AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 9

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chapter 9
around 6:30am Neela had woken up in the morning she was about to get up when she felt a hand on her stomach. She smiled and looked to the side to see Avni sleeping so peacefully while hugging her. Neela slowly moved her hand away and kissed her on her forehead before leaving to have a shower. She got ready picked her phone leaving the room and closed the door quietly so Avni doesn’t wake up.

When she enter the kitchen she saw nanno already there getting things ready to make breakfast.

Neela: maa u should have rested for a bit longer I would have made the breakfast.

Nanno: it’s ok Neela u know how I love cooking and even moi aman is back so I could make his favourite food

Neela: glad u said favourite food I forgot daya maa gave laddos for him. But here let me help u first. Nanno nodded and both got busy into cooking.

Suddenly Neela received a call from shweta

Nanno : who is it

Neela: shweta …maa I will be back after answering this call.

Nanno: ok… Neela quickly washed her hands and went to answer her phone.

Neela: hey shweta is everything ok? She asked since shweta never calls her this early.

Shweta: yes actually me & *yawning* Bebe want to meet u to talk about something *yawning*

Neela: so u woke up early to tell me about this u could have called later to tell me she said smiling thinking how tired her friend is.

Shweta: that is whats I was goings to do but Bebe she wokes *yawning* me up sayings to informs u nows

Neela: ok so what time and where do u want to meet up

Shweta: afternoons at your place

Neela: ok that’s fine with me

Shweta: ok then see u sooons good nights

Neela: good night?

Shweta yes my sleeps is not over yeta so it’s a good nights for me since I stills have 30 mins left to sleep

Neela: *laughing* ok enjoy your sleep I will See u soon. Both cut the call and Neela went back to the kitchen

Fatima: what happened y did shweta call?

Neela: shweta and Harleen aunty wanted to meet to talk about something

Fatima: talk about what?

Neela: don’t know we only will find out when they come here in the afternoon.

Fatima: I hope it’s nothing serious anyways go and wake Avni up as she need to get ready for work.

Neela: yh otherwise she will be late again.

Neela entered her room to see Avni sleeping peacefully while hugging a pillow … Neela went and sat down near Avni on the bed

Neela: bacha… bacha she said caressing Avni head

Avni: hmmm?

Neela: come on wake up don’t u need to go to the cafe

Avni: let me sleep mama she said now resting her head on Neela lap

Neela: ok sleep but then if u r late for work then don’t tell me that I didn’t wake u up.

Avni: don’t worry she said in her sleep

Neela thought “this girl what shall I do with her” Neela suddenly got an idea and started ticking Avni.
Avni who was still sleeping suddenly felt neela tickling her which made her laugh and she slowly got up while rubbing her eyes

Avni:: good morning mama she said putting her hands around her shoulder and gave a kiss on her cheeks

Neela: good morning. By the way what made u sleep with me last night

Avni: y? Can’t I sleep with my mama? She said hugging Neela from the side

Neela: of course u can but bacha u always sleep with me when something is bothering u

Avni: nothing is bothering me she said lying not telling Neela the actually reason

Neela: ok fine don’t talk about it but if it ever bother u more promise u will tell me. She said forwarding her hand Avni smiled and placed her hand on top Neela

Avni: promise

Neela: Now come on go and get ready … Avni lazily got of the bed and went back to her room while Neela sorted out the bed

after getting ready Avni came and sat down next to neela and nanno on the dining table

Avni: where is aman she asked while taking a slice of bread

Nanno: he is sleeping. We didn’t wake him up as he must be tired

At the khanna mansion

Bebe: madam Madonna did u call Neela and inform that we want to talk to her

Shweta: ji Bebe

Bebe: listen …for now don’t mention anything in front of Neil and sunny

Shweta: don’t worry Bebe I won’t. But Bebe nows u agree that there is something between Avni and Neil .. Bebe looked on


Last night Bebe was about to sleep after having her milk when shweta came in her room locking the door

Bebe: oye y did u lock the door what r u planning to do

Shweta: Bebe did u notice anything between Avni and Neil

Bebe: u really don’t like me sleeping on time right

Shweta: Bebe u knows I would never thinks that but please answer my question

Bebe: u won’t feel satisfied until u hear me our right

Shweta: no she said with a big grin

Bebe: even I feel like there is something between Tillu and avni. I noticed it when Neil was helping U give water to everyone.

Shweta: I tolds u
Bebe: but I want to see more

Shweta: what if I show u something

Bebe: what? Shweta took out her phone and showed Bebe avneil picture that she had taken when Neil had held Avni from falling and both looking into each other eyes

Bebes eyes widened

Bebe: when did u click this

Shweta: when I came to see what was taking Avni too long

Bebe: shweta seen this picture these two do have something that r bringing them closer. Shweta nodded

Shweta: u r correct Bebe

Bebe: did u tell Neela about this

Shweta: nopes

Bebe: tomorrow morning the first thing U would do is call her so we can meet up with her

Shweta: ok Bebe

Bebe: now will u go so I can sleep peacefully

Shweta: yes Bebe good nights

Flashback ends

Bebe looked at shweta

Bebe: if I didn’t agree y would have I told u to call Neela and tell her to meet up

Meanwhile at the metha house dayawanti was looking at some files when she got a call

Dayawanti: hello

Caller: …

Dayawanti ok I will reach there bye

In the afternoon Neela was getting lunch ready as Bebe and shweta were going to come over while nanno went to clean aman room as he left it all messed up and went to meet Avni and Ali at the cafe

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Neela went to open it. When she opened the door she was surprised to dayawanti there

Neela: arien daya maa what a pleasant surprise. Come in

Dayawanti: thank u beta actually the thing is harleen ji called me in the morning and told me to come here

Neela: Yeh even shweta called to say they want to talk about something… anyways u sit I will go and get water. Dayawanti sat down and at the same time Nanno came out after cleaning aman room mumbling to herself when she saw dayawanti.

Nanno: Arlen wah dayawanti ji yesterday Neela said u have to come often over here. But seems like U couldn’t control yourself and came so quickly she said teasingly

Dayawanti: what can I do after all I couldnt stay away… both laughed… by the way where is aman and avni

Nanno: Avni left to work early and aman went to surprise her and Ali at the cafe. But how comes u came all of a sudden …Neela didn’t tell me u were coming over

Dayawanti: even Neela didn’t know Fatima Ji this morning I got a call from Harleen ji and she told me to come here as she wanted to discuss about something

Nanno: strange I wonder what they want to talk about

Neela: what’s the point of thinking about it… we will find out once they reach here… she said giving water to dayawanti and sat down.

Neela: by the way I wanted to tell u guys something

Nanno: what?

Neela: last night remember we all were talking outside of the Khanna mansion and I went in after to see what was taking Avni long as even shweta didn’t come out

Nanno: when did Avni go I don’t remember

Dayawanti: u r getting old that’s y u don’t Remember

Nano: even u r getting old.

Dayawanti: haan but I don’t forget things… nanno was about to reply back when

Neela: my two lovely maa please can u listen to what I was saying

Dayawanti: yeh continue what were u saying

Neela: yeh so I went in and I saw Avni and Neil together

Nanno: together? Neela stop talking in riddles and tell us clearly

Neela: Avni and Neil were holding on to each other while staring at each other it felt like they were lost into each other’s eyes… as if talking through their eyes.

Dayawanti: but how is this possible… I mean Avni doesn’t Bellevue in love and as far as we know she met Neil just few days ago

Nanno: I agree with dayawanti ji… maybe u misunderstood.. and y would Avni and neil hold on to each other like that

Neela: I don’t know but I had seen them in that position. And only then I got to know Avni was about to fall and Neil saved her… but I also know if someone saves u from falling they don’t stand in the same position staring at each other right.

Dayawanti: Neela what u r saying is also true but our Avni?… it’s hard to digest she has never let any guy come close to her.

Nanno: did u speak to avni about this

Neela: no as I know she will say no so I didn’t ask her

suddenly they heard the doorbell ring. Neela went to open it and saw shweta and Harleen at the door she welcomed them in… bebe hugged dayawanti and nanno and all sat down

Madhvi bought water for the guest and went back to the kitchen

Neela: what happened shweta what did u both want to talk about she asked looking at shweta and Bebe

Dayawanti: yes Harleen ji what did u want to discuss with us that u told me to reach here at lunch time? Is everything ok?

Bebe: u all stop worrying first everything is fine we just wanted to talk to u about something

Nanno: about what ?

Shweta: Neil and avni … dayawanti, Neela and nanno looked at each other as few mins ago they were also discussing about them

Neela: what about Neil and avni

Shweta narrated everything to them from what she saw at the party that was held for diksha And also at dinner at her house last night

Bebe: first i thought shweta is just saying it like that but when tillu was giving water to Avni I was able to see their Tashan but there was also something there but I wanted to see more to it and when shweta showed me their picture I knew she was saying the truth

Neela: when did u get their picture

Shweta: remember Avni came inside and u were thinkings what’s talking her so longs so I came to check and I saw tillu and avni in that position and just few mins before u came I took their picture

Neela :. Show me the picture shweta nodded and showed it to neela. Who then passed the phone to nanno and dayawanti

Dayawanti:. Seen the picture even I feel there is something between them but…

Bebe and shweta looked at each other

Shweta: but what.

Neela: shweta both of our kids have lost a dear one in their life for Neil it was his love Juhi and for Avni it was her mom Ayesha ji. U know about how Avni doesn’t believe in love.. Bebe was confused and shocked she knew neela had married dayawanti son And avni and aman were her children as per as shweta then y was she saying Ayesha name

Bebe: Ayesha? Who is this Ayesha?

Shweta: Bebe actually Ayesha was Avni and aman mother

Beela: aunty the thing is.. and Neela told her how she got married to ashish. After Ayesha had passed away how Avni didn’t like her but slowly started getting along with her. Bebe had tears and went and sat down near Neela

Bebe: beta there r only few people like u… despite u getting divorced u still kept contact with your in laws and also treated those two children as yours.

Neela: I agree I didn’t give birth to them but they gave birth to a mother in me and I can’t afford to lose them.

Bebe: but y doesn’t Avni believe in love.

Neela. Aunty ashish believed that avni is responsible for Ayesha ji death… Avni always tried to talk to him but he would ignore her… one day he told Avni that she is not worthy enough to be his and Ayesha daughter. She doesn’t deserve anyone love and she should live alone and that’s when she will feel the pain he is feeling without Ayesha ji… after that day Avni stopped she didn’t try talking to ashish. But slowly slowly she stopped believing that she has a father. For avni ashish is only ashish metha for her…

Dayawanti: that’s how we slowly started losing that lively Avni she smiles, laughs but we all know that she is doing that only to make us happy but from inside she is not… sometimes we get satisfied when we actually see her doing things from heart

Nanno: harleen ji moi avni is not responsible for moi ayesha death ashish word made her believe that she is the cause but its not true we all tried to convince ashish but he didn’t listen and we told avni but ashish word made her believe that she is the reason y Ayesha is not between us anymore

Bebe: I didn’t know about all this but after hearing all this I feel Neil and avni can only heal each other pain

Nanno: but they don’t want to get married

Shweta: then we will have to convince them in our way

Neela: but we cant let them find out otherwise they won’t Agree to do this

Bebe: u don’t worry soon we will plan to do something to bring these both closer by our own ways

At the cafe Avni was ordering items for the cafe once she was done she was about to go and call Ali when suddenly someone scared her… she turned around to see aman

Avni: aman u just scared me

Aman: really but I thought u r not scared of anything.

Avni: what r u doing here

Aman: i came to Surprise u

Avni : so sweet U gave your surprise now go.

Aman: haha not funny. He said sitting down on a table

Avni: did U eat

Aman: no I thought of eating poha over here

Avni : ok I will go and get some for u she said messing his hair which aman hated

Ali came and. Saw aman

Ali : hey aman he said going up to him

Aman: hey Ali Bhai

Ali: u here all of a sudden

Aman: haan i came to surprise u guys

Ali: its good u cam…e been long since u had Ali’s chamko cafe food

Aman : hmm Di has gone to get poha.

Soon Avni came back with poha and juice for aman and he started eating it while avni and Ali sat there talking about some changes that had to be done to the cafe.

Suddenly they saw a small kid running around. Seen the small kid laughing three of them had a smile on their face… after a few mins the little boy dad came

Dad: beta come on we r getting late

Kid: no I still want to play here

Dad: we will come again some other time come on now your mum will also be waiting for us.

Kid: first promise

Dad: I promise my SUPERSTAR… The smile on Avni face slowly started disappearing…The little boy went in his dads arm and let from there… Ali who was also watching this scene with aman smiled seen the bond… aman went back to eating while Ali was about to continue when he saw a sad look on Avni face.

He touched her hand which was on the table. Avni who was lost came back to reality and looked at Ali. Tears were welling up in her eyes but she tried to hide them though Ali had noticed it. And he realised what made Avni upset.

Ali: I want to be left alone she said getting up and left the cafe.

Aman who was busy eating looked at avni walking away.

Aman: what happened to her.

Ali: that person called his son superstar so… he said letting his sentence trail of and aman understood.

Aman: shit.. we should go to Di

Ali: no let her be alone she will be fine with time

Aman: for how long will she be alone. She won’t be fine but will pretend to be fine . He said annoyingly.

Ali: aman relax bhai…for Avni sake just calm down. Aman looked at Ali and slightly nodded.

Avni had reach to the cliff where she would spend most of the time to be alone. She would listen to the river sound trying to forget everything by looking at the wave.

Flash back.

Avni: papa no that is cheating she said running around the hall while ashish was behind her trying to catch her

Ashish: no my jaan papa never cheats he said trying to get hold of Avni who ran to the other side.

Avni: don’t forget I’m your daughter it will be hard to catch me

Ashish: and don’t forget I am your daddy he said getting close to her and took her in his arms and started ticking her.

Avni: papa stop hahah sto…haha ok sorry

Ashish: my superstar he said kissing her cheeks

Avni: my best papa she kissed him on both of his cheeks

Flashback end

tears were slowly flowing from Avni eyes

Avni: I was your Jaan, your superstar how could u think I am the cause Of your ashudi death even she was my mother. She said looking up

after few mins she got up to leave when all of a sudden she collided with someone but she lost balance and was about to fall of the cliff and grabbed the person shirt to get support but ended up pulling the person along with her into the river

Neil got out of the river all drenched with an unconscious Avni in his arm. He placed her down on the sand and looked at her and remember how he ended up with her

Flash back

Neil was with dd trying to locate a thief.
Neil had told dd to look the other side while he would look in another direction. While moving his gaze he saw a figure near the cliff sitting there looking toward the river. He went up towards that person to see y she is sitting there when he was near the girl he didn’t realise she got up and all of a sudden in a quick motion felt her bumping into him and about to lose her balance and then he felt her pulling his shirt making him lose his balance and both fell of the cliff and landed in river

Flashback ends

Neil: Avni… Avni get up he said patting her cheeks but no response. He then decided to press her stomach to get water out after few attempts he succeeded and avni starting coughing while the water came out from her mouth. She opened her eye but got angry seen the person in front of her she pushed Neil away and got up and looked at the surrounding to see river on one side while huge long trees on the other and there she was standing with question mark… she turned towards Neil remembering how she fell of the cliff

Avni: were u spying on me?

Neil : oh miss ajooba I have better things to do than spy on u

Avni: do u realise this Happened all because of u

Neil: me? he said pointing towards himself

Avni: Yes you. Neither u would have bumped into me and I wouldn’t have lost my balance and land here

Neil: oh wow like usual u blame everything on me

Avni: it’s a fact

Neil: fact u want to know what the fact is then let me tell u that we have landed in this place because of u

Avni: what do u mean because of me

Neil: miss ajooba what I mean is that the way u were sitting at a place like that anyone would have thought u were up to something. Besides if u didn’t pull me along then I would have been saved and also would have saved u

Avni: when u couldn’t have saved yourself how the hell would u save me she said walking away

Neil: where r u going he said trying to follow her

Avni: to find a way back and get away from u

Neil: look it’s best if we stay together and find a way out together

Avni: with u never she said walking off

Neil: fine go where ever u want to he said getting irritated

He took out his phone from his pocket luckily it was still working but there was no network he sighed and looked around

Neil: what did I get myself into.

So my lovely peeps here is chap 9 I was going to continue but thought let me write it in the next chap which is already written but me been evil decided to post chap 10 later.

I hope u guys like this chapter. Would love to read all those lovely comments

Also thank u to those who commented on the previous part im actually happy to see more readers and I still want to see more so all u silent readers do come out and comment on the part

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistake

Love Sonali

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