Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjali says that she won’t let anything come between Raj and Avni. She says to Shastri ji that they must all believe in the stars, opens the chart and says that the timings mentioned here are not right and explains that she doesn’t believe in these birth-charts so her mother in law got this made. Shastri ji comes inside to tell the good-news. Anjali asks God forgiveness.
Abhaas says to Raj and Avni that there birth-charts had to match, one of them is smart and handsome while the other. Avni asks what with the other? Arpita and Abhaas tease her.

Suket decides that engagement should take place the day after tomorrow. Avni gets worried, but Bhawna and Suket tell her not to worry.
Abhaas talk to decorator for engagement. Suket talks to Pratab for the jewellery. Arpita tells Rohit on phone that she has a function at home so she might not be able to work. Bhawna calls Sanvri for shopping.

Arpita comes to Raj, he says he called her to ask her to design Avni’s engagement ring. Anjali comes there and says that she must not worry about the money and hands her a blank cheque; saying not to worry about money or discount. Arpita gets happy to get her first cheque. Rohit calls Arpita, she tells him she got her first cheque. Akshit comes to congratulate her and says that only the family will order her, not someone from the outside. He drops her cheque on the floor, she picks it up tear-eyed.

Everyone was busy preparing for engagement. Avni and Devika chose the jewellery. Avni says that she isn’t ready to compromise; Devika says that on such short notice, she might not get all the things. Anjali comes there, and says she thought about helping them. She notices Avni worried, and shows her some designs she had downloaded from internet. Avni chooses a dress, looks at the address of store and asks Bhawna to go and buy this now. Bhawna asks where the store is? She says it is in the Umad Village. Bhawna is shocked, so is Bauji. Avni and Devika head to leave but Bhawna says that no one will go there as that place is far away. Avni promises that she will return soon, Suket also supports Avni but Bauji also says that it isn’t right she go so far away from city before engagement. Bhawna hands Avni a dress what she chose before and leaves the room. Bauji comes to say that she did the right thing, she should keep the wedding things away from the village.

Raj talks to his dad and asks him to come home soon for his marriage. He tells Jiji that she must tell Pooja to hand the gift to Sanvri. She nods. Raj sees some letters, but Jiji asks Jija to take the orphanage letter from him. Jija sends Raj to try his dresses, and gather courage to open the letter which said that they must return Pooja in two days. Madhuri cries hard.

On the table, Avni gets a present which had the dress she liked from the Umad Village. Avni cheers and thanks Bhawna for bringing her this dress. Bhawna was confused and says she didn’t order it. Abhaas shows the letter that came with it that it is from Anjali. Avni thinks she must thank her and calls Anjali. Suket tells Bhawna to thank her too, but Bhawna was lost. Anjali tells Bhawna that like her, she can do anything for her daughter-in-law too.

At night, Bhawna comes to Avni’s room. She sits by Avni, kisses her on forehead and sees the dress lying beside her. Bhawna say that Umad is her own village but she still fears hearing about it. She prays it must be the last thing for her wedding, from that place. If something else will come, it might bring the dark shadows of her past.

In the morning, Bhawna comes to Avni to wake her, then sits by her. She was about to leave, when Avni holds her hand. Avni asks why didn’t she wake her up. Bhawna says that it is a special day, you engagement. She thought she must let her sleep at her parents house for, for a few days. She says time flew, she grew up so soon. Avni says she fears about her responsibilities. Bhawna says that house will change, but everyone there loves you so much. She asks her to get up and be ready. Avni hugs Bhawna and she prays that the secret about Umad must never reveal.

PRECAP: Avni tells Raj that their birth-charts don’t match according to the time mentioned on his birth certificate. They get worried and Raj says they should tell Bauji about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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