Bigg Boss 8 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 12
song Dil garden dil garden hogya starts, all starts dancing.
They come out in garden area and is shocked to see plane gone and also charis, clean grass and different things in garden, deepshikha says jungle is totally changed.

Sonali talks with Gautam, he says I thought Karishma is very against me, I thought her as my sister but she was doing wrong with me in task so I abused her, sonali says you are sensitive guy, gautam says very much, I was sad first but now I don’t care about it, Sonali says I don’t have problem with anyone, gautam says I don’t care about anyone now.
deepshikha talk to upen and say gautam is doing wrong with Diandra, he is ignoring her from the time Sonali came in, Diandra and you knows each other for 11 years but he is with sonali like they know each other from before, he went against diandre as she took stand fro karishma, when I saw gautam and diandra first day, they started romancing but its good for diandra now.

Praneet read the instructions from bigg boss, it says that today task is for sonali, she has to tell each contestants how they look on screen, bigg boss says that we have given task to sonali, she will have to rate (from 1 to 14) inmates on basis of their looks and approach.

Sonali says to inmates that we will start task Expose,

on basis of looks, number one is Gautam, 2nd is Upen, 3rd is Natasa, 4th sushant, 5th Karishma, 6th Minissha, 7th is sukirti, 8th diandra, 9th deepshikha, 10th praneet, 11th soni, 12th Arya, 13th pritham, 14th puneet. Sonali says reason is that gautam looks handsome on tv and when he takes off his shirt, his six packs is showsn which looks good, she says puneet wears shorts and his legs are heavy so I suggest him to wear pants.

now n basis of intention
1st is sushant, 2nd upen, 3rd Gautam, 4th Pritham, 5th diandra, 6th Minisha, 7th Praneet, 8th Natasa, 9th Arya, 10th deepshikha, 11th Karishma, 12th Sukirti, 13th soni, 14th puneet . Sonali says sushant is very honest and people target him too but I think he is good guy and playing well, she says sorry to puneet and says in first task, you were in team of pritham but you were saying to karishma that she was playing well, you are playing safe, puneet says it was my personal thing what I said to karishma, I decided to stand for right and if people think that I am playing save so them let it be, all hugs him and says we don’t care about what anyone think, we know how you are.

Arya says to sukirti that I cant understand wrong, you cant make puneet stand on 14, soni says its her point of view, Arya says I am sharing my view point, Karishma says she made Gautam stand on 3, soni says this was joke, Arya says she made puneet stand on 14, I got angry but somebody stopped me, puneet comes there, they jokes that don’t wear short, your legs are heavy, they all laugh.

bigg boss says on dushera, we want to improve luxuries but inmates have to do the task, there is big container in which money notes are there, bigg boss says with air pressure notes will start blowing in container, on member have to catch the note and have to put in net, Arya will do from deepshikha’s side and praneet will do from pritham’s side, luxuries will be announced after seeing collected money.

Arya and praneet goes in container, air starts blowing, Arya and praneet collects the money, all applauds for them. Arya brings out money, all counts it, its 23120rs. all screams in happiness.

deepshikha reads that from collected money, all contestants can buy things from snapdeal, they can buy furniture and electronic item, you can do this task by opening led tv in lounge, you will get products on website, add things in cart and them proceed for payment, you will get things delivered to bigg boss house, inmates open tv and gets snapdeal website, they add pressure cooker to cart, they add iron In cart, they add stand, hair dryer, towels, beds, fridge, they proceed to payment and buys the things.

upen ask suku are you fine? she says not much, Arya ask what happened, upen says she is disturbed, suku says mood swing.
Guatam and sonali are flirting in kitchen, gautam says your hairs look good, sonali says you look like Hollywood actor Robert downey junior, gautam gets happy. Gautam says to pritham that she compared me with iron man’s hero. gautam sings.

Gautam is cutting fruits for sonali, Gautam says to sukirti that when I was strong, you used to talk to me and now when I am weak you don’t talk to me, suku says when you were strong, I didn’t talk to you even then, don’t say this, soni says why are you making issue, gautam says she is saying things to me, suku says don’t teach me respect, gautam says you are talking a lot, when sonali was praising me, why did you interrupt, I don’t involve myself in other matters then why you talked in my matter, did I called you kangana ranaut, suku says don’t says that I sued to talk to you, gautam says don’t be fake, suku says what did you call me? don’t ever pass comments, I never talked to you, gautam says I didn’t talk to you even three years before, soni ask to stop it, sonali ask gautam to stop it, all sees their fight.
Karishma, Arya comes to suku and ask what happened, suku says he said to me that I used to talk to him when he was strong, I said that I didn’t looked at him even, he said that I am fake, I am much angry now.
soni talks to gautam, gautam says she was making fun of me, soni says you could have said in polite manner, gautam says I was polite only.
All other inmates discuss, Arya says that we should go to him and say him as a team that don’t misbehave with girls.

Arya gathers everyone in kitchen. Arya says to gautam that please be in limits with girls in this house, gautam says tell me my mistake, Suku says I will say first, suku says we were working here and we were cordial, sonali called him Robert so I laughed, if he didn’t like it then he could have said that don’t joke with him, why you said that when you were strong I used to talk to you, if you were strong, you are or you will, I don’t care, I don’t want to talk to you, I cant listen thing like fake against me, don’t cross your limits, gautam says when we don’t joke then why you commented on me, you said that Robert will die seeing gautam, gautam says when we don’t have joke relation then why did she comment, deepshikha says you could have said that in polite manner, pritham says he cleared his point only, all inmates enters in scuffle, deepshikha says I am talking to gautam, pritham says you are talking also so why cant I, all starts verbal fighting, gautam shouts on pritham that did mistake, I don’t want to repeat it now, I am repenting, he shouts on top of his voice, gautam says sorry, pritham says you did mistake but that doesn’t mean that they will corner you, they are separating you, Diandra says do you have eyes in whole house that you are seeing everything, pritham says I am seeing as much as I can, diandra says what is he saying, he is attacking, pritham says I am not attacking, diandra says if you on wrong side then accept it, diandra says time will come that we will be in physical scuffle, do you want that, Arya says to gautam that one week you sing fro one girl and other you sing other song fro other girl, this is wrong on your part and also girl is wrong, only a girl a can understand a respect of girl, sonali says you are taunting on me, arya says I am not talking to you, sonali says don’t point out, deepshikha says leave it arya, gautam says first no apology, suku did mistake but I will say sorry, suku says I don’t need your sorry, sonali says to arya that you speak a lot, sonali says to upen that arya do this, I sat on his bed but he said that its his bed, sonali says he is talking about respect but he was telling me whom I should I friendship, ayra says I am sorry, sonali says you always do this.

the things which were bought from snapdeal has come in house, bigg boss says that from now pritham’s team can enjoy luxuries and they don’t have to work except gautam and praneet.

Sonali talks to sushant that his thinking is shown, minissha says I got angry on Arya, he was defending one girl but he insulted other girl, then he said sorry, so forgive guatam too, he was judging her, minissha says sonali says taking it sportingly, deepshikha comes and says why I was insulted by pritham, minissha says you were asked to speak as you are captain, deepshikha says then why they didn’t listen to my decision, minissha says I was disappointed on that too, pritham says you came with decision in favor of one, deepshikha you didn’t listen to my decision and talk with respect, pritham says I know how to respect a girl, do shows for women, deepshikha leaves from there.
deepshikha cries in rom, diandra and arya comes, deepshikha says I listened to all but why pritham insulted me, I said to him that how you are talking so he said that I talk like this only, its small thing for everyone, diandra says don’t think, deepshikha says if am captain then does that mean I shouldn’t be respected, he is insulting me, I don’t know why all attack on me, diandra says you said that he is behaving weird when he became captain, he is same like captain, upen says I wanna say one thing, you look beautiful when you cry, deep shikha smiles on it.

soni talks to gautam that if diandra was your friend then why you showed her attitude, after task why you didn’t talk to her, gautam says I respect upen more and she was gossiping about him, soni says I thought you and diandra have affair, gautam says nothing was there, we were friend, soni says I saw you kissing her on cheeks, gautam says but it never shifted to lips, soni says I know you are adult, you wont do infront of camera, gautam says no, if there is love, I will do it, I don’t care about anything.

bigg boss says on dushera event, many fights have started, see salman and eviction.

PRECAP- bigg boss says Salman Khan is coming, there will be class of all inmates.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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