Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th January 2014 Written Update

Parvati devi is now in her Brhmahara roopa… K feels pained to see his mother in such state.. all the devtas appear there… Naradji fears if te same perilous situation would arrive..

Nandi now realizes what Mahadev meant when he said that the potential danger would be like this… he requests SShiva to calm Parvati ma down…
Ganesh n K inquires what exactly Mahadev has said… Nandi shares that KK has to understand that there are other important things which are much bigger n above than his promise…both K and Arunasur have no clue what consequences await if Arunasur’s mother is made alive…

K finally gets it into his head what exactly his mother , father, uncle etc where referring to when they said that his promise is gonna invite

big trouble not only for himself or his family but the whole world…itself.
K introspects of the series of events where he was made to realize things..when he was asked to slow down and think.. and at each event..each scene he finds himself commit a bigger mistake

Lakshmi devi inquires of his worry ..he handled it coolly when Mahadev was in depression mode and helped Parvati devi in her endeavors n now he is worried…and begin his wife she does know that if e is worried then there is something definitely not right..!

K is now in guilt mode…he goes to his mother and falls on his kneed asking for forgiveness… each word of his mother’s assurance echos in his mind..and pricks him deep.. he feels that he has made a huge sin of challenging a mother’s love and asks his mother not to punish the world cause of his flaws..he has now become the reason of the one’s turmoil who always got peace sleeping in her lap..all because of his anger, arrogance,doubts and delusions..
Nandi n Ganesh too requests Mata to calm down..Indr too requests Mahadev to act here as he can do anything.. Vishnuji tells that this time Mahadev can’t do it alone..he adds that Adi Shakti is the source of Stri (female) Shakti and at the moment that energy is at peak and only the one who can almost match that energy can calm her down..BRhmdev adds that Shiva on his request for the creation to give away his Stri shakti side for the world to strike a balance between Pursh and Prakriti entities..

A worried Shiva assures Parvati devi saying that he has faith in her faith…they’ll get through this too..
Then the Brhmheramb swaroop of mata turns into a tornado kind of form and moves ahead.. K falls at the place where his mother stood a while ago..taking the sand her feet touched K cries his heart out…
(The BG reminds me of Mrtiyunjay’s BG from the show EBI )
K reminds himself of Vishnu mama’s words…his warnings when he said he’d regret his decisions..He blames himself for all this mess…he apologizes to is dad SHiva..for opposing his decisions..Vihsnu ji says that if it wasn’t for his promise, Arunsur wouldn’t have been killed… K apologizes to his Vishnu uncle too, for not supporting his views and going against them..

K feels guilt stricken and decides to resign from the post of the senapati of the devas as he believes that he doesn’t deserve it as his sin is unforgivable.he has dishonored the position. Only Prayashchit- redemption is the way out of this…

He seeks forgiveness from all other devtas..and leaves.. Ganesh tries to stop him..but he never listens
Shiva is too upset with Parvati devi’s plight and never says a word when Ganesh asks him to stop K.. K sees this and with a teary eye leaves..

Naradji asks..that how can Mahadev calm down Brhmeri devi alone.. n wonders what might happen till they find a solution to this..

Vishnuji says that all the humans who contact the Brhmer tornado would turn into one…
Normal ppl get affected by this..

Brhmdev tells that if there was an end to negativity as Arunasur, then there will be similar viberations..and cause of this Brhmher thingie all the humans would turn into bees.. and will give rise to rekindle the sleeping negativity

The whole world is effected by the Brhmras- bees..
Mahishi is back to avenge her brother Mahishasur’s death.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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