My Savior My love Savitri Devi epi 16

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Good morning my lovely readers, I was extremely pleased to read all ur comments
riya, divya, moonlight(thanks alot being kanchi fans u r appreciating n giving me constant support thanks love u guys), anu, rehmat, sanu, dharani(thanks a tonne),sanveer (feels amazing to know u were reading my updates), usha( I too love vk a lot n happy wala bday to him) , nutts (dear please dnt be sorry its just that I love u all n start missing u all so good to know u were reading)

Trisha, ayonija, richa darlings am missing u all

Recap-Veer promises to help Sanchi he shifts jaya to his hospital he informs Kabir n pragya abt Sanchi’s past

Sanchi is sitting in jaya’s ward
kabir enters he sits on jaya’s feet
kabir(teareyed)-Am sorry very very sorry ma I cdnt be a good son or responsible bro u n Sanchi had to go through so much alone I wasnt there, All Sanchi’s rakhis got waste I cdnt do her raksha am sorry am sorry

Kabir breaks down
Sanchi keeps hand on his shoulder
Sanchi-no bhai no u r best son n bro am sorry I didn’t tell u anything please dnt blame urself sorry bhai

Sanchi hugs Kabir

Sanchi-Bhai together we will sort out everything please lets get over whatever happened n now u n me together have to bring justice for ma n ourselves, we need to get Anand n Gayathri punished

Kabir-yes yes Sanchi

Veer n pragya enter-n we both r wd u to get them punished

All four keep hands over eachother

Veer comes all four r sitting in cafe
veer-Vikrant is in delhi n I kept a spy this is his schedule

He shows ppr

Sanchi admires veer

Pragya-so am ready for mission Vikrant

Pragya is dressed in floral dress
kabir comes
kabir-pragya please think once more I think its not safe I mean u going to Vikrant we can send somebody else
Pragya-Toh kya kare veer bhai ko ladki banakar bejhe kya

Kabir-I meant hire actor

Pragya-Abhhee ohhh Kabir am pragya kapoor n I get scared of nobody fear gets scared of me
Vikrant ko toh mein abh khud maza shikaoongii he has tortured our Sanchi now I will torture him nani yaad karva dongi ush Vikrant ko

kabir-jansi ki rani

Both laugh

Pragya-chalo beh drive karo we need to reach delhi Vikrant chawla ki vaat lagane ko

Vikrant is in gym
He notices pragya
pragya is doing weight lifting wd style Vikrant seems attracted

Vikrant goes to her-Hii am Vikrant chawla u r not lifting this properly I am an expert I will teach u

Pragya (with lots of attitude)- Ohhh really Lets see then first u lift these 100times n show

Vikrant’s pov-To impress her I will have to do this

Vikrant starts lifting he gets tired still continues it gets painful for him, pragya smiles

Pragya-Ok fine teach me

Vikrant devilishly smiles

He holds pragya’s hand n teachs her pragya purposely drops dumbbell on Vikrant’s feet he yells in pain

pragya’s pov-This is just begining u have given so much pain to Sanchi I will ruin u

she smirks

Pragya (pretends)-Sorry sorry sorry

Vikrant’s pov-No Vikrant no u cannot get angry on her control u need to make her ur girl friend at any cost so control

Vikrant (faking smile)-Its ok am fine u didn’t even tell me ur name

Pragya-ohh am sheena wadhwa

Vikrant-beautiful name beautiful girl if u r really sorry wat about having coffee with me

Pragya-I like home made coffee

Vikrant’s pov-woooowww she is forward I have found a real treasure

Vikrant takes pragya home
He asks her to sit in hall
He goes to make coffee
pragya quickly looks around for evidence she finds some pprs n puts in her bag

Vikrant comes with coffee

Pragya-Lets have in ur room

Vikrant takes her

pragya drinks coffee

pragya-Vikrant this is too sweet can u please get another


He goes

pragya opens drawers n starts searching she gets some photographs

Vikrant comes
Pragya drinks coffee
Pragya-sorry but this is too milky

Vikrant’s pov-Vikrant control n tolerate u need to make her ur gf then u can take revenge

Vikrant-No prob I will get another

pragya continues her search

pragya’s pov-I have got enough evidence now let me teach Vikrant some lesson in my style

She sprays some powder on bed

Pragya-Now keep itching whole night Vikrant chawla

They drink coffee Vikrant is lost in her beauty he is admiring her

Sanchi n veer r in jaya’s ward
Sanchi-veer do u think ma ever spk to me
veer-yes Sanchi she will be perfectly fine from 20 yrs she has been given wrong medicines
Sanchi-Veer I dnt have wrds to thank u I mean from ur busy schedule u …

Veer interrupts -Sanchi u r my priority

Sanchi n veer have intense eye contact

Phir mohabat plays in bg

Precap-Vikrant is about to throw a stone on pragya Kabir comes in between n gets hurt.

espl for u all am making Vikrant’s life nightmare hahaha I hope u all r liking this

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  1. Very nice.and thanks for kabir and praga scene.i am kanchi fan but this story is not bad

  2. Dharani


  3. Rehmat

    superrŕrr he deserve it kabir pragya nice pair

  4. Rushi dear just luv u a lot ???u r one of my favourite writers dear….I’m a big fan of kanchi but dear, with ur amazing updates u have made me like sanveer too…ur best part is u r giving equal importance to all the 4 characters….now, coming to the episode, just loved the bro-sis moment in the beginning….then entry of pragya… I mean like kya bandi hai ye??….I’m damn sure koi bhi uske paas hote hue sad nahi reh sakta…& veer…a genuine friend….
    Aur ye sab kuch possible hua only bcz of u dear…just falling short of words to describe how much incredible writer u r ???

  5. Richa1496

    Hey Rushi…. So sorry for not commenting on previous ones….. Coming back to ff it was superb, mindblowing and pragya taking revenge from vikrant was best part….Eagerly wating for next one…. ?

  6. Wow amzing kabir and pragyas jodi too good and pragya truobling vikrant is an awesome idea precap cant wait for it do continue soon

  7. Moonlight25

    Rushi…this was an amazing update…loved it a lot…the best thing about you is that you not only focus on Sanveer but also on kanchi especially their Sis-bro bond…you are indeed a superb writer…post your next epi soon…??

  8. Rushi dear its awesome yaar lovely fabulous fantastic keep it up

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