Ayesha Singh on Neil and Aishwarya’s wedding; says, “I won’t be part of the wedding”

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein fame Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma are all set to tie the knot this month on November 30. Neil Neil’s on-screen wife, Ayesha Singh in a recent interview with BT talked about it and shared that she will not be able to be part of their wedding celebrations.

She shared, “I am more than happy for Neil and Aishwarya, they both are in love and now they are getting married. It is beautiful and I wish them well as they begin a new journey. I won’t be a part of their wedding, but I will be a part of their wedding celebrations later,”

Talking about the trolling Neil and Aishwarya have faced since the time they announced their marriage, Ayesha said, “The fans are connected to all the characters of the show and I appreciate the love that we all are getting. All the opinions that people put forth online, they have the right to do so but they should do it in a polite manner. And personal choices toh personal choices hoti hai, aaj unki hai kal meri hogi. Plus, I do not encourage trolling culture at all! I keep requesting my fans online that they should be polite while putting forth their views.”

When asked if she will ever think twice about making her personal life public, Ayesha said “No, I don’t fear that at all! I have not been affected by it because I do not pay attention to any mean comments about me online. I consciously do not read any negative comments about myself online. There will always be something that you are doing that will not be liked by someone, which is fine! Also, for Neil and Aishwarya, I have always seen them happy on the sets and I feel happy the way they carry their relationship and how they handle everything negative in their life. They have only grown stronger in love,”

Talking about her Bollywood aspirations, she shared, “I would love to be part of films someday. There are amazing opportunities out there for freshers with a bunch of such talented writers and directors that I would love to work in films. If an opportunity comes my way, why not!” she concludes.

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