Humari adhuri kahani (RagSan) Chapter 7: Vivek’s trap

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Hello Twistinians, I’m back with this one?

Ragini’s pov
“I can’t be with Sanskar anymore!” “I can’t or else Vivek will kill him!” “I trust my love, but I can’t live without Sanskar, but I have to and act as I’m Vivek’s girlfriend again.” “I’m sorry Sanskar, I have to break your heart, but I hope that you find someone that can respect your feelings and love the way no one else can!” I was crying, because I’m going to loose the man, I love more than myself. “Tujhse pyaar karna mera fitoor  hai, par kismat ne humari kahani ko adhuri kar diya hai(Loving you is my madness/obsession, but our destiny made our story incomplete).”
End of her pov

Mr. Raj Jaiswal’s pov
“Ragini is doing wrong in breaking Sanskar’s heart, because of that Vivek!”  I angrilly said and Saraswati replied back: “I know, but he is blackmailing her, that he will kill Sanskar, if she doesn’t do, what he says.” “How can one brother try to kill the other one, like 4 times already!” “Vivek is blind, he doesn’t see the goodness of Sujata and Sanskar!”
End of his pov

Meanwhile at the paradise park(made up name)

Scene between Sanskar and Vivek
“Sanskar do know, how your dad oops I mean our dad died?” “What do you mean by our dad?” Sanskar asked him, while he was trying to be calm, but innerly the Volcano was exploding. “Oh, you didn’t know that our dad married my mom as well as yours!” Vivek replied back, while shocking Sanskar to the core. “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I killed him, he didn’t commit sucide.” “I won’t leave you!” “Oh and yeah, stay away from Ragini, she never was yours, she always was mine!” Vivek said, then he left before Sanskar could say anything and the Sanskar called Ragini and asked her to meet him in the same place as he met Vivek.
End of their scene

Scene between RagSan + separation
So guys imagine them talking to eachother in rain + plus Humari adhuri kahani song sequence
Pass aya dooriyaan phir bhi kam na hui(we came close yet the distance never reduced). Ek adhuri si kahani humari rahi(our story remained incomplete).
“Did you ever love me Ragini?” “No, I never loved you Sanskar.” She lied straight into his face, while she was trying to hide her tears, but you couldn’t see them anyways, because of the rain.
Asmaan ko zameen, yeh jarruri nahi jaa mile jaa mile(it isn’t neccessary that the earth approches or goes to meet the sky). Ishq sacha wahi(true love is the one). Jisko milti nahi manzelein manzelein(which never finds its destination).
“So you played with my feelings, because you always loved Vivek!” “Yes, I never loved you, I always loved Vivek!” She said.
Rang thay, noor tha(there were colours, atmosphare was beautiful and shining). Jab kareeb tu tha(when you were close or near to me). Ek jannat sa tha yeh jahaan(the world was like heaven).
“Okay, I’m breaking up with you Ragini, I hate you just the way I loved you!” He shouted at her and she shouted back to him: “I always hated you, so I’m happy that you are breaking up with me Sanskar!”
Waqt ki rait pe(on the sand of time). Kuch mere naam sa likh ke chod gaya tu kahan(written something like my name, where have you gone)?”
“I have nothing to say to you anymore!” He said. “I don’t have anything to say either.” She coldly replied back.
Humari adhuri kahani(our incomplete story). Humari adhuri kahani(our incomplete story). Humari adhuri kahani(our incomplete story). Humari adhuri kahani(our incomplete story).
Thenboth went their separate ways, on the way home both broke down and let their tears speak their hearts out. Soon both went home in an heartbroken state.
End of their scene

I cried while writing the last scene, because I was listening to this song, while I imagined this separation scene and I’m sorry I failed in writing emotional scenes.

Next chapter will be updated and it depends on how many votes I get.

The copyright of this story belongs to me????

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  7. Hemalattha

    Can’t see them getting separate. Awesome.

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