AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 15

chap 15
Nanno came out of her room in the morning around 7am since it was Sunday and everyone usually wakes up a little late… she was putting on her glasses and was about to go to the kitchen when she stopped and turned around with a frown. She went a little near and saw Avni and aman sleeping in the same position from last night While the TV was still on

Nanno went near them and caressed both of their head and turned off the TV. She went to her room and got a thin quilt covering both of them properly and went to the kitchen to get breakfast ready

Neela woke up due to a phone call and she answered the call without looking at it

Neela: hello. Hearing the voice on the other side she woke up


Neela: what when r u coming

Person …

Neela: yeah dw I won’t tell anyone. What time is the flight?


Neela: ok I will come and pick u up tomorrow bye. Neela cut the call and decided to get ready.

When she came out of her room she saw avni and aman sleeping and a big smile came on her face seen both of her angels sleeping peacefully together.

She took a picture of them and went to the kitchen.

Around 7:50am Avni woke up. She stretched her arms and opened her eyes to realise she was not in her room. She looked down to see aman sleeping peacefully on her lap. Seen him sleeping like that made her smile. She slowly moved him away from her lap and covered him properly and went to her room to get ready for the day

Meanwhile at the Khanna mansion. Neil was sleeping peacefully in his room when he heard shweta shout loudly. He quickly got up from the bed and ran out to see y shweta was shouting loudly when he saw her near the stairs along with Bebe

Shweta: Bebe Neil is coming she said whispering

Bebe: good good now don’t overact understand

Shweta: Bebe I have never overacted

Bebe: chup!… Neil is getting closer she said and started to hold her head pretending she was about to faint.

Neil: mom what happened y did u scream…

Shweta. Tillu Bebe.

Neil then saw Bebe who was resting her head on shweta shoulder with her eyes closed… he went to the other side and held bebe by her shoulder.

Neil: Bebe… bebe what happened?

Bebe: don’t know beta all of a sudden feeling a lot of dizzy.

Shweta: tillu let’s take bebe to her rooms

Neil: Haan come Bebe… he said holding her from the shoulder and one of her hands.

Shweta: beta u takes Bebe to her rooms and I will go and calls the doctor.

Neil: ok.

Shweta smiled and quickly called the family doctor

Shweta: u do know what to do right?

Doctor: yes mrs khanna u don’t worry I will be there in about 15mins

Shweta: thank u so much.

Prakash who was coming out saw shweta smiling to herself

Prakash: what happened shweta ji u seem to be happy

Shweta got a little nervous and composed herself

Shweta: what r u sayings Prakash ji how cans I be happy on a serious situation like this she said quickly putting up a sad face

Prakash. What situation

Shweta: actually Bebe is still not feeling well so I called the doctor.

Prakash: Kya? Let’s go to Bebe quickly

He said walking ahead while shweta followed him.

Meanwhile in Bebe room Neil made Bebe lie down and held her hand.

Neil: Bebe y did u get up if u still wasn’t feeling well

Bebe: beta I thought it might be a headache but I didn’t know this was going to happen she said opening her eyes slowly and closed it.

Prakash: Bebe! He said coming into the room Neil got up and Prakash sat in his place.

Bebe. Sunny stop making that face she said pretending to speak weakly.

Shweta looked at Neil and Prakash who looked so worried. She did feel sorry for them but she and Bebe has to do this.

Shweta: I will go and wait downstairs and see if the doctor has comes or not.

Neil nodded and sat down on the other side of Bebe.

After few mins the doctor came

Shweta: mr Gupta I hope u remember what to do

Doctor: don’t worry Mrs khanna.

Shweta: thanks a lot for helpings me and Bebe and agreeing to lie to Neil and Prakash ji

Doctor: I would have said no but I know u and your family very well. For your sons happiness I could do this much
Soon shweta took the doctor up.

Doctor: I would like all of you to leave the room please.

Three of them left the room. After 10mins the doctor came out

Doctor: dw she is fine for now.

Neil: but uncle y was bebe feeling dizzy in fact she was saying yesterday that her heady feels a lot heavy.

Doctor: beta Harleen ji is fine for now but she probably felt like this maybe due to stress, or not eating properly. Also she must be thinking about something too much which made her feel like this. … it’s best if you don’t let any stress come to her and maybe ask her if anything is troubling her.

Neil: doctor uncle come I will drop u outside. While Prakash and shweta went to Bebe room.

Doctor: Neil beta don’t worry your Bebe is fine right now all u have to do is not let her take any stress, and make sure she eats properly

Neil: thanks uncle

Doctor: your welcome beta said the doctor and left

Neil: Bebe was all fine but what happened suddenly that made her health like this… Neil was thinking and suddenly He got an idea which would make Bebe happy and he quickly made a call.

In Bebe room. Prakash was really worried for Bebe. And Bebe couldn’t see her son like this
Bebe: Prakash chup im absolutely fine she said sitting up on the bed

Prakash: Bebe how can u Be fine the doctor said u r taking too much stress and … before he could continue Bebe spoke

Bebe: he was lying I told him to lie.

Prakash: what? Bebe how can u lie like this do u know how worried me shweta and Neil got

Shweta: actually Prakash ji I knew about this she said with a guilty look

Prakash: what is going on here y did u both lie like this

Bebe: madam Madonna tell your husband everything

Shweta: Bebe but?

Bebe: u leave it I will tell him and she told Prakash the reason as to y she has to pretend doing all this

Prakash: Bebe wouldn’t Neil be hurt to know all of this. I agree u both r doing this so he moves on but fooling him like this and then later emotionally blackmailing him. This is not right Bebe

Bebe: I know we r going to hurt him by doing all this… but this is best for him. he has to move on and avni is the right girl

Prakash: Bebe how do I make u understand… but shweta didn’t let him finish

Shweta: Prakash ji tillu is our son we wouldn’t harm him in any way. Sometimes we parents have to do such things for our children

Bebe: sunny u know I would never do such things without a reason even when shweta told me about Avni and Neil I told her I won’t agree to anything until I don’t see anything between them. Trust me there is something between them which they both r unaware of

Prakash: Bebe at least talk to Neil and avni first

Bebe: sunny tell me one thing do u trust your Bebe

Prakash: of course i do

Bebe: then let me and shweta do this. Please don’t tell Neil anything

Prakash: fine I won’t tell him.

Prakash left from there while shweta and Bebe took a sigh of relief.

Few mins later Neil came to the room and saw Bebe and shweta lost in deep thoughts.

Neil: what r these two thinking about he thought

Neil: what happened my beautiful ladies. Both Bebe and shweta came out of their thinking mode to see Neil standing near the bed.

Shweta: nothings tillu…Bebe I will just go and get Breakfast ready

Shweta left and neil sat down next to Bebe holding her hand

Neil: what r u thinking about?

Bebe: nothing beta

Neil: let’s change the question a little bit. What is bothering u?

Bebe: thank god I was waiting for him to ask this question. She thought to herself

Bebe: tillu y does it matter what I’m thinking about

Neil : because it does matter as I can’t see my Bebe tensed

Bebe: will u agree to something ?

Neil: agree to what ?

Bebe: I will tell u soon she said with a small smile

Neil: promise?

Bebe: promise

Neil: ok then for now just relax . I will get ready till then u don’t move from here.

After the breakfast was ready shweta went to her room to see Prakash getting ready to go office

Shweta: Prakash ji

Prakash: hmm he said brushing his hair… shweta turned him around and held his hand

Shweta: r u angry on me and Bebe

Prakash: can I ever be angry on u or Bebe

Shweta: then y r u still looking sads

Prakash: shweta ji this is all hard to digest for me. I don’t want Neil to think we r breaking his trust and misused him into getting him married

Shweta: our tillu is not like that Prakash ji. He is understanding but when it comes to moving on he doesn’t want to understand anything. Me and Bebe didn’t have any other choices as only Bebe can convince him this way.

Prakash: I just hope whatever u both have decided goes well and our son get his happiness back

Shweta: that day won’t be far Prakash ji. Our son will get someone special in his life again.

At the parikh mansion. Avni came out all ready to go the cafe. While Neela and nanno were Setting up the table they decided not to make any sound as aman was sleeping peacefully.

Avni: yummy poha she said smelling the food and talking some out in her plate and started eating while nanno and Neela smiled.

Nanno: Avni why didn’t u and aman sleep in your room.

Avni: nanno we were not feeling sleepy and while watching TV we didn’t know when we fell asleep.

Neela:. Seeing u both sleep like this made me remember how u both use to cuddle up sleeping together when both of u were small

Nanno: u r absolutely right Neela they looked so cute but were really naughty and now they have become even more naughtier.. it’s too hard to handle these kids when they decide to play a prank on us

Avni: come on nanno u have handled us all this year so tolerating us a little more wont be a harm

Nanno and Neela laughed.

Avni: ok I’m going to go now . She said eating the last spoon of Poha and left from there.

Nanno: this girl is always in a hurry to go everywhere. And this boy hearing all the laughing and talking is still sleeping peacefully

Aman: I’m not sleeping he said with eyes closed. Nanno and Neela walked over to the sofa to see aman still laying on the sofa with his eyes closed.

Nanno slapped him on his shoulder

Nanno: Kyun re Nalayak. If u r awake couldn’t u join us for breakfast.

Aman: no felt like having breakfast a little late so thought of staying like this and listening to u all talk

Neela: now enough of listening and come on get ready . We r going to your dadi house

Aman: anything special… he said opening his eyes

Nanno: nothing special we thought of visiting the metha house now come on

Aman: ok. He said getting up lazily and he took the quilt and passed nanno but from behind he threw the quilt on nanno which covered her and ran from there

Nanno: yah allah this guy will never change I need to give him some good scolding. And y r u laughing she said looking at Neela.

Neela: nothing here give me this quilt I will go and put it in

Nanno: till then I will go and make this nalayak milkshake. She Said still cursing aman.

Around 10am aman,Neela and nanno reached to the metha house. … nanno went straight to the kitchen to place the food there that she made for the metha family while Neela and dayawanti sat down. And aman went Rhea room after giving a tight hug to dayawanti

Neela: maa shweta called me yesterday and told me about how she and Harleen aunty have started their plan

Dayawanti: I know beta Harleen ji called last night and told me. But I’m thinking how r we going to convince Avni

Neela: I don’t know how we r going to convince her but I know I don’t have to worry because there will be so many ppl to convince her

Diksha: about what? Neela and dayawanti saw diksha they couldn’t tell her about their plan of getting Neil married to Avni… so they just mentioned about her marriage

Neela: about avnis marriage?

Diksha: really? I mean I don’t know y u all r wasting time in thinking about her marriage as we all know she will only say no.

Dayawanti: do u always have to say negative things

Diksha: it’s a fact maa I am not saying anything negative.

Dayawanti: well u can at least try in convincing Avni into getting Married…doesn’t mean that your
Marriage failed that means nobody will have a happy Married life’s

Diksha looked at dayawanti her eyes clearly showed she was hurt by what her mother said… but she composed herself quickly

Neela: daya maa didn’t mean that diksha

Diksha: I don’t mind in convincing Avni… I have no problem of her getting married in fact I want her to have a happy life. But that doesn’t mean I will Continue to force her to do something
With that diksha went away.. nanno who coming heard what happened and went and sat down next to neela and dayawanti

Neela; maa u shouldn’t have said that to diksha

Nanno: Neela is right dayawanti ji.

Dayawanti: U tell me Neela what can I do here we r trying to make Avni get married and diksha says stuff like this. I know I shouldn’t have said that But dw she is my daughter after all i will convince her in some way

Meanwhile in Rhea room aman was about to call to rhea when he saw her busy on her laptop while looking at a file at the same time… he came in quietly and stood behind her for few mins

Aman: boo… rhea shirked to see aman pooping out of nowhere

Rhea: aman u scared me

Aman: I know that was my plan he said sitting down on the bean bag.

Rhea: u always think of plans like this she said rolling her eyes and got back to doingg her work

Aman: by the way rhea Di tell me one thing

Rhea: what? She said looking at the file and then at her laptop

Aman: how was Ali bhai proposal

Rhea: wow u r asking me so early she said sarcastically

Aman: well I thought I will ask u when I see U

Rhea: didn’t Avni tell u? .. she said sitting on the other bean bag next to aman

Aman: nope besides I wanted to hear it from your Mouth

Rhea: well ali proposed while freaking me out in the beginning and I agreed

Aman: where is the ring he said raising his eyebrows

Rhea : well I told Ali to make me wear the proposed ring as an engagement ring itself

Aman: really?

Rhea: yes

Aman: I hope all girls r like u so that us boys don’t have to empty out wallets that much

Rhea: oh hello it has nothing to do with saving money it’s just that in the future whenever I look at the ring on my finger I want to remember it as a proposal and engagement ring.

Aman: nice idea but still I would say girls should learn from u… rhea smiled while shaking her head

Rhea: by the way when is your college starting

Aman: on tuesday

Rhea: great im free tomorrow how about we all go out somewhere tomorrow night

Aman: good idea but where do u plan to go?

Rhea: club

Aman: omg do u want to give a heart attack to our family he said in a dramatic way

Rhea: aman u know nobody is going to mind all they r going to say is be careful and all

Aman: that’s fine but…

Rhea: Avni?

Aman: yup how r u going to convince her to come

Rhea: dw we will convince her some way.

Aman: well just start to convince her from now.

Aman: how about we go to the cafe right now.

Rhea: let’s go then

Aman started setting his hair while looking in the mirror while rhea was saving her work on the laptop.

At the cafe Ali was busy looking at something on the laptop

Avni: ali I will just go and deliver this to the next building and get certain things we need

Ali: show me the list… Avni gave the list to ali

Ali : don’t get these two items I found a good place that does good deals

Avni: ok I will be back soon.. she left the cafe and after 20mins Aman and rhea walked into the cafe

Aman. What’s up chamko cafe owner? ali looked up hearing aman voice and was happy to see him and rhea

Ali: what a pleasant surprise. My beauty with the prankster he said looking at rhea and aman.

rhea: well we had to come. By the way where is Avni

Ali: yaar tell me one thing do u love me more or Avni whenever u come u always end up
Asking where she is

Aman: seems like something is burning

Rhea: shame on u Ali …Avni will always come first for me so deal with it she said teasingly.

Ali: really ? He said raising his eyebrows. While Riya gave him a playful look

Aman just rolled his eyes

Aman: cut it out Guys and rhea di can we please talk about what we came here for.

Few mins later ali rhea and aman were sitting at a table

Ali: clubbing is not a bad idea.

Aman: even we know that but how can we convince Di her answer is always a no

Ali: we just have to keep requesting her to come and she will get fed up like usual and say yes

Avni: who will say yes. Aman rhea and Ali looked at avni who just came near the table

Rhea: u who else

Avni: for what she said confusingly.

Aman: see Di I will be starting college on Tuesday and before starting. College I want to enjoy my last day of freedom before I have to face all the books and teachers. So we all decided to go to the club

Avni: so go.. who is stopping u. She was about to Go when ali pulled her and made her sit down on the chair beside him

Ali: we all r going which includes u

Avni: have u lost it I am not Going anywhere

Rhea: babes please

Avni: nope

Aman: come on Di please say yes what would u do by just sitting in your room all alone

Avni: what would I do at the club

Rhea: Avni we all will be together enjoying, dancing about, talking,

Avni: but I don’t enjoy club that much

Ali: come on Avni please

Avni: no

Aman: please Di please

Rhea: please babes… they continued this for about good 10 mins Avni closed her eyes in annoyance

Avni: fine ! Everyone hugged Avni together smiling while avni had an annoying look.

At night dayawanti went to diksha room

Dayawanti: diksha

Diksha: hmm she said painting her nails and then looked up to see her mother sitting beside her

Dayawanti; I’m sorry i didn’t mean to say all that to u. It just came out in anger

Diksha: I won’t lie it hurt me when u said that but maa u really think Avni will say yes to getting married. That girl has given up hope on loving someone …all the things that ashish Bhai said to her in childhood has affected her badly that she doesn’t believe she can love anyone.

Dayawanti: u r right but we can always try changing that diksha. Don’t u want Avni to be happy

Diksha: happy? Of course ma l always want Avni to be happy… Maa look I’m going
To make my point clear u all r trying to convince Avni to get married fine go ahead but I Am not going to support any of u But yh if Avni agrees to get married then I have no objection i will support u in all way.

Dayawanti: ok . She said looking into spaces

Neil came back home around 1am he was too tired but he made sure to check on Bebe and found her sleeping peacefully. He closed the door carefully and went to his room.

He opened his drawer to place a file in when he saw a picture of juhi he took it out and looked at it with a smile and love in his eyes remembering their moments together. He laid on the bed and closed his eyes imagining juhis smiling face and placed the phot near his heart . after a while Juhi face started to blur and all of a sudden he sees Avni face, how they met and all other moments But after few mins he got up with a jerk.

Neil: Neil what’s wrong with u he said with a frown on his face

He looked at Juhis picture

Neil: I only love u juhi. He laid back down placing the picture near his heat and slept

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