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Pratab comes to kitchen, Sanvri asks him if he will take the tea. He asks you are very happy. She says that why should I not be, my brother came from such a big accident but I am more happy because bhai took a good decision and seperated them. Pratab says that Akshit was once your loveliest child, but you hate Arpita so much that you forgot the pain of your own child. Sanvri says that I havent forgotten, but the false is only of that Arpita. Now Akshit doesnt want to leave her, so what can they do. Pratab says that you can do alot if you would want, but you love yourself only and is so obsessed by it that you forgot the happiness of the child you called your son once; he is happy she didnt get Pooja else she would have spoiled her too and taken her happiness. He says that she is doing one wrong thing that she is making Pooja away from Jashan and Madhuri and Arpita isnt letting you do this, this has increased your hatred. She asks how do you know. Pratab says that I told Arpita to become the trustee as I knew what you wanted. Sanvri says that soon Arpita will be out of town and she will remain the only trustee. Pratab leaves saying he can do nothing about her.
Arpita brings Akshit to the bed and goes to take bandage. She says that these injuries will soon fill up, he says that the wounds of heart will never fill up; he never wanted this money. She says everything will get better in time. He says that his being here pains his dad, he doesnt want to increase the pains. She says he means… and is worried.
Avni thinks shall she talk to her dad or not. She comes to Suket’s room, he gets a cough; she gives him water. He says thanks. She sits down, he says that he has to say to her that she took care of the house well and she shouldnt tell Bhawna about it, when she will come they will tell her. Avni asks is this all. He says yes, he is tired and wants to sleep. Avni says annoyed that Suket is pretending as nothing happened; she should tell her maa to make him understand him. Bhawna doesnt attend the call. She calls Raj and tells him he isnt talking about anything. Raj tells her that Bhawna is coming tomorrow, he will pick her and he promises tomorrow Akshit and Arpita will be at her home. Arpita was crying, Raj comes to her and says that she must be tired she should eat something. She says she isnt hungry, he says he is. She says she will get his food, but he makes her to sit and asks what is the matter. She cries and says that everything is going wrong and they are getting defeated; though they tried their best. What shall they do. Raj says that everything will get better in time, Suket loves you both and misses you. Raj says that he as a brother will send his sister home, tomorrow brings new hopes and asks her to bring food for her.
Avni recalls Akshit’s wedding as she watches the wedding album. Abhaas comes there and asks what is this all happening, no one informed me about the accident. She says that she forgot to tell them, and Raj wasnt there. Abhaas says that so Raj is so important. Avni says that Raj saved them from the godown, and dad talked about property division as well, now Akshit bhai shall leave the city as well. Abhaas says there had to be this problem, because that Raj was there with his silly ideas. Avni argues that he at least tries to help the family.
In the morning, Akshit and Arpita were packing. Raj and jiji come and says they thought he isnt well so they brought the breakfast here. Akshit tells them they are going to Mumbai. Jija also says that it is wrong, Raj says he wont let them go; Akshit says that I am tired and dad is tired too, he cant give you any more of this pain. He says thankyou for all they people had did for them. They head to leave, jiji and Arpita hugs each other.
Bauji says that he wont let this happen, Pratab calms him down. Suket comes and asks what happened. Bauji says that when your children expect him to hug his children he sends them away. Suket says that he did what he could. Sanvri comes and says that he should not say anything to Suket as his decisions have always proved to be right. Bauji says he has said what he wanted to. Suket says that this family has some rules, love marriages will never be acepted here. Sanvri stops Suket not to go to office as she has kept a Pooja at home. Shastri asks for the Tulsi leaves, Avni sees Suket coming down and says that sometime Pooja isnt all that is needed to bring peace in life, but forgiveness does. Sanvri tells Avni not to give lecture and get Tulsi leaves. Raj meets her outside and says Akshit and Arpita are leaving city. Avni says she will tell everyone now, but he stops her and says she must focus on the Pooja, he knows what to do and leaves. Avni says she prays he gets success.

Precap: Raj invites viewers to celebrate Eid with him.

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  1. What’s happening in d serial, why d hell u stretching the matter of akshit and suket just finish it up. Focus on raj and avni……….!

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