Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the courtyard
As bhawna awaits Anjali’s arrival with her plate of shagun, Anjali reveals the shagun in front of bhawna, who is shocked to find the newsppaer dated long back, containg the horro tale of Umatgaon, showing her Pic too. Anjali tells bhawna that now she also knows her true face and reality, referring to her as Sangeeta. Bhawna is shocked, as anjali holds up the newspaper to her. she says that nbow she knows that she is the lady who spoiled vikram, and can now put jugsaw pieces together. She says that he ruined vikram and scarred him forever. She says that bhawna was more than a friend to her, but now that she knows her true identity and what she did, she hates bhawna and is disgusted by the fact that

Bhawna says that she doesnt know whats her fault, but she is willing to take to blame and accusations, but asks them to not let this affect avni. She proclaims that she would never let her son, raj to get married to her daughter, avn, and that she doesnt ever want to see her face ever again. She begins to leave, while bhawna tries to beg her to understand, but anjali says that friendship is long forgotten, and asks her not to even dare to call her a friend. Bhawna gets on her feet, while anjali walks past. bhawna is distraught as she keeps crying. Virat eyes her from a distance evilly, thinking that she is only left with tears and that this is just a beginning, and this is just the installment of the price that she would have to pay for the slap.

Scene 2:
Location: Banquet Hall.
Raj and Arpita get inside the hall, wondering whats avni upto and whats she doing. He enters in a dark room, and is boggled as a flashlight falls on him, with a heart shaped cake kept on the table. avni springs up on him, saying that she knew raj wwas upto something, to propose her, but she wanted to say something first. raj is surprised. Avni says that she has never seen a guy like him, and praises him to be wonderful and amazing, and that her heart demands her to propose to him. Avni gets down on her knees, and proposes to Raj filmy style, with a bouquet of roses, asking him if he would marry her, confessing her love to him. He too bends down and complies, caressing her and then they both get up, while raj is teary eyed and emotional. they hug each other. people clapping around them and the lights coming on, embarasses raj and avni. they begin to go, but are pressured into a kiss. Avani is shy and embarassed and tries to walk past, but raj holds her hand. She gets nervous and turns around to face Raj shyly, as he eyes her romantically. She closes her eyes, and puckers her lips, waiting in anticipation and nervousness, raj leans in close to her, but then walks past, to the mirror behind her, and kisses her reflection instead. Avni is overwhelmed and raj says that they should reserve the actual kiss for after marriage. avani blurts out that she cant wait any longer and then gets flustered. raj says that after marriage, he would make her first kiss very special. They both hug, while arpita smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
While suket is taking care of the arrangements, Bhawna walks in tensed and then joins her family, remembering anjali’s barbed comments. Avni offers to help arpita for laying out the dining table, she is asked not to, as she would be very special tonight, as its her last day here. bhawna sees this and is tensed, as she is scared for anjali’s reaction and how avni is being pampered, by her family members this being her day here. Bhawna breaks into tears. avni finds her crying, and then composes her, asking the brothers to take care of Bhawna after she leaves, and fulfill all of her wishes. Suket asks her not to worry as they would take full care of her, as she is prime priority. avni gets emotional too, while Dadaji asks avni to remember all of bhawna’s advises and upbringing, as they would make her successful in life. avni too tells bhawan that she learnt everything from her, and wants to fulfill all relation with honesty, just like her. Bhawna is apalled, as avni places her as her idol. She begins to hug Bhawna, but she scurries to her room. dadaji thinks that she got emotional, foreseeing the pain that would be due to her separation tomorrow. all get emotional. The brothers try to cheer her up successfully.

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Scene 3:
Location: Raj’s residence
Anjali confronts vikram why didnt she get to know from him, about sangeeta’s reality. Vikram says that he didnt want her to be tensed, and even if they knew, what could they have done. Anmjali says that bhawna is her accused too, for having done what she did in umatgaon, and for having ruined her husband’s life. Virat comes in to overhear them. Vikram says that he hates her the most, but he cant let that affect his son’s happiness, as raj loves avni very much. Virat comes in saying that this is true, but they would have to accept avni, sangeeta’s mother. Virat asks anjali and vikram, whats the matter, if Bhawna is the murderer Sangeeta, of the Purohit Family, and that vikram cringes everytime he looks at sangeeta, for the sake for Raj, they would have to go through this trouble. raj comes in asking what trouble are they talking about. All stand tensed. virat says that they are talking about his marriage. raj gets baffled and asks them whats the problem they are talking about. virat says that he has the maximum problem with his marriage and gives it a joking angle, while vikram and anjali are relieved. raj says that he differs as he is very happy that he is getting to marry the love of his life, and that he is in seventh heaven right now and also advises virat to get married too. he leaves, while virat, anjali and bhawna are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Avni’s residence
The nex morning, Bhawna prays to the lord, to prevent avni’s love from Virat’s evil eyes. Avni comes in and asks her not to be sad as she would be in this city. She blesses her to be happy always. Avni says that she is the most important to her, as she knows that her blessing is so powerful that nothing wrong can happen to her. While bhawna and avni are talking, virat walks in, saying that avni is absolutely right. Virat greets avni and then asks Bhawna if she can call suket. bhawna is tensed and asks why. Avni asks her to relax, as she is super tensed for the marriage. virat says that she should be, as anything can happen anytime. Bhawna watches him irritatedly. Avani asks how come he came here unannounced at this time. Virat says that they had to come for a ritual that had to be done. He also announces the arrival of anjali and vikram, who walk in stoically, shocking bhawna at this new turn of events. Virat thinks that this is just the beginning, and that avni’s marriage would scar her so bad, that Umatgaon’s fatal night shall fade in her memory. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: The episode where things start going wrong for Avni and raj’s marriage, and Bhawna is scared for them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I was reading the spoilers and raj knows everything about bhawana and does not want to marry avni

    1. Hes a fool he dnt love avni if he really did he wouldnt have reacted that way, still waiting to c the mystery tho

  2. I like this show because it was “innocent.” Ahshat and Arpita’s love innocent , Jiju and Jija love innocent and Raj and Avni’s love innocent. Only Savri was the evilness of the show. now THE WHOLE show has changed, Ashat is an egotistical idiot, Jiju and Jija facing the loss of their daughter to a blasted drunkard,and Raj and Avni going to break up over something that has NOTHING to do with their love. And from the episodes so fac it is looking like whatever happened in Umadggon was not Sangeet’s fault but Virat’s plot for revenge. I have no interest to watch this show again. Why do they do this to all the shows I fall in love with….first Ek Muttie then Kum Kum Bhagya then Suphane now this!?!?!?

    1. watch sadda haq on channel v and trust me..that serial will never let you down unlike these saas bahu sagas…!!!

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