Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Raj playing guitarand Avni looking at him. He plays tu hi ye mujhko bata de. Devika says to avni this is your favorite song. Then he sees dream of Avni singing along with him.Avni listens spellbound. Everyone is listening and clapping for him

Every one thanks Raj for saving the show and then the announcer says that the concert rock star has come and will be performing. Avni and Devika leave and Raj sees them go. He follows them. But he is swarmed by adnirers. Arpita takes Avni to cafeteria and asks what will she eat. Avni says nothing we are going home. Devika is surprised and says what? So soon. Avni says yes I had told Mom I will come home fast at 9. She says that I will message bua to come and pick us. Devika says bit the concert is still remaining.

We had not come to listen to that dalbaati guy
Avni says Mom dad have sent me with trust I cannot break their trust. We cant wait till night. Devika says ok we will go but I am missing this only for you but I wont go before taking vivan’s autograph. Avni says how?

At that moment arpita sees Avni and tells Akshat. They both hide. Avni and arpita go in the opposite direction. Akshat tells arpita that they have to leave if avni sees them it will be a problem but he is unable to find his car keys They go to search for them

Securrity guard stops Devika from going inside and tells her she needs a pass. Devika keeps insisting. She says she knows Viban but security guard doesn’t listen. Avni tells her to leave but Devika manages to pass and go near Vivan.They get into the green room and look for him. Avni is scared.Vivan is not there. Devika says lets look near the stage. Avni says I am not going. Deviika says ok you stay here I will go and check. Avni says no to that as well Avni starts to go out and starts to think what her mother had said to her. Outside the guard is complaining about them to the mmanager,, He says to look for them and give them to police They start checking the rooms and avni is scared. They come near the green room to check Devika is terribly scared now she feels that she should not have listened to Devika

The security guard opens the door but no one is there. Devika is trying Avni’s number . She is downstairs. Avbi is not picking and Devika wonders where is she as she had asked her to wait outside . Devika looks up and finds Avni outside the window on a very high floor. Devika is scared and screams for help avni is scared of height.

Raj thinking about avni and wishes to God that he finds out her name today. Suddenly he sees Devika pleading for help to the security guard. She is telling him that her friend iis outside window of greenroom. Raj understands that Avni is in danger and rushes to help her. He runs to the green roomAvni is preying to God for help. Raj reaches and gets pout from the other window
Raj’s friend is looking for him and sees him up and rushes to help himAvni is saying that she is going to die. Raj says dontt say like that. Avni says who is there Raj says don’t say that I have come here to help you. Love in life and loving life are both very important. He slowly coaxes her to take his hand. She is scared but at last listens. BG plays. Tham gai dadkane. She gives her hand he asks for the other hand and says trust me. She complies and says come don’t be scared, Avni hugs him and prays He tells her he is with her and always will be He gets her inside and tells her to open her eyes. The security and others ask her if she is ok. Devika is in tears

Devika asks her if she is ok. Avni sais someone saved me. Who is he? They look around but he is no where to be seen

Devika confesses that iit is all her fault and tells the manager the whole story. The manager scolds her for it that her life coukld have been at risk. Avni looks behind Devika asks why are you looking avni says I want to thank him but the manger calls him

Raj’s sister and bro in law come to him and scold him for going uup there. Raj says life was holding me. He wonders where has Avni gone

Devika tells Avni she is sorry she says have you forgiven me. Avni is still dazed but says yes. Devika says don’t tell organisers have also rewuested and everyone will sciold us. Avni does not reply. Avni says she is thinking of that boy and wants to thank him. Devika says how you don’t know whio he was as your eyes wwere closed. She sees her phone and sees bua’s missed calls . she says cmon lets go bua must be waiting

Avni remembers how he had helped her

Sawri bua is waiting and says in our house girls don’t stay out so late when she sees Arpita and Akshat’s bac\k. She doesn’t recoganizes him. She says Arpita is walking with a man. She was behaving very pious that day. She says she will bring his truth in front of every one

Raj screams that he is love
Sawri bua tells Avni’s mom that she has seen Arpita with another man

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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