Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Sanvri complains there are no sounds; Raj says I will check it. Avni goes by him. Sanvri sees Arpita sitting and calls her. she asks why she was sitting between Avni and Samarth. Arpita says that you told me and Akshit to sit separately until the marriage is fixed, so she deliberately sits between them. Sanvri scolds her for repeating her tactics on her. pratap was listening to the conversation. He follows Sanvri in the kitchen, Sanvri says Arpita is not that innocent and it was only because of her that they lost kavit maheshwary’s Banglow. She says she will make her pay for it. Pratap tells her not to do any such thing, because there wasn’t arpita’s fault in it. Pratap says that she must be angry at him because Arpita did this upon his insistence. Our house papers are mortgaged to them; he says they should be thankful to her family that they kept their secret. Sanvri becomes saddened.
Everyone leaves to sleep, Avni is sad that a good plan was missed today. Samarth also says that it must have been fun. Raj was busy in adjusting the wires of sound system and hears Avni and Raj discussing a scene from the movie. He puts his hand in the main power supply and gets a shock. He shouts in pain. Avni runs to him asking what happened. He was badly shivering; avni gets worried. She rubs his hand yelling he should not do so much work. Samarth notices her. Arpita comes, avni tells her he got a shock and goes to bring something for her to eat. Arpita asks if he is ok, he smiles saying that Avni came running to him in a second that tells him she cares for her a lot. Bhawna also comes to see Raj; Avni tells Samarth to get aside and make him drink the juice with her own hands and puts biscuit in his mouth. Bhawna and Samarth notice this. Bhawna says she thinks Raj should go home and rest, and tells Avni to call Abhaas and drop him. Avni insists that she will also go with him but Bhawna says no one will go but Abhaas. Samarth takes raj out while Avni shows concern for him. Bhawna is thinking about Avni and Raj when Sanvri comes running and asks does Raj have a shock. Avni is so worried about him. She says she has no problem with her and Raj’s friendship, Samarth can think differently about it. She tells Bhawna that she can talk to her, but Bhawna says she will do it herself. She goes to Avni’s room; Avni was talking to Raj asking how he is. He says she made him drink the juice herself, how she couldn’t get better. She gives phone to Bhawna who tells her to sleep as it is very late. Bhawna asks if she will abide by what she says to her. She asks her to concentrate on Samarth more than Samarth; he can be your life partner. He has come to know you, as you both have to take a big decision of life. Avni asks if she thinks Samarth will have problem with their friendship. Bhawna tells her that he had accepted Raj as friend, but you should also give him time. She tells her she hopes Avni understands her that friendship will remain here but she may go to Samarth’s house being her wife. As Bhawna goes outside, Sanvri thinks she must take care of Raj now.
In morning, Samarth was talking on call, saying he cant call the journalists at a home he is guest himself, he can arrange the meeting at a restaurant. Suket comes and calls him behind asking if he has no problem at their home, he can do the meeting at the house. He says he will call the journalists here. Avni comes running and asks who are coming. Suket tells her some journalists are coming to take his interview. She asks is he so successful. He says yes and leaves. She thinks she really doesn’t know him, she must focus on him.
Sanvri comes running to Abhaas and tells him journalists are coming to their place. Abhaas says she can also come on TV as Zee TV is announcing the Zee Cine Star competition; people between the ages of 18 to 40 can participate. She asks him to apply for her, while she goes away for an important work.
Avni brings drinks for the guests, Samarth asks why she is doing this. She says they do this to all the guests and they are his guests so are hers. The journalists ask Samarth did he like jaipur? He says it is beautiful and he hopes their Mumbai gets the peace like here. On a question, he tells them he is here for some personal work. He gives answers about his drama shows. He asks where he get the inspirations, he takes the journalist to Suket who was leaving for his office. He says he has got his new show’s story from him who is a business man and a successful family man as well. The journalists come to their interview too. Sucket says he believe a successful man is a good partner be it home or business, he says whatever he is today a lot of credit for it goes to his wife. Akshit says he does not think his wife is behind his success, he says he has learnt a lot from his dad who taught him to do hard work with sincerity. Arpita is saddened at his remarks and come in the room and throws his file. Akshit comes and asks about his file. She points at it to take it. She complains he could have said a word about her in the interview, she has been noticing it for many days that he doesn’t give any importance to her. Akshit says nothing has changed after marriage, but she says she is the one to leave her home, her parents, but she is never appreciated.
Sanvri was sitting with a lady who says she will do her work in the first priorty. She warns her to keep it between them only. Bhawna greets the lady; Sanvri tells her she wants her to design the best designs for Avni. Sanvri says they have almost finalized the proposal with an educated and handsome guy. She says she keeps on meeting him as he does the catering for big marriages – Raj. They were shocked to hear his name, Sanvri says it’s not Raj it is Samarth. The lady says that in Akshit’s marriage Raj and Avni were always together so she thought about it, she apologizes. Sanvri tells her not to do guess work. The lady takes leave. Sanvri says to Bhawna their girl is getting defamed, Bhawna says Avni will take care of it. Sanvri thinks the way you teach never has an effect on others.

PRECAP: Sanvri tells Raj the people are talking about his and Avni’s friendship so he should keep away from her. Raj says he can’t do it.

Update Credit to: sona

  1. Raj is so annoying <:/ I want samrath to marry avni :*

  2. Whatever it is raj n a in will be together

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