Maharana Pratap 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 21st April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Pratap and ajab grabbing necklace from grandmother’s hand. Ajab gives necklace to pandit ji. Pandit ji says, where is bridegroom’s ring? Everybody says, amma?
Jalim singh gets annoyed with marriage and ask from lal baiji, what are you doing here? gohar says, leave it, yesterday you blamed me for murder. Jalim singh says, now i will do everything what you will say.
Gohar says, i am feeling waste here because nobody is learning dance from me. Jalim singh says, i will ask from mamrat ji about it and arrange dance for you. Pandit ji starts marriage program.
Ajab and phool thinks about pratap. Hansa mosi calls to ajab and says, kindly check the necklace whether it is broken down or not. Then she says, have you seen that your necklace is in

pratap’s neck. Do you really like pratap!!!!!!
Ajab surprising says, what???
Pandit ji starts 7 phere program and phool again thinks about pratap and pratap came near to phool and says to her that phere is happening here. Hansa mosi thinks ajab and pratap’s marriage and phool also see pratap as her husband.
Phool goes towards ajab and says, lets come with me, i want to do with you a private chat. ajab and phool goes in a secret place then pratap stops them and make laugh of them. Phool says, we will go later. Sobhagywati is unable to put her hand on to hawan kund then ajab correct her cloth. Pandit ji says, girl put her hand in front of agni. Phool put her hand straight and pratap’s friend laugh on her. Pandit ji says, now bride and groom stoop up and takes blessing of their elder. Phool moves to take blessing then ajab says, what are you doing?
Ajab moves into her room and wash her face then she sees pratap is giving her towel and she says, firstly you make me cry then came here to give towel. Dassi says, is something wrong happened to me. GOhar came in front of phool’ room then pratap reaches there and gohar gets surprised and surtan singh hide himself. Phool goes from there and pratap also moves from there.
Surtan singh moves from there and pratap turned around and says, have you seen that somebody was there? Gohar says, ya i also thinks. Pratap and gohar moves towards window and says, i thinks it is due to window.
Hansa mosi bring ajab into her room and ask about pratap and her wedding. Hansa mosi says, you said that your necklace flow in water flow then how it will gone into pratap. Ajab says, dont think his dream, there is no match between us. Forget everything…
Hansa mosi says, just only once see yourself from my eye. YOu are complete person. Ajab says, no. hansa says, why not? why are you running from your future? YOu think that it is not really happen thats why you dont believe on me. If you dont want to hear me but atleast hear from yourself. Then you will see to complete my dream.

Precap;- Ajab select her choice with her cow laxmi and ajab and phool talk each other about pratap.

Update Credit to: tushar

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