Dil Dosti Dance 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Kriya tells Rey that all his friends are off mooded because ofhim, Rey says he will cheer them up and brings coffee inside.rey says he is not leaving dance, it’s just that he can’t take it professionally. They say life will get busier, their passion and dream will remain here and we will move on. Rey says he sacrificed his passion so that they can continue dancing, it’s all about destinies, and we shall give time to it. He says his dreamcan’t be left out, there is dance in their hearts and friendship. His dad was standing there. He asks when he came here. His dadcomes closer and says when they were discussing dil dostidance. His father says career, my business- you were right it is my dream, I thought my son was not serious about life but today I get what dance is for you and your friends; he says he won’tever stop him to achieve his dream. Go and dance.. they all hug uncle. After he leaves, he celebrates. Rey turns to Kriya thanks her. They both hug.

Bharat gets a call, he says what you are telling; he tells them to go to garage. They come to garage. They asks who did it, Bharat says that uncles men must have don’t this. Rey was angry; he says how they could do it when they returned all his money. He turns to go there. But they stop him. Sharon suggests they should call him first. Rey asks why he burnt their costumes. He says had he intended to burn, he had burnt them along with the costumes. Kriya says she thinks it must be someone else. Vicky says this is another enemy’s work. Simmi says there enemy can be the one who doesn’t want them to do the musical. Rey suggests they should call police but Swayam says it will complicate for them. Rey was frustrated why it all was getting wrong at the last moment. They tell him to relax; they still have one whole day. Kriya says hard work never gets wasted. She says musical will take place in any way. We will do pantomime. It is an art in which artists dance with painted bodies. They says how will they prepare for it in one day but she says they will do it. They all urge Rey to say yes. Nil asks for a beat and bucks Rey up. He says it is ok. Kriya says musical is very important, they will have to do rehearsals in the college for whole night. Swayam says they will practice in college.

They come to college with the paints and towels. They practiced with the paints but Kriya says them to stop using them. She does a trial on Nil at everbody’s suggestion. Rey watches her and thinks she keep everyone happy. Sharon goes to Swayam and tells him to come outside. Sharon tells Swayam she has to go to washroom and she was afraid to go alone, Swayam makes fun of her. she is irritated and about to go alone, Swayam holds her hand back and says how can he make fun of her, politely. She looks at him and says whatever and goes forward. Swayam turns the other way, she runs back to the corridor. He coughs and she screams at it. He goes after her.

Rey says what Kriya will give him if he gets himself painted. Kriya says whatever you want. He says she has to say something. She is speechless.

PRECAP: they were sleeping in the dancing hall, Rey picks up a call at Swayam’s cell phone. It was Ruhi. He thinks to wake Swayam up then thinks he must handle this as it was his idea to hack college id due to which she is blackmailing us. He goes to the place Ruhi called Swayam.

Update Credit to: Niki

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