Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st April 2014 Written Update

It is night. Jiju puts medicine in Raj’s back saying thanks God it didn’t burn much. Raj was thinking as if Avni was putting the medicine. Avni calls. She asks how he is? He asks what happened to him? She reminds him he was burnt. He says he is fine. Avni tells him everyone is talking about her marriage at home. He asks what she is thinking. She tells him she will never talk to him on phone now, and will wait until they meet. She tells him he will come in about a week or two. Raj says ‘Such an attitude from the beginning! Such an important decision of life, and he will come after a week or two?’ He urges her to refuse him as it’s a matter of whole life. She says she will consult Arpita before making any decision. Raj hangs up happily as he knows Arpita is on his side.

the morning, Raj tells jiju he had to come out early as he had to pick up Suket’s guests from airport. Jiju says he must have told him, but he says it’s ok. Raj sees some taxi drivers were arguing with a passenger. Raj gets the passenger free of them and introduces himself as Raj telling him he will drop him. He gets Suket’s call and doesn’t get time to hear the passenger’s name. They were going in the car, the guest says had he not been here, he had to pay Rs. 5000 to the taxi driver. Raj says he can’t let anyone present a bad image of his city Jaipur. The guest remarks that he thinks Raj is very passionate about Jaipur. Raj says off course, and whoever you love should be respected. The guests introduce himself as Sam. Raj asks him why he was here. He says he is here for an important work. He asks what Raj does. He tells him his father has cement business but he wants to own hotel business. Sam says they are alike, because he also does his own work is spite of his father’s chain of factories. Raj pulls up the car and asks Sam if he would wait so that he can drop these files here, afterwards he will drop him wherever he would ask him to go. Sam agrees. Raj gets out of the car, Sam looks at the address and calls Raj telling him he had brought him exactly where he wanted to come. Raj asks him he had some business with Suket uncle. Sam replies you can think so. Raj helps him pick up his luggage from the car and goes ahead. Sam gets a call. He answers ‘Samart Chohan here’ Raj gets shocked and turns back. He drops the luggage bag on his feet, and says this Samart Chohan had to come after two weeks. Had he told him his real name, he had dropped him in a museum. Samart comes and asks an apology. Raj asks ‘So you are Samart Chohan?’ He asks how he comes to know about it? Raj tells him he is Arpita’s so called brother and she is a daughter-in-law of this house. He tells him to go inside as he brought the wrong file and will get it in a while. Samart says thanks to him and comes inside.
Samart comes at the door. Avni was standing on the stand painting at the wall. He comes inside and thinks maybe this is Avni. He says excuse me. She turns around and asks who he is. He asks you are Avni? She says yes, yes you want to meet dad, he is inside and turns around. He says I am Samart. Suddenely she realizes and turns around. She stammers ‘Are you that Samart?’ He says yes, I am that Samart; the one who did phone call. She was confused; and drops the paint tray. It splashes at his coat. In her worry, her dress touches his face and it too gets the colour. In a hurry to clean it, her hand prints get on his dress again. He says it is ok, you have filled me with colour. She tells him to go to the guest room and change. She points at a direction. He goes there and says this is kitchen. She says sorry again and tells him it was the opposite direction. He asks are you sure and goes there. She closes her eyes.
Avni was in still in the hall praying had Raj been here he would have seen how I feel. Raj stands by her saying I am also feeling awkward like you. She tells him excitedly that Samart saw her in this condition. He says you look pretty. She tells him she poured colour on him as well. Raj gets happier but says how bad you did; his dress must be very expensive. She goes inside to bring Bhawna and Bua sa. Raj says to God what they did to him.
Raj was picking flowers in the garden. Bhawna and Sanvri were in front of Gods when Raj comes in and tells them he brought flowers and Tulsi leaves from garden. Sanvri appreciates him but Samart comes from behind saying that more than flowers, fruits especially apple was important for the worship today. He tells them he knows it all because he telecast them in his serials. He moves forward and touches the feet of Sanvri. She asks who he was. He says he is Samart Chohan. Bhawna and Sanvri were delighted to see him. Sanvri asks how he came so early from US. He introduces Bhawna. He touches her feet; and tells them that since his worked completed earlier, he came to surprise them. They say it was a good surprise. Sanvri goes to call Avni and comes across Arpita. Bhawna introduces Avni. Samart tells them Raj brought him here. Bhawna appreciates Raj for doing all the things for them. Arpita and Raj share looks and Arpita takes Samart inside.
Avni thinks Raj was right and is worried what Samart shall think about her. Sanvri comes in and takes out Avni’s best dresses from her wardrobe; telling her Samart has come and is a dashing boy. As she leaves. Avni gets more worried and thinks Raj must be here.
Arpita and Raj are in the kitchen. Arpita asks Raj has this Samart not come so early. He says he had brought him here, but gets happy to think he will have to pass the test of the whole family specially Sucket.
He comes to Avni. She was worried about her makeover. She asks him which lipstick color or kajal will suit her. she tells him she cannot go simple to him. He says her simplicity is her best dress and her beauty. You are the most beautiful person in the world. I ll keep loving you like this forever. She waves her hands in his face and tells him to speak. Raj comes back from his lost thoughts. Bhawna comes in and tells her she looks beautiful, everyone so come down. Avni shows fingers-crossed to Raj, he abides by her.

PRECAP: Avni says that like a mans heart can be conquered through his stomach, likewise Avni’s heart can only be reached through her friend. Samart asks ‘And that friend is Raj?’ She says Yes. Raj was listening to the conversation.

Update Credit to:Sona

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