Avniel love for life (Episode 5)

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Niel : (whispers to avni ) i tought its your b’day n u will recieve gift but i got a lottery ??

Avni :(smiles) wat lottery ??

Niel : youre tubelight eat some dryfruits to sharpen your brains

Avni still wonders why did niel say lottery ?

Ali comes after washing his face on fathima ‘s request

Bebe : oye did you like d gift ?

LAvni : yes bebe its nice

Neil and neela smile

Everyone are sitting n having i’c

Shweta : tillu take some tips from your papa he is v.romantic and blushes

Prakash : oye oye im not soo romantic !!

Bebe : its in khannah jeans actually !! Even your dadaji and even my sunny so as generation moves on .. so i cant imagine my grandson …

Avni whispers to niel : dont think im less im ayesha haider and ashish mehta ‘s daughter so .. its out imagination …

Niel smiles

Ali ‘s pov
I wont let u enjoy your honey moon !

Shekar : i dont think niel needs any tips anyone who has such a beautiful wife will automatically get awesome romantic just like a hollywood movie

Nira pulls shekar’s ears : as if im not beautifull

Everyone laugh

Shweta : none can compete ananya n tillu

Prakash : we our theyre compettitors ..

Everyone laugh

Neela : acha its getting late

Avni : sit na ma .

Neela : no beta its getting late

They hug n leave

Precap : ali plans evil .. will avni cancell d plan ??

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Spoiler alert : after chap 15 d story will not match d present storyline of naamkarann
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  1. Ahk26barbie

    Its intresting.Thank you for welcoming me.I’ll read daily.Keep writing.

  2. Very nice storyline. I loved it. Please update soon.

  3. Very nice storyline. I loved it. Please update soon. Eagerly waiting for it.

  4. The episode is nyc …..but plzzz keep it some what lengthy & story line is awesome ….waiting for their honeymoon trip & romance plzzz upload it very soon….

  5. Nice story line but pliz make it bit lengthy….
    Waiting for honeymoon track….

  6. It’s amazing dear I never missed it ff. And I always try to comment and sometimes I’m not able to comment.

    Waiting for another chapter

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    Really nice year. keep writing.

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    Dear it is awesome but please write lengthy ones

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