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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni says to Raj that it is all rubbish that love is wonderful. In real life love is what happens to Akshit and Arpita. She tells him what Suket says about them. Raj says that love is a beautiful emotion but she says love only gives tears and sadness. He says love can solve all the problems. She says she has no place for love in her life. He says I have in my life and I love you. She shouts she doesn’t; there is no place for love in her home and heart. She cries while going inside. Raj is heart-broken.
Avni says to his pic ‘sorry raj but the truth is that there is no place for love in her house and no one can undo this truth’
Raj goes walking on the road thinking about what Avni said to him. A truck comes and hits him. People gather around him and take him to hospital. Avni gets a call and stands up in shock. He cell phone drops from her hand. She comes running to the hospital. The receptionist asks is she sure he is in the same hospital, she tells her to go to room 346. Avni comes to the room; a lady was there and tells her they took him to operation. The lady says he is my husband. Jiji comes inside, and tells her the lady’s husband is also Raj and is sharing rooms with them. Avni sees Raj in injured condition. Jiji tells her Raj has not been attended yet. The nurse tells them that the duty doctor is in a meeting with a foreign delegation.
Akshit sees a newspaper with his interview and recalls how Suket and Bauji were proud of him. He takes a picture of Suket and Bhawna from wall and says sorry dad for letting you down. Arpita comes to the room and listens to it. She says that parents can’t be angry with the children for long, they will soon forgive us. He says he won’t be able to forgive himself, he made dad ashamed. She says he didn’t do anything wrong. He says he has let him away from himself, his name and his family. Arpita says he couldn’t separate himself from him. Arpita thinks I am your problem because I remind you of it all. She takes her pillow and goes from the room.
Avni goes running to the conference room, the peon doesn’t let her inside. She shouts hysterically and goes inside. The doctor says that there is a meeting going on but she argues shouting that they must first look after the patient. The delegate doctor observes her and says he will see him himself. The goes to see Raj.
Bhawna comes to Bauji and asks him to eat something. She says she is leaving milk here; she sees Avni didn’t give him injection today. He says she must have forgotten. Bauji says we had lot of troubles in life, but Avni is young we never told her in tales that what responsibility bindings are. Bhawna says she isn’t that young not to know what fulfilling responsibilities is. Bhawna goes calling Avni’s name but doesn’t find her in her room. She looks for her in the whole house but can’t find her. She goes to Suket and tells him Avni is nowhere in the house. Abhaas comes there asking what happened. He suggests to ask Akshit and Arpita and Bauji but Suket says there is no need to tell them. Bhawna was worried. Abhaas tells them she isn’t with Devika as he has called. Suket says don’t worry we will find Avni.
In the hospital Jiji and Avni stand outside OT worried. Jiji cries while Avni tries to console her saying Raj will be alright. Jiji thanks her for getting the doctor. Jija comes there and says due to bad weather doctors might not be able to reach there from Mumbai. The nurse comes out and says there are two operations going so they must be patient.
Avni sees the other lady and comes to her as she was crying. She tells her to trust God, they will both be alright.
Bhawna and Suket asks guards who tell them Avni went outside worried sometime ago. Suket shouts at him why didn’t he tell him then.
Jiji asks Gods in temple that her brother always helped everyone. Please help her. Avni tells Jiji to take her to café as she hasn’t eaten anything. Avni asks the lady that they married recently. She says her husband is the best man in the world. Avni says her Raj is the best person. She asks ‘her Raj’. Avni explains he is her friend. The lady asks this much care for just a friend. Avni says he always made me happy, I get sad when he is sad but today I am so helpless.
Bhawna, Suket and Abhaas ask people if they had seen Avni.
The nurse tells them that there are some complications with Raj’s case, he had an internal bleeding and go in coma. She and the lady asks together which Raj but the nurse goes away.

PRECAP: Jiji comes to Avni and says he went to you to ask for the answer but got punished because he loved you. Avni cries making Raj move and shouts he cant leave her.

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