Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suket hugs Raj saying he is proud of him. raj says that truly he was nervous a bit. Suket says that in the beginning everyone is nervous. Avni says that she is happy as well. Suket says that such a happiness needs celebration. avni says to Raj had he booked a hospital room, as she is going to faint. Raj holds her, she asks is it true or a dream. Raj says that if it is a dream he doesn’t want to wake up. They straighten up, Avni says he was worrying uselessly. Raj says he wasn’t nervous, and can face her dad any where. They go inside to see what’s happening. Suket comes to Bhawna and says that tomorrow is a big celebration in the house. Bhawna says you always want to celebrating, suket says that it is about a big thing. Arpita asks what it is about. He says he will announce it tomorrow; he now needs to go to the temple. Bhawna asks Raj what he did. Avni says dad said he will announce tomorrow, how can they spoil tomorrow’s surprise. Bhawna and Arpita go for preparation, while Jiji and Jija also leaves. Avni says to Raj that she is fearful. Raj says it is the reality, and she must be happy. Arpita asks what dad was saying. Raj says Suket sir has come to know about our love. Arpita is elated. He tells her he wrote a letter, Raj says he is happy he took it positively. Jija also comes holding asleep Pooja congratulating him. Raj looks for Avni.
Avni comes into the room and takes the bridal dupatta; he had gifted her, from the wardrobe. She drapes it while Raj comes to see her. Avni says Hi, I am Mrs. Avni Raj. They both smile looking to each other through the mirror. Arpita also come there along with jiji and jija. Avni is shocked to see them, and removes the dupatta Arpita takes Raj inside and says she is very happy for them. They all hug each other. Jiji tells Raj that marriage is a big responsibility. Raj says he will take care of Avni for his lifetime. Bhawna calls Arpita and Avni for preparations for tomorrow. Avni says they will go for shopping tomorrow to Arpita. Raj places money on her table saying her needs are his responsibility from now on.
Sanvri comes to her room saddened, she throws the files from the bed. She gets her friend’s call and tells her that all went wrong about Pooja. She had to remove probation on family’s pressure. She wishes she could get another way to bring Pooja closer to her. She looks at the file she threw from the bed; Sanvri reads the paper and tells her that Pooja’s mother let her into orphanage only because she couldn’t afford her expenses. Sanvri thinks she must find her mother, so that she can return her child.
Suket meets Mr. Singhania and says that it’s our biggest project and has thrown a party for it. He takes the apology because he is busy with his son’s marriage. He invites him to his home as the girl’s family is coming for the dinner today.
Jiji tells Raj that in marriage on has to do some adjustments as well. He asks what the need to remove this boxing set is. Jiji says that Avni would need space for herself in the room and she will decide what needs to be in the room and what not. He isn’t ready to change anything from the room; Jiju tells him that even his wardrobe won’t be his. Raj was worried and denies it. Jiji says that the girl leaves everything for you; we will also have to do some adjustments. Raj says he is not ready to make any changes in the room, Jiji says that this room is Avni’s as well from now. Raj says hearing it as Avni’s room feels better. The bell rings, Raj opens the door. Avni comes there. He asks that you had gone for shopping; she says she wanted to give him something. She gives him the coat she had bought for him. She says that she bought it from the money he put in her purse, as she couldn’t be as selfish to buy only for herself from the money. Raj says that so much has changed on a day, she says that one thing must remain same that we will be best friends and can say anything to each other. Raj teases her that her nose is tilted, she gets annoyed. He pulls it and says it is straight now and laughs.
Raj says that can you exchange this jacket, as he doesn’t like the colour and the pattern. She says she likes the jacket and he must wear it in the party. She is the best friend also and has the right to make the orders. He agrees and smiles.
At night, Suket comes to dinner. Mr. Singhania introduces Suket with his family. He brings his daughter in law to be to Suket. Suket recalls the girl as Payal- Raj’s girlfriend. Payal is also disturbed watching Suket there. She says Namastay to him and takes a leave soon. Mr. Singhania says why he is tensed. She is a good girl, and is from Umad village. Suket says that she isn’t suitable for his son; she is Raj’s girlfriend and good friend of Avni. The family was deciding about the events, but Mr. Singhania says that this marriage can’t take place. Suket also tells his son that this girl is betraying you both as she isn’t only your girlfriend but Raj’s as well.
Avni and Arpita were deciding the dress, Avni was cheered. Arpita says she can’t believe he accepted it. Avni says that may be he had accepted Akshit and Arpita’s love so he did. Akshit comes there and asks I know the reason of this happiness, and tells them that dad is happy that our company got a huge successful project and the company never got this huge project. Arpita says that dad is happy because Raj… Akshit says that Raj was the one who submitted the tender and worked on it even. Akshit leaves. Avni and Arpita are left worried who read their letter then.

PRECAP: Payal calls Raj and tells him her marriage is in danger and he must come here soon.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Lies, deception…that is all this series is made up of and it will come crashing down as no true love can be built on these things

  2. oh i hope there is no problem

  3. another problem for raj and avani due to anxiety,both just have to play smart by giving a different meaning to”‘ girlfriend”

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