Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Anu’s office and On the land
While rajji is surfing through things, bani calls and excitedly tells her about parmeet’s surprise. anu wants to know it too, and then when she gets to know, bani tells about Parmeet’s surprise, and the NGO. Anu compliments her having been able to change parmeet’s thinking while bani gives the credit to her. anu asks her to enjoy. After cancelling the phone, parmeet takes bani on a tour of the land, and excitedly tells her about his plans. Bani looks at him dumbfounded. Parmeet asks what happened. Bani says that she still cant believe that he has turned over a new leaf and that his simplicity is evident in his eyes, and that he is doing a great favour to all the ladies betrayed by their NGO husbands. parmeet thanks her instead to teach him how to live life, and that if he could do this, it would be a suitable penance for the crimes that he has done. They hug each other. After telling the workers to continue their work, threy turn around to leave, when thery find themselves confronted with goons. Parmeet asks who are they and why are they stopping the road. The goons say that they wont open any NGO, and asks for construction to be stopped immediately. Parmeet asks who are they to stop the work, and that he has legally purchased this land and has the rights to do so. He says that he would get legal action taken against them if they try to stop him or harm even one of his workers. Bani comes and tells him not to argue with them and let the police deal with them. the goons tell her that the police dont scare anyone here, and that their rule works here, and that if she wants her husband to be safe, he should stop this work. parmeet hollers at him how dare he talk to his wife like that. He says that he would face anyone for this NGO to be built. A man steps out of the car while they are surprised. He identifies himself as Baldev Rana, the sarpanch of the village. parmeet is surprised and wonders how could he do this, being the sarpanch of the village. baldev says that for years and ages, daarji ruled and now its his turn. He tell him that he is spoiling the women, as if this NGO is opened, then women would get mnore freedomw hich isnt required. He asks parmeet since when did he get to respecting women, and what Balbir did, the whole village knows, then why this facade. He asks why do the girls need an ngo here, while parmeet tries to change his mindset regarding girls. Bani says that she never thought that the sarpanch could be so low in thinking. The sarpanch says that the NGO hasnt even op-ened yet, and a woman started speaking when two males are talking. Parmeet asks him to try what he thinks as this NGO would definitely open. Baldev threatens him that he doesnt know what all he is capable of.

Meanwhile, Rajji tells anu and guggi hears too, about what vicky has said about the visa and the money required. Anu is confused and surprised to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Kuki calls up rajji and tells her about buji’s descision to give the money to vicky. She is shocked and is determined to find out about vicky and unravle and expose him soon to everyone. Rajji tells her to keep buaji distracted and then tell soham as soon as he reaches home. As she turns around, she finds buaji staring at her and the money angrily. buaji takes the phone and moeny from her and leaves.

When he comes, Buaji tells vicky that this money would be to start his and kuki’s life together easily. Vicky says that he cant take this, and if he knew that she wants to give him money, he wouldnt have come. Buaji says that she is giving this as a token of her blessing for them to begin their new life. Buaji tells him that he should accept this, either as Dowry or as shagun, but he would have to accept the money. vicky says that Buaji is overwhlemed with her thinking. buaji asks kuki to say yes. she doesnt respond. Buaji asks her sternly to say yes. Kuki resignedly complies. Buaji happily gives him the money, and then asks him to hasten the process of the passport and the visa, and asks her to be prepared for marriage and then kuki going to london. Vicky takes it as her blessing and says that he would come back to get kuki. vicky leaves happily. Buaji goes inside tersely while kuki is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
All are super angry at the way baldev behaved with parmeet. randip is too angry but manpreet and gagan calm him down. Bani says that they should try to talk to him and instill some sense. parmeet says that they would be taken as weak. But manpreet finds support in bani’s way, and says that they wont be weak just becuse they are thought to be. parmeet says that they should do what they have to, as baldev would do what he has to. Bani is still unconvinced while kuldip tells her to let parmeet work, as they are with him in whatever his noble plan is for the NGO. All are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Vicky’s residence and Anu’s office
Meanwhile, in the office, rajji and guggi continue their search frantically, while the worker tries to find her chance at stealing vicky’s file. Later, while they are surfing through the final lots, the worker finally finds Vicky’s file, and is shocked. rajji asks her did she find vicky’s file, and she refuses saying that she is shocked as its an account file and has been misplaced. She leaves to place it at the right place.

In their house, Vicky and his mother are super pleased to find that their trap worked on Buaji, and reprimands them for their foolish behaviour. His mother says that they shall spend it all on a nice vacation for the next six months. While they are bantering, Vicky gets a call and excuses himself, and when he finds out that its the worker from the Ngo office, who he bribed, he asks if his work has been done. The worker says that she couldnt do it, as anu herself was there. She therefpre kept the file to be searched right in the end, so that they can buy time to do her work. vicky asks him what would she do now. She says that she has to keep back the file and the sheet as its been numbered and it would be noticed if missing. He says that he would give her double money and asks the work to be done rightaway, and asks her to tear the sheet of his personal detail. She finally begins to and tears it and tells him the same thing on the phone too. Meanwhile, she doesnt realise that anuradha has come too, and asks whats she doing here. the worker makes up an excuse and then anu asks her to finish up and then come there for checking through more files. She complies and heaves a sigh of elief.

Scene 5:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
bani is tensed remembering baldev’s threat, when parmeet comes in excited about his plans for the NGo and finds her tensed. He says that she shouldnt bother as nothing would happen to him. she says that those talks arent going from her mind. Bani tells parmeet that they are experiencing happiness aftre a long time and she cant risk it now. he says that when she bothers about him, she looks more lovely. bani asks him to stop working on this NGO, as its cant run at the cost of his life. He says that he would get tyhe NGO running at any cost. parmeet says that he had told that her happiness is the mission of his life now. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As Baldev’s goons arrive in the jeep, and bani and parmeet arent able to recognise them, he hollers at them asking who are they as they jam his driveway. bani asks him not to deal with this alone, being tensed for his safety. He asks her not to worry and moves ahead. Meanwhile, the goons alight an alcohol bottle on fire, and throw it at parmeet, and it falls on the ground with a shattering noise of glass breaking. Bani is shocked and horrifed, and shouts out parmeet’s name.

Update Credit to: RIMJHIM

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