Doli Armaanon Ki 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Amrit apologises profusely to samrat, in front of everyone in the family. samrat eyes him furiously as he says that he is ready to face everything, but begs for forgiveness, citing that he had gone on the wrong track. Samrat asks him to stop this drama saying that he doesnt deserve even that. amrit says that he cant think of doing this in his sanity, and continues with his drama. samrat jerks him away, and then slaps him tight across his face, knocking the wits out of him, and asks him to stop the drama and leave, or else he would beat him to pulp. In front of the entire family, samrat, in a rage, pushes amrit and asks him to get out of the house, and not dare to be seen in the vicinity of this house ever again. amrit starts apologising to him and urmi, too that he truly penances it, and regrest them. But urmi says that he has been given lots of chances, but he didnt improve. rudra too supports urmi, saying that they wont take his betrayal anymore. aditi continues to cry. urmi asks him to leave silently, or else he would find himself in jail. amrit is shocked, and says that he is ready to face any punishment. rudra says that this cant happen. aditi too lashes out at amrit, while he begs at her feet too. diwaker says that this isnt a mikstake but a crime, and that nature cant be changed, and hence for him to improve is befooling themselves. diawker and kanchan try to point out, that this is what they had been trying to do all along, to prove what a person amrit is. Samrat points his stick at him and asks him to get lost. Amrit rushes to shashi’s feet, but she too rebukes him, saying that he shouldnt have any hope from her. samrat starts using slang at him and throws him out. Amrit hollers at samrat, shocking him and surprising everyone else. he tells him that he doesnt want to stay with them too, and can survive on his own, but he wont go alone and aditi shall go with him. they are shocked, while aditi stands still. Samrat asks him to repeat again. Amrit says that aditi would go with him. saamrat says that his sister wont go anywhere. Amrit says that she would and noone can stop him. He tries to forcibly take her, but she says that she wont go anywhere with her, and that after betraying her family, she wouldnt go with him, and that he is just a husband for namesake, and that she breaks this relation too. Amrit tries to calm her down, but she says that she is the most unfortunate wife as she got the worst possible husband. Samrat stops him from taking her, as he asks for a last chance. He throws him out saying that he shouldnt show his face ever again. Amrit tells samrat that if he is dishonest and has to be thrown out, he should mind his tone and language and demeanour with her, as there are lots of secrets that can come out about he himself, if amrit’s truths are out in the open. samrat is tensed and surprised, as amrit says that he too isnt pure. He says that he knows what all evil he has done, and if he brings it in front of everyone, they shall know who is lucky and who’s not.he says that he knows all evils, and he knows this too, that he knows about samrat’s dirty secrets. All are tensed, while urmi is boggled. Amrit leaves, while aditi is crying. samrat tries to go after him, but is calmed down by urmi, and brought back inside, while he is in a rage at amrit’s final comment about his evils. Aditi breaks incoherently into tears, while shashi and kanchan ask her to calm down. Rudra says that they should be thankful to urmi for having saved samrat and his family at the last minute, or else they would have turned into rags. diwaker too voices the same opinion. rudra asks samrat where was he when all of this was happening. Samrat is tensed. urmi too says that she too called lots of times, but he never picked up. Samrat is speechless. he fumbles and says that he had gone to the doctor, as when he went out, he started having pains and hence went. urmi asks why didnt he tell anyone. He says that he didnt want to bother them. urmi asks him to sit down and relax, and when he does, samrat is tensed about amrit’s final threat about disclosing her infidelity. urmi is tensed to see aditi’s condition.

In his room, while urmi is still discussing what happened today, samrat comments that due to her intelligence she proved to be the perfect wife today. she smiles while samrat too reciprocates.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
while annu is working, asha excitedly prepares, while granny asks saroj to calm down, as for the first time, asha is doing something right. karan comes and all greet him, while anu asks why has he come here. He says that asha invited him here, for food. granny is happy for this. asha says that she made special dishes and hence invited him here. anu is tensed. asha asks her to go and chat with him, while she gets the food ready. asha tries to be oversmart and sends them outside, to talk in solitude, as the weather is good and they shall enjoy. karan invites her, and she resignedly complies. as they are about to go out, asha feeds her sweetened curd for good luck, and sends them off, while annu is irritated. saroj thinks that devi shall be angry, and granny says that they wont tell him. Asha says that she would handle everything, and granny supports her too.

outside, karan asks anu to tell the truth about her love to everyone, so that she cdan marry the right person, as they are still under the impression that their match can be made. He finds anu unusually silent throughout the conversation. He asks her whats the matter as to why isnt she saying anything about her love to her family, as he is sure that they would understand, given his understanding of their nature. he asks if there’s anything wrong with the person, she loves. she says that there’s nothing wrong with ishaan and even after searching, noone can find any, going dreamy eyed, thinking about ishaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence and on the road
sanrat wishes to bathe, and she gives him a towel, to freshen up. He naughtily says that he isnt feeling well, and has pain, hence asks her to give a bath. She refuses while he continues to playfully insist. she agrees and then omce they are near the bathroom, she pushes him inside and asks him to bathe then. Urmi gets a call, and when she picks up, she is tensed to find that its amrit, who’s calling from a PCO phone. Amrit asks her to hear him out, before cancelling the call. urmi is tensed. Amrit says that he has to tell something very important about samrat’s misdoings, and wishes to meet her. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: saroj comes to urmi and tensedly tells her, that a husband can have various evils, but a character cant be compromised on any condition and that there are some misdoings, that just cant be borne silently by the wife. urmi is confused and asks who is she talking about. Saroj says that when she was coming back fromk the market, she saw samrat with some foreigners. urmi is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I hope they bring back Ishaan

    1. Who is ishaan????

  2. Ishaan is samrat best friend the one Anu is in love with.

  3. wonder what urmi would do after she finds out about samrat`s flirting and that he hasnt changed… this is a great demonstration and a awsome piece of art C: and ppl who are all thinking mohit aka samrat is a bad guy cuz he is forced to play an evil part then ur absouloutely wrong about him, go on google and there are a ton of pictures with aditte and samrat happily together and videos too so those of u who say oh i hate this guy so evil,disgusting samrat and stuff like that always remember that you have common sense for a reason and that reason is that you understand people and things value. so get that laptop on to search aditte and mohit malik,then decide if you still “hate that guy“

    1. this is the problem with some people ! they no longer know how to separate fact from fiction !!!
      in fact, if they come to hate him is that he is a very good actor !

  4. hy guys dnt wry promo is awsm …
    finalyyyyyy urmi get to knw samrat’s EMR and slap him hard:-D. waiting for that suprb momnt

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