O Gujariya 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhavi gets shocked and asks background check…Mr rao tells relax..Forevery year he will appoint some candidates to check for Background and he has appointed…this year Shaurya for Background check..Vaibhavi goess..She thinks about Shaurya and gets angry…She now misunderstood that Shaurya came close to her for background check….Shaurya goes to Mr Rao gives details papers of Abhimanyu singh…Mr Rao asks for More detail….Mr Rao tells Shaurya he is more concerned about Vaibhavi…He suggests to use his heart Somewere else..Meanwhile Vaibhavi hides and listens all the conversation..Vaibhavi asks shaurya that best friend spy by hiding…Vaibhavi tells she blindly trusted him…Shaurya tells now also he can trust her…He tells now also its okey as he may get part in the Ambiuation factory…as it is good news…Vaibhavi tells she is not happy with the news…Vaibhavi tells she wish if had none all the news before…Vaibhavi goes….Najma comes along with Ada and Samar to Ada”s father house…Ada”s father asks he is very happy..As she will complete the presence of Ada”s mother….Ada father tell that before the Engagement only he talked to Junaid that her graduation should be completed…Najma tells that Ada was ready to go london and meet Junaid…Ada”s father ask is it correct…Ada is quiet…Ada”s phuppi tells to apologise…Samar forces Ada to tell…Samar tells this is the only chance…Ada finally breaks silence and tells Ammi(Najma) misunderstood…..tells that Junaid jokingly said soo she said yes….Najma tells in her family no one jokes likes this…She tells Junaid will take the decision about the relationship…Vaibhavi comes home..Suman comes amd shows her a top asks if it is good…Vaibhavi tells she have alot of clothes…Suman tells she dont want any excuses…Suman asks how was her day…Vaibhavi tells it was okey as she lost and gain someone”s trust…Suman explain its very easy to loss and gain trust.. Vaibhavi rest in Suman”s lap…Suman tells to think from her heart..Vaibhavi tells her father also think from heart but failed…Suman tells it was her destiny…Vaibhavi thinks she should trust Shaurya or not..Kabir is sitting Samar comes…there is bad news that nothing is left for eating…Samar tells he has no intrest…Kabir asks because of Ada…He tells he is playing with Fire…Samar tells kabir that he iss also playing with someone heart….Kabir tells Natasha is a player…Samar tells to see her eyes as it shows truth…Kabir asks what he see in Ada eyes….kabir tells Samar he loves Ada…Samar tells shut up as she is her cousin”s girlfriend…
NEXT day in college…Baliram comes and tells Vaibhavi is anythng special..as she is looking pretty .Vaibhavi tells yes as she has first time ask something from heart and she got the answer…..Baliram thinks Vaibhavi loves him..Vaibhavi asks about Shaurya…Shaurya gets a magazine of 1992 he checks it and finds about Late Annirudh chauhan..Shaurya finally comes to know that Vaibhavi is Annirudh”s daughter…Vaibhavi comes to Shaurya…tells she wanted to talk something…Shaurya gets shocked and gets up from the chair…Vaibhavi tells sorry and says whenever she was in problem he helped her…Shaurya hides the magazine..Vaibhavi tells she want to be friends again..Shaurya tells in mind that it was good if she would have tell him the truth…Vaibhavi asks why is he quiet…

Precap:Mr rao asks Vaibhavi question as his was Airforce pilot…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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