nikumbh gets angry and Yamini stops him, saying lets go. The scooter slides and they fall. The men laugh. Nawab Sahab tells Raghavendra that Yamini left 30mins before. Raghavendra asks with whom. Nawab Sahab says I think in her car. Raghavendra gets tensed. Yamini’s mum sheds more tears of worry.

Dadi says I don’t know how is my Yamini, but my heart says everything will be fine. Nikumbh beats those men. He is about to hit Nikumbh, but Yamini saves him by hitting the man. She says lets go fast. Nikumbh starts the scooter and they leave. Baawre………..plays………….. yamini’s mum prays for Yamini’s safety. Raghavendra calls the inspector and says my daughter is missing, she did not reach him, please find her. The inspector says fine I will try, things are very bad here, as many people are getting involved in the riots.

Dadi asks Raghavendra to be strong. She asks is there any other way. Nikumbh is still on the way. They see fire all around. They hear some strange sounds. Yamini gets tensed. Nikumbh says the situation is tensed ahead, we have to hide, come fast, hide in there. They hide and the angry mob passes by without seeing them. They get into an old artifacts store. Yamini cries and he consoles her saying we are safe, don’t cry, please, take water, drink it. The lines play which the narrator says……… We spend much time together, so you look a less stranger. I can see innocent dreams in your eyes, then why does your words scare to come on your lips, make them free. Nikumbh stares at Yamini.

Raghavendra comes to take Tripathi’s help in finding Yamini. Tripathi taunts him seeing his helplessness. Raghavendra says I m not able to find my Yamini, maybe she is stuck in riots. Tripathi speaks ill about Yamini and says what do you want from me. Raghavendra says forget the past as a misunderstanding. Tripathi says fine, this is politics, it happens. He says I will find Yamini and asks his men to help Raghavendra in finding Yamini. Raghavendra says how to thank you. Tripathi smiles and says everything has time, like you have seen now. Raghavendra leaves.

Nikumbh plays the radio and hears the news. The channel changes and they hear the narrator saying his story about Rishi and Kanu. Yamini says even I lost in my childhood, I went to the market and got lost seeing some toys. She says I was very scared, that I cried. I felt I will never meet my parents, but then my grandpa came there. She cries remembering him. She says he found me in so much crowd. Nikumbh asks are you fine. She wipes her tears and says yes.

Nikumbh tells her that she is with a bad guy, its strange, its my phone, a girl did not like this and broke it. Yamini thinks she did it. She says it does not have network. He says it will come, where will it go. He thanks her and she smiles. They hear people shouting and run to see. Nikumbh sees his scooter getting burnt. He tries to go to them to stop them, but Yamini holds his hand stopping him saying you can’t go risking your life. Baawre………..plays…………. They have a sweet eyelock. He says leave me, its my scooter. She says why don’t you understand, listen to me. He pushes her and she falls. He runs to her and asks are you fine, you are hurt. She says listen to me, don’t go. He holds her and then leaves her hand. He turns his eyes away from her.

Raghavendra and Tripathi’s men find Yamini and Nikumbh. Raghavendra scolds Nikumbh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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