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The episode starts with Yudh and Taruni coming out of Dr. Ganatra’s cabin after checkup. Yudh gets a call that Anand is behind bars. He meets Anand who informs that he is being alleged in murder case and Yudh had pressurized from higher ups, his case would have been more stronger. He says he cannot get bail. Yudh apologizes Anand for being ignorant towards him. Anand says Yudh that how the culprit knows that I went to Singh’s house and my car was left outside his home. He says someone from inside is spying on us. He says he went to his parking lot by mistake and forgot his car is at Singh’s house and got trapped. Yudh asks how will he know who is the culprit. Anand says we did not search housekeeping man and should investigate on him.

Inspector reaches jungle and inspector encounter spots where Singh’s fake encounter happened. He then gets into bathroom and picks something.

Yudh questions his security officer who says that man is not from his group and did not know how he got his company’s ID. Yudh asks how can he enter without anyone’s help. Security officer says he saw driver with the culprit. Security men reach driver’s home, but does not find him in his home.’

Anand’s son Aditya maid says she will pay game with him, but will go to bathroom first. She gets into bathroom. Aditya asks her to come out, gets into bahtroom and drags her out. Maid calls Preeti who comes and rescues her.

Ranjan’s wife informs Nayan that he went to meet Rishi without informing her. Nayan says all men are same, they try to hurt us. She asks if she can go there. Nayan scolds her not to go.

Ranjan meets Singh and informs that Rishi has made him personal manager. Singh gives him mobile phone and asks him to inform when he thinks they can kidnap Rishi.

Rishi gifts palmtab to his adivasi friend. He meets Gopal and says he wants to convey him a news that he is behind his mine blast. Gopal asks so what. He says nothing, he just has to come and confess his mistake. Gopal says it is his place and he cannot do anything to him. Rishi asks him to inform his ALF friends that it is their turn now.

Security officer informs Yudh that his men could not find Kundan driver yet. He asks him to keep an eye at Kundan and his relative’s house. Officer asks Yudh to accept Dabra’s opinion to install CCTV cameras at his office. Yudh agrees.

Taruni’s father asks her to stop working for YS as YS’s company is under scanner and he will not be handling his case now. He says people will think I am protecing YS because of you. He says someone is behind YS and Gautam and does not know who he is. He says real target is YS and evidences are sent to his office against YS, he cannot guarantee if he will be on the investigation, to be on it, she has to cut her contacts with YS.

Constable released Anand and gets him into inspector’s cabin. Inspector says Anand that he can go now as his story is true except Singh’s body. He was busy getting DNA report and the blood stains and tooth found in his car is not Singh. Anand asks whose it then. He says he has to investigate about it as he is investigating only Singh’s case. Anand thanks inspector and asks why is he releasing instead of confining. Inspector says no one will roam in his car holding evidence against him, so he should go out and enjoy.

Aditya happily plays video games with maid. Anand reaches home, sees Aditya happy and smiles. Preeti asks when did he come and if he ate something. He says he is not hungry. He asks who brought video games. Preeti says Aditya wanted to play games, so nurse brought it. She sees him tensed and asks what happened. He says just like that. Preeti says Aditya got into bathroom while maid was in. Anand says give her some time, she will understand. She gets emotional and says she feels she could not handle her son. Anand gets irked hearing that.

Naxalite lady reaches Rishi’s house and says he wants to talk to him. She asks what is he trying to do with Aryan and asks him to to stop as she spent 6 years in gaining naxalites faith. Rishi says we both can work together, you try to weaken them from inside, I will attack from outside. She says it will not work out, instead you should try to bring a change. He sees Ranjan entering in, hugs lady tightly and asks Ranjan to go out as he is busy.

Yudh wakes up and sees Nayan packing her bags. He asks where is she going. She says she is going to stay with Rishi as he has his daughter now. He says how can she think that. She says she has made a final decision and leaves asking him to take care of himself. Yudh calls Rishi and informs that his mother is coming to stay with him. Ranjan’s wife informs him that she and Nayan are coming there and asks him to receive them from airport.

Ranjan meets home minister and asks why did not he remember him yet. Home minister says he enquired about him and found that he is betraying his own family. Ranjan says time has changed, loyalty does not matter. Minister asks him to sell his loyalty for 10 lakhs and to inform him about Yudh and Rishi’s moments. Ranjan asks if he can get 15 lakhs and get it now. Minister says he cannot away with his money and asks him to stop calling him

Rishi is traveling in his car. Driver informs that jeep is following them. Rishi asks driver to continue driving and takes gun from security officer. He asks them to reach station and drop nearby. The drop him and leave. Rishi his nalaxite’s jeep following them. Naxalite’s man informs him that nobody came at station and to leave from there. Security officer informs Dabra that Rishi went to airport in auto. Dabra asks him to reach airport soon.

Naxalite call Ranjan and asks him if he is trying to betray him. Ranjan says he is not, his wife and sister are coming at airport, he will drop them and come there. Naxalite asks him man to take him to airport soon. They both reach airport and see Rishi with security guard. He starts shooting and bullet hits Nayan. Rishi and Ranjan’s wife rush her to hospital.

Yudh with Anand rushes to the hosptial and asks Rishi about Nayan. He says she is in ICU. Anand asks how did it happen. He says went to receive her at airport when naxalite fired on him and shot Nayan instead. He says he will not spare them. He says Yudh that doc told it is a complicated surgery. Yudh asks how did he get a gun. Rishi does not reply anything. Ranjan’s wife comes out of ICU, sees Rishi sitting sadly and tries to console him saying everything will be alright.

Mona calls Anand if doc informed about Nayan. He says Taruni is talking to doc and will get the info. He asks her to keep media away from it. She says ok. She with her reporter friend meets her cousins and gives them cold coffee. Manju comes there and gets irked seeing Mona with kids. She takes them with her.

Ranjan reaches naxalite’s hideout and asks him why did his men shoot his sister. He says he himself took them there. Ranjan says he should have kidnapped Rishi instead. Naxalite gives him money and says he is giving it, though he did not help him. Ranjan throws money and says he is not that kamina/bad. Naxalite asks him not to leak info about him, else he will trap him instead.

Police investigate Gopal in bomb blast case. Gopal says inspector his allegations are baseless. Inspector calls naxalites and says he caught them while eloping and they have accepted that you told them to fix bomb in mining area. He says he has fixed charges of firing at airport and shooting Nayan. He says how can he be trapped in that. Inspector says he can.

Taruni informs Yudh that bullet has to be removed from Nayan’s organs, else she will get into organ damage. Yudh asks Anand to calls doctor who wanted to open a hospital near his mine. Anand says they cannot come. Yudh requests Taruni to perform operation. Taruni hesitantly agrees and asks him to leave him alone for some time.

Precap: Taruni performs Nayan’s operation, but could not save her. Home minister alleges Ranjan for all the mishap. Rishi gets into naxalite area with Gopal and shoots at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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