Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suket comes to Akshit and asks him not to go placing hand on his shoulder. He says he know he is right as rules have a meaning in life but the others in the family aren’t wrong either. He apologize Bauji to forget about love and forgiveness, he thanks Bhawna to reminding them to her. He says his rules don’t allow him to let his family disperse. He also thanks Avni for continued efforts and realizing him that he gave them both a bigger punishment. He turns to Akshit and says that I am you sinner but don’t give me the punishment by leaving this house. He joins his hands. Akshit holds his hands and says he won’t let him down in his lifetime. They hug. Sanvri thinks she arranged the peace paat, and the peace came but along it brought Arpita as well.
Raj comes to Avni, she says now our love will also be accepted in the house. She says that we won’t keep it a secret. They make each other eat the sweet. Everyone prayed at the temple, Avni brings the sweet and gives it to Suket for putting it in everyone’s mouth. Arpita was elated to eat from Suket’s mouth and touches his feet. Bauji says to Arpita she suffered a lot but she will only get happiness and love in the family and gives her money as blessings. He then comes to Bhawna and says that he is giving her whatever he has. She says she just want his blessings. He says she returned him everything; you are a strong chain of the house. Bhawna says she was afraid for a moment as he went away listening to her. Suket says he went to bring something, he shows flower bangles for Bhawna. He has brought it for Sanvri and Arpita also saying it is the best way to make a woman happy.
Raj says that he will bring flowers for Avni daily after a few days. Sanvri offers Pratab to place them in her hair, but he leaves. She comes to him and asks does he not love her. He says no, as it is all because of her what is happening in the family. Bauji also comes there and asks her to promise not to repeat any such act. Pratab ties flowers on her hair while she thinks she will return it all to Arpita.
Bauji gives sweet to Avni and Raj and gives their efforts appreciation. Abhaas doesn’t like it, still Bauji puts sweet into his mouth. Suket comes downstairs. Avni says Raj has to say something to you. He coughs, Avni makes him to sit. Suket asks what he wants to say. He gets cough again, and says sweet got into his throat. Avni offers water, but he denies. He says he wants… Avni asks what he wants. He says you… then explains you were about to bring water. She comes back; Raj says that he wants to thank him as it is great happiness for him that his sister got her family back. Suket says he wants to thank her instead as they helped Akshit and Arpita and invited them for dinner.
Avni cries seeing Arpita in the kitchen, she says she missed her a lot. Arpita says she also missed her. She says she thinks it’s time you and Raj should also tell him about your love. Avni says we want to do the same. Arpita says I shall tell Akshit everything. Avni stops her; she says Raj wants to talk to dad first.
Jashan argues jiji that he won’t be able to say it. Raj says he will. Jija says what happened today then. He teases Raj that it will take him ages telling her whole family. Raj stops him annoyed and says he will talk to him tomorrow and Avni will soon be the daughter in law of the house. Avni calls and complains him the same. He says he isn’t afraid but he didn’t want to spoil his plan. She says you should say it on lunch tomorrow. He deters everyone to see, but is nervous.
In the morning, everyone prayed together. Bauji calls everyone for breakfast. Avni announces today is Akshit’s favorite breakfast. Suket asks Arpita to make the lunch as she made on his birthday and he will help her. They were all shocked. He says one should try new things in the family. Avni prays her dad’s mood remain the same.
Raj comes home. Jija and jiji held gifts. They tell Arpita it’s the shagun. Raj says he has to tell the truth, that he will. Bauji comes there. Raj says it is the Shagun of happiness. Avni sends Raj out in the lawn to dad.

PRECAP: Suket says he know it, Raj was shocked. Suket hugs him saying he is proud of him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. what?/????? don’t believe Raj told him lol Haaahaahaaahaa think they punking us with that precap….

  2. NO thats just a teaser from the writer raj is very afraid of Suket

  3. I dint tink tats hona hai

  4. oh my my i will love to see sukets face and what it will be like for savri wicked

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